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I made another trip to the hardware store to get inspiration this week, and it hit me— a candelabra made out of pipes! It’s different, sturdy, and easy to do. This is a great idea for a Valentine’s gift. Make a night out of it; pizza and beer by very rustic candlelight. Use some great textures to to set the table. Faux fur and wool blankets, a nice slab of wood for a flat surface, bamboo plates, his favorite beer, and a nice pizza pie are the perfect set up for a cozy night in. Forget the cards covered in pink hearts and get to the hardware store! This will be a piece you can keep around forever. It’s a fun conversation starter in the home and perfect for late-night picnics. While you’re at it, cuddle up in this Carhartt Clarksburgh Quarter-Zip Sweatshirt & Copper Harbor Hat.


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Jessica Sheeran, creator of Cool Critters, is going to walk us through the steps of creating a monster of your very own.

Step #1: You’ll need two pieces of square felt. Cut two slits for eyes in the front facing panel that will be your monster’s face. Attach the eyes to the back panel (that will be hidden on your monster) and allow the eyes to peek through the slits on the front facing panel. 

Step #2: Stitch the two pieces of felt together. Make sure the eyes are in the correct place to be seen. Add additional stitching around the eyes for decorative purposes.

Step #3: Fold your furry fabric in half. This will be the front and back of your critter. Cut out the face in the shape of an oval. Then pin the face in the top middle of the front of the furry fabric. 

Step #4: Using a sewing machine, stitch the face shape to the furry fabric.

Step #5: Flip the fabric inside out (as if to make a pillow). Then pin it as it is still folded in half. 

Step #6: Sew the furry fabric together like a pillow in the shape that you’d like your monster’s body to be, leaving only a small hole at one of the corners to turn the fabric right side out again in step #7.

Step #7: Turn the fabric right side out and add stuffing through the same hole. 

Step #8: Stitch the small hole closed and you’re done! 


DIY Copper Love Notes

Looking for a sweet way to let a loved one know how you feel about them? Why not express yourself in a true crafty gal’s way–through hammered copper? You’ll need a picture frame, copper sheets, scissors, die punch letters, steel bench block, and a mallet.

  • First, cut out a piece of copper to fit into your picture frame.
  • Then carefully punch each letter into the copper. (You can use a piece of masking tape as a guide to maintain straight lines of text if you wish.)
  • Frame it and you’re done!

Your love note could say anything really. Just think of all the possibilities. Transcribe your wedding vows or an inside joke. If you have a crafty Valentine that you’d like to share, email craftedincarhartt(at)


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Detroit artist, Jessica Sheeran, began her craft show career with crocheted and knitted goodies. Just for fun, she put a shark face on a pillow and it sold the second someone spotted it. By the time the next craft fair rolled around, Jessica had made sharks and monsters galore— sales boomed and now the frighteningly adorable stuffed animals are her primary commodity.

She goes into her creation process with a blank slate. The design of each critter is dictated by the fabric and eyes. This plan-free way of making leaves room for a good bit of surprise for Jessica by the time she’s finished the last stitches. No two are alike.

When I asked Jessica what misconceptions people have about her and her work, she said, 

“Because some of the things I make are so weird and wild, I’ve often been asked if I’m on drugs because apparently I have to be ‘out of my mind’ in some way, shape, or form to come up with some of the things I come up with. I try to take that as an unusual compliment that has been worded a little wonky because I’m completely drug free (I don’t even drink!) but it’s kind of a bummer to hear someone assume that your creativity comes from a chemical.”

In my mind, the flow of her creativity comes from an unbridled imagination. Much of her inspiration came from that crucial time in childhood when anything was possible if you could simply dream it. The world would be a more colorful, fantastic place if people like Jessica and her Cool Critters abounded. To think like a child is quite possibly one of the most valuable gifts of all.

Stay tuned, later on this week Jess is going to give us a tutorial on how to make one of these monsters on your own.


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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re all scrambling to figure out what to do for our loved ones. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, handmade gifts are the best. Here are a few quirky and inexpensive ideas to show someone you care. Be creative and put your own spin on whatever you’re making. Each personal touch will make your craft more heartfelt.

take a look at my crafting outfit here: Sandstone Berkley Vest, Carhartt Women’s Flannel, & 1889 Slim Double Front Dungaree


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Once the holidays have come and gone and all the decorations are put away, it can feel a bit glib around the house. I had a few strands of lights that I thought could be put to better use than sitting in a basement. Go ahead and give those rarely used lights a whole new purpose with these geometric lanterns.  

You’ll need: an old cardboard box, scissors, masking tape, twine, a brush, glue or modge podge, a bowl of water, and a newspaper.

  • Step 1: Cut 3 identical triangles and an equilateral triangle with sides equal to the length of the base of the 3 larger shapes.
  • Step 2: Cut smaller triangles out of the middle of the largest shapes. Make sure they are identically sized cut outs.
  • Step 3: Tie a loop of twine and tape it the top of one of the larger triangles. It will serve as a way to hang the lantern later.
  • Step 4: Tape the pyramid together, with the 3 large triangles as the sides and smaller as the base. Make sure it is secure.
  • Step 5: With paper mache, coat the cardboard. Cut paper strips and use a mixture of 1:1 water and glue or modge podge.
  • Step 6: Get an LED battery operated strand of lights. Put the battery pack in the lantern’s base and wrap the lights around it. 

This is such a fun way to spread cheer at all times of the year. Not to mention, it’s easy to use inside or out because it is cordless. Get your craft on, folks!