Beer Geek Vanilla Shake is an Imperial Oatmeal Stout style #beer brewed by @mikkellerbeer in Copenhagen, Denmark and scoring a 95 out of 100 on @beeradvocate. It has an 13% ABV.

Oatmeal stout with coffee, and vanilla. Flavors of rich dark chocolate, bitter bite, dried fruit, caramel, and raisins. It’s a thick, chewy beer. It pours like motor oil. Overall, it’s great imperial stout, but the “truckload” of vanilla isn’t as strong as advertised. Delicious nonetheless.


One of the last few Canadian beers I brought back from our holiday through the Pacific Northwest. This Jasmine IPA from Steamworks Brewing in Vancouver is one of the easiest drinking IPA’s I’ve had in awhile; a nice retreat from the usual San Diego hop bombs. “Bière Forte” however might be disputed by any true west coast IPA lover, but this isn’t really about alcohol percentages now is it? Jasmine IPA is a nice balance of both flavor and alcohol. And would do well against any SD SIPA.


This peaceful evening should not wake any more ghosts. Lake Colibița is quiet and life seems settled - at least for the time being. Oh, there are big decisions stacked behind, but no use to look back right now. Not that there was no struggling, not that there were no casualties, not that the new roads were cleared or even known… not that the new day will look much different that the past one. But it will be a special new day and its only bitterness should come from the beer, a Romanian IPA called Nelson Galacticu’, mellow and tasty as every promise of better times.


I have the amazing job of documenting a fantastic group of people while they make beer. I’ve found that at the end of the week I have photos that don’t make it onto instagram and I love them so I want to share them. I probably won’t talk much but I’ll share the pictures. So here’s last week at the brewery. @oldbustheadbrewco on Instagram in case you want to see what I do. ✌🏼


Recent Activities!

Karbach Flight with Hop A Dillo, Bourbon Barrel Hell Fighter Imperial Stout with Cherries, Roll In The Hay Saison Aged in Wine Barrels and Good Golly Miss Molly Imperial Stout, 7 Hop IPA and Hazelnut Brown Ale from Rouge Brewing, Grand Reserve Barleywine 2016 from Parish Brewing, Wayward Owls Clean Slate IPA and Rouge Brewing’s Dead Guy Ale.

Also, Dave the drummer from Jonesy, stopped into the taproom from Montreal and we got to talking about rock and roll and stuff, then this guy mails me their new 45 and it rules! Look up Jonesy if you dig The Ramones, Dead Boys, Biters, Dr. Boogie, etc. Thanks Dave!


I’m spending time with some of my polyamorous friends. So lovely. They like food and drink as much as I do! In the first pic, I’m drinking Sierra Nevada’s Narwhal, a great Imperial Stout. In the second, I’m trying a cocktail sauce with a major kick (think horseradish/wasabi.) I thought I looked like a legit princess in this shot.