One of the last few Canadian beers I brought back from our holiday through the Pacific Northwest. This Jasmine IPA from Steamworks Brewing in Vancouver is one of the easiest drinking IPA’s I’ve had in awhile; a nice retreat from the usual San Diego hop bombs. “Bière Forte” however might be disputed by any true west coast IPA lover, but this isn’t really about alcohol percentages now is it? Jasmine IPA is a nice balance of both flavor and alcohol. And would do well against any SD SIPA.


I have the amazing job of documenting a fantastic group of people while they make beer. I’ve found that at the end of the week I have photos that don’t make it onto instagram and I love them so I want to share them. I probably won’t talk much but I’ll share the pictures. So here’s last week at the brewery. @oldbustheadbrewco on Instagram in case you want to see what I do. ✌🏼

Beer For Breakfast (Dogfish Head)

Brewery : Dogfish Head
Beer : Beer For Breakfast
Style : Milk Stout / Sweet Stout / Stout
Variance : Brewed with Guatemalan Antigua Cold Press Coffee, Maple Syrup Harvested From Western Massachusetts, Rapa Scrapple, Brown Sugar, Molasses, Roasted Chicory, and Milk Sugar

10 / 10

Dogfish Head, just when I thought you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this… and completely redeem yourself! By being dumb of course I am referring to you retiring one of my favorite stouts ever made (Chicory Stout) but you really managed to fill that void in my heart with this beer. This beer’s ingredients list is one of the longest I’ve seen with only the IMDB page for Mel Blanc rivaling it but all of those additions join together like the fucking Megazord to fight the evils of bland beer. Now to address the elephant in the room, scrapple. For those of you who are actually civilized and don’t know what scrapple is, be glad. This is mainly a Delaware and Pennsylvania breakfast meat that is basically made up of pig’s assholes, snouts, ears, and every other disgusting shitty pig part and even though I never tried it and never will, it certainly belongs in this brew. This has an amazing cinnamon coffee roast sweetness that is hard to even describe because it’s so good before some smooth chocolate and maple flavors mix in with even more sweetness before ending with a mix of bitterness and sweetness and some slight smoke to close. The worst part of this beer is that it isn’t on Dogfish Head’s 2017 release calendar so I guess we are back to the Dumb & Dumber quote again. Why would you do this to me Dogfish Head?! Just when I thought everything was all better again and I was finally over my first love, you rip my heart out and take a crap on it by not bringing this back for next year. Anyways, this beer is fucking amazing and if you get a chance to taste this you NEED to take it because this is not one to be missed. If you are new to the stout scene you definitely need to taste this because not only does this deliver on flavor, it also is sessionable enough to kick 5 back and then realize it clocks in at 7.4% ABV and then puke your brains out. As far as you bastards, this better be in your fridge because it kicks so much ass so grab this flannel sporting pig as fast as you can and drink it down!

Written by: Steve B.

Ok, I live in the sticks now.

15 years in Dallas, always hanging in Deep Ellum, playing shows, seeing bands, drinking great beer.

Now I have 3 acres of land with a beautiful house and barn for the horses outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

To have Tiger Tavern just a mile away from my house is like an oasis in the desert. The locals drink their Bud Lights and look at the guy who gets the beers in fancy glasses. I love it.

All My Tomorrows Saison from Great Taft, Phantasmagoria and Apricot Funk from Prairie Artisan Ales and Black Currant Saison from Clown Shoes.