“You don’t know the power of the Dark Side.”

Enjoy by 05.04.16 in a big ‘ol Lord Vader mug. #ProperGlassware

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Portland to Portland

It’s surprising which beer brands we do and don’t get in Oregon. We miss out on lots of beer from Seattle for some reason. Oregonians drink a lot of beer, yet brands with national recognition can still pass us by.

Allagash Brewing is the gold standard for Belgian style ales on the East Coast. Allagash White is ubiquitous on bar menus and their coolship series is revered for it’s authenticity. I figured I should taste what Portland, Maine is making while I’m nearby. 

Allagash Tripel did not disappoint. The flavor is balanced between lemon sweetness and yeasty spice, with just enough herbaceous hopping to finish clean and dry. The body is both creamy and light on the tongue. I find that many American interpretations fail to integrate the high alcohol content in the light colored ale, but Allagash makes a very elegant beer even at nine percent.   

Moses And The Misfits (Clown Shoes)

Brewery : Clown Shoes
Beer : Moses And The Misfits
Style : Cream Ale / Imperial Cream Ale
Variance : Brewed with Cocoa Nibs and Vanilla Beans

8.5 / 10

Welcome to another addition of Craft Bastards : Behind The Music. Moses and the Misfits were a popular band back in the biblical days of old that had an amazingly strong run. Touring the country on their 15 passenger camel with their trailer in tow, they were huge in Jordan, Israel, and Egypt with fans losing their fucking minds over the sweet sounds that spewed out of their instruments. Many said they were ahead of their time and there was constant growing tensions between members due to groupie disputes and heavy drug use. Finally, Moses decided to quit the band and write his solo album on the top of Mount Sinai which is rumored to have been one of the greatest albums ever written but unfortunately it was lost forever. The only pieces remaining of the album were 2 stone tablets with a 10 song track list chiseled on them that the people mistook for the laws of god and with that mistake, Moses solo career was put to an end only to be immortalized forever in scripture due to his “10 Commandments”. Moses later died.

That was fucking stupid.

This is one monstrous cream ale and Clown Shoes really pushed a style that’s supposed to be a gentle drink to it’s absolute breaking point. Some milk chocolate sweetness starts this off before a gentle vanilla creaminess joins in with an almost powered sugar taste before a slight alcohol burn reminds you that this clocks in at 9.1% ABV to finish. It’s nice that not one flavor dominates this brew and it’s balance could only be compared to that of Shawn Machel Johnson but let’s just hope that Clown Shoes doesn’t retire this beer like that quitter did. This is a great intro into cream ales for those just getting into the style due to it’s ice cream-like additions and as for you bastards, snag this up and chug it down because this is up there with some of the best cream ales on the market. Tune in next time for the real story behind The Beatles : Band or Bug?

Written by: Steve B.

What a great day in Cape Town, just need to make sure I savour this with a cold beer that has managed to bottle what summer should taste like.

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One of the #craftbeer heavy weights paired nicely with some #properglassware … Nice post @craftbeertrading ! - 🆑🍻
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Citrafonix (Oakshire)

Brewery : Oakshire
Beer : Citrafonix
Style : IPA
Variance : Brewed with Lemon Peel, Lime Peel, Orange Peel, Grapefruit Zest, and a Splash of Grapefruit Juice

7.5 / 10

How much fucking fruit did these guys have laying around to inspire a beer like this? I feel like they just raided Pac-Man’s house and took his whole fruit stash which is fucked up because he works hard for those along with those delicious little white dots he’s always eating. This is another one of the amazing beers that Tavour ( sent me and even though it isn’t one of the best they’ve sent or even one of the best IPAs out there, it’s definitely worth trying. This has a lot of citrus flavor going on to start with no one fruit standing out from the bunch with a mild hop floral bitterness in the middle before more fruity sweetness closes this up. The only real issue with this beer is that it almost taste more like a juice than an IPA and a lot of the traditional flavors are lost in this due to all that citrusy goodness. The amount of actual IPA flavor in this is about as big as Donald Trump’s dick and from what I’ve heard, it’s not too impressive (prove me wrong you orange fuck). Now that’s not necessarily a problem for those who aren’t too crazy about IPAs because this could be the one that finally has you trade teams but for hop hunters like myself it just seems to be lacking. This really is a good starting point for those just dipping their toes into the hop pool due to it’s sedated bitterness and for the experienced drinker, grab it for an interesting and light treat but I wouldn’t go too far out of my way.

Written by: Steve B.


It’s every #StarWars fan’s favorite day today and we’re busting out our pun-niest beers! Join us for Java the Nut, the Empire Strikes Brown and 32-ounce growler fills of Jedi Mind Tricks (an IPA-Speedway hybrid)! May the Fourth be with you.
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金鬼ペールエール ワイメア・モザイクver / 鬼伝説地ビール(北海道)

本日 納車しました!

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Mountain charcuterie.

Lakeside vistas with our favorite local meats, cheeses and beer from @postmarkbrewing. 

Photo: Hennygraphy | Shop our camp cutting board:

カベルネ / 箕面ビール(大阪)