I joined the lovely London Craftivist’s for a session of Robin Hood Tax Craftivism being recorded for French TV.  Craftivism is a mixture of Craft and Activism, so right up my street!  They fight for global human rights using small cute banners which they place in significant places.  It makes activism and politics more accessible and attractive rather than hard lined and conventional.  As Toni Cade Bambara said: “The duty of the radical artist is to make the revolution irresistable” which I fully agree with.  I enjoy a good protest but us English are quite an apathetic nonchalant nation.  Protests we throw would work in the rest of Europe, here they get a sigh and a “bloody protesters” kind of reaction.  Plus government pay no attention.  Activism needs to be more creative.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Robin Hood Tax is a revolutionary idea that banks will pay a tax of 0.05% on their transactions.  Worldwide in seconds this could free up enough money for midwives, windfarms, teachers and a million other things to help pull the world out of some of the awful states it’s in now.  This is not idealist, it could happen.  The financial crisis could be used as a pivotal point for dramatic and much needed change.


I went to a session with the fantastic London Craftavist Collective!  (Craft+Activism= Craftivism!)

We were stitching banners about the Robin Hood Tax and being filmed for a French TV show on Canal +.  It was really interesting just to be sat around stitching with people talking about the pros and cons of both general forms of activism and protest and craft as activism.  We then put on Robin Hood outfits and put our banners around the Bank area of London!