Putin don’t cry!

Bae wanted to give Bum a gift he could always carry with him, so he gave him an opalite necklace

Bum always feels just a little bit safer when he wears it

Also @pliskin every seungbum picture you draw adds 20 years to my life thank you so much


Made some good progress today for Vigdis armor pieces. (I’m further done than on the pic actually)
My girl is waiting patiently while I’m puting paint everywhere and burning my fingers for her xDD I would love to finish tonight but not sure I’ll manage. I will post some art tomorrow in any case tho =3

BJD is a Little Cornue by @misterminou-doll


I’m so sorry for freaking out, but they are ACTUALLY coming to Sweden THIS December. I’ve waited 3 years for this and I’m crying right now.

Anyways, he was so sassy in this liveshow