substitutions are bullshit like there is a reason my great grandma used chicken bones
there is a reason i use blood
there is a reason for these ingredients and rosemary or quartz wont save u from ur botched spell
and the need for substitutions i think comes from ppl tryna distance themselves from unaesthetic craft

killing a chicken isnt light and pretty and wont get u notes
piss doesnt go well with the lavender sprigs u just bought
crushed bone doesnt make a cute IG pic

im sry but a lot of black ass magic isnt rose quartz and cute hand tattoos

its blood
its coochie juice
its dead animals

and if that aint for u then theres always wicca 👀👀👀

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Man Sanzu is such a handsome boy, like my gooDNESS those beautiful blue eyes, those creamy popcorn cheeks omhhhg I would smOOSH them. I would lay my life down for Sanzu and everything this boy is he is so good??? Not to mention very talented! His dolls are so well crafted and he could kill a man with that icy stare. Wow. 10/10 Sanzu is so lo vely thanks for existing Sanzu


* You made him feel so good, Sanzu treats himself to those mealworms that’ve been hiding in the moldy parts of the ceiling for a while.

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Chapter 5 of Home and a Half is up!

FINALLY. Oh god I’m so sorry. OTL

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But while you’re here-here, have a mini deleted scene(!!), under the cut! (It’s nothing really special, I just couldn’t fit it into the chapter like I originally had planned and thou shalt not erase 700 words my child~)

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I’m so glad that Handmaid’s Tale was renewed for a second season. I would be very upset if that finale was the end. There is so much more to reveal. So many unanswered questions and above all those finale few minutes. I hope that the show receives nominations and wins across the board.

Most of all, I hope that Samira Wiley wins an award for her portrayal of Moira. After what happened on OINTB in season 4, it’s about time that she be recognized for her craft. She killed it in Handmaid’s Tale. Not to mention the entire cast was awesome. I really hope that Hulu brings Handmaid’s Tale to NYCC this year.

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Michigan gothic

-Cows And Pigs And Chickens. and something far more sinister, something  without a name.

-The skunk odor claws at your nostrils. Climbs down your throat. makes the bile rise in your stomach. burns at your windpipe. It will burn forever. Your food tastes of skunk. You will never be clean.

-Canada lurks across dark water. The freighters offer no protection. Keep moving. Avoid their watchful eyes.

-The coats fill your closet. Who’s coat is this? No one has the answer. They replicate each other. Each is wrong for every weather. More coats appear. You might need them. You let them overflow.

- There is a craft beer that will kill you if you try it. Nobody has drank it yet. It is the best beer. Tell your friends.

-Masses of people walk together through the streets, chanting, their dead eyes glassy and unseeing. Grown men wail and gnash their teeth. They have seen fields of war. It is football season.

-You feel guilty when you tell people from out of state that you are from Detroit. You should feel guilty. You are from the suburbs. The city knows. And it will have revenge.

OOC: Hoard of the Macabre

Landilizandra has a specific hoard, dubbed The Hoard of the Macabre, where she keeps a wide variety of weapons which have been crafted specifically to kill, subjugate, or otherwise harm Touched, Awakened, and Dragons.

This hoard is kept in a pocket dimension which is impossible to reach to anyone other than herself. She can’t even bring people to it, the dimension would forcibly eject her guest.

The objects in her possession fall into three categories: Items used for combating Touched, Items which have harmed Touched, even if they were no initially designed for this, or replicas of the prior two.

It does not, however, contain weapons created by Touched themselves for use in active combat. These items instead would go into her armory.


Hey Vulture Culture people! Im currently looking for small skulls, craft grade, dont have to be perfect! I actually like the ones with holes and missing teeth, i shove crystals in the cracks!
Im mostly looking for Fox, bob cat, cat, coyote, maybe racoon. But anything small! Im willing to pay, or even trade in art if your interested in that sort of thing! I may be interested in bones and teeth, let me know what you have and maybe we can work something out!

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Thanks guys!!

About Chisa in the opening:

- Up until now, in every DR game there’s been someone linked to Junko, or Junko herself, willingly causing despair.

DR1- Junko herself

DR:AE- Monaca (and AI Junko through Shirokuma and Kurokuma)

SDR2- AI Junko (and Komaeda)

DR3 Despair- Junko herself

DR3 Future- ?

- In the opening, Chisa is colored in blue, a color well known to symbolize sadness, or despair.

- In addition, her wrist is being sliced open. The only two people in the series who had their wrists cut open are Junko and Komaeda, two of the people responsible for breeding despair in the games listed above.

- You probably already know where I’m going with this.

I’m fairly sure that Junko is dead. If Kodaka does end up bringing her back somehow, I’m gonna be severely disappointed. I hope Junko doesn’t come back in DR3. If anything, it’ll demonstrate just how potent Junko’s despair is even when she’s dead. So, that rules out Junko being alive in Mirai-Hen.

So, who’s the despair-instigator in Mirai-Hen?

None other than Chisa Yukizome.

- As we’ve seen in episode 9 of Zetsubou-Hen, Chisa had her mind fucked up bad. It’s clear at this point that she’s probably fallen into despair. I already made a theory earlier about how ever since, Hope!Chisa has been watching Despair!Chisa from the theater in her mind that we saw in episode 1 of Zetsubou-Hen. She said that she got to watch a lot of important things go down firsthand, meaning she was forced to watch her despair-brainwashed self live on and saw things through her viewpoint.

- This means that Despair!Chisa has probably been manipulating things to further despair. However, part of my theory states that Despair!Chisa is actually a warped version of Hope!Chisa. Hope!Chisa wanted to protect her students even as the Remnants of Despair, which translates to Despair!Chisa crafting the Final Killing Game, or at least helping with it.

- If this is the case, she knew that her being the first victim would deeply traumatize Munakata and drive him towards despair, which Tengan confirms later on, saying that “love drives men mad”.

There are a bunch of other theories floating around, but I personally don’t think any of them have evidence concrete enough to bring up here.

If you have any questions, comments, or thoughts, please let me know!

ok but. trans blue sargent

  • at first she believes that the reason why she doesn’t have any magical abilities is because she wasn’t born female, but when she finds out she’s actually helping by magnifying powers, she’s incredibly happy 
  • when gwen tells her she might be a witch she gets even happier becs of this
  • ‘lampshade’ dress because she’s not super happy with her lower body yet and she is actually super pretty no matter what she wears
  • everyone agrees (yes even ronan though mumbling it)
  • maura helping her make her own padding (or cala because i doubt maura is actually good with those things and cala looks like she makes crafts as to not kill a man)
  • orla giving blue all her super glittery nail polish and outlandish colours lipsticks
  • angry feminist trans blue sargent
  • that is all (but add more i will when i think up more stuff)