DIY Tutorial- Braided Back

Hey guys! Here’s an easy way to give any t shirt a cool, woven back pattern!

Things You’ll Need:

Step 1: Cut off the sleeves

Turn your shirt face down, and cut the sleeves off. You’ll want to cut them off about an inch below, so the shirt fits mre like a muscle tank at the end.

Step 2: Cut a long strip down the middle of your shirt for the center braid.

Starting from the top of the shirt, cut a long strip down your shirt, stopping at about an inch and a half from the bottom. Make sure the strip is thick enough to make a large braid!

Step 3: Cut your strip into three smaller strips, and braid them.

Have a friend hold the bottom of your shirt as you make a large, loose braid. The looser your braid is, the easier it’ll be to tie your other braids in. However, you want to make sure it’s tight enough, otherwise it’ll fall apart at the end!

Step 4: Cut three sections along each side of your shirt, and then cut each section into three smaller strips.

Make sure each section is roughly the same size, and make sure your strips aren’t too thin!

Step 5: Braid each section.

These smaller braids should be tighter than your center braid. After you finish this step, you should have three braids on each side of your shirt. Keep each braid closed with a safety pin, hair clip, or anything else to keep it from becoming undone!

Step 6: Cut each shoulder strip, and then cut that section into three smaller strips

Cutting from the bottom of the armhole, cut off the shoulder strips from each side of your shirt. Then, cut each section into three smaller strips.

Step 7: Braid the shoulder strips, and then tie the ends to your center braid.

Braid these shoulder parts tighter than your center strip. Once you’re done, tie them to the top of your center braid.

Step 8: Go back to your smaller braids, and tie your smaller braids into your center braid.

Tie the ends of each of your smaller braids into a loop of the center braid.

Happy crafting! Make sure you show us your braided shirts by tagging us on Instagram and Twitter!