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Ah, rum, with its legendary pirates bellowing for grog, tiki umbrellas peeking up from neon-colored cocktails, tequila-spiked punch at college parties. Rum, universally imbibed and yet often scorned. Most rum is “the distilled essence of industrial waste,” in the words of Wayne Curtis, author of And a Bottle of Rum: A History of the New World in Ten Cocktails. That waste is molasses, the byproduct of sugar production. After the molasses has been fermented, flavorings, colorings and sugar are often added in.

But craft rum — that is an entirely different and savory spirit, says Curtis: “I’ve judged three spirit competitions in the past year, and I’m very bullish on rum.”

Not surprisingly, the South — once a hub for sugar plantations — is spearheading a craft rum renaissance, as small distilleries turn away from molasses and cull fresh sugar cane itself to create smooth liquors with grassy, warm, woody or floral flavors.

Craft Distillers Tap Pure Sugar Cane For A Southern Rum Renaissance

Photos: Courtesy of Richland Rum, Courtesy of High Wire Distilling, Hector Manuel Sanchez/Courtesy of Richland Rum


Vans Girls at Camp Gritty
It’s Do or DIY: Button Bar

Embroidering our backpacks just wasn’t enough, so we upped the decorative ante with a button bar for campers to add some more flair to their Realm Backpacks. We saw everything from funny phrases and matching cabin crew names (shoutout to “Brandon’s B5 Babes”) to intricate handprinted watercolor buttons. You better bet we collected buttons from all of these talented campers to pin on our own backpacks!

Shout out to these campers for letting us repost their rad photos: Photo 1: Buttons/Backpack by Skye Bronte & photo by Caroline Kolbe Photo 5: Buttons by Ashlie Chandler & photo by Jazzy.