‘’If something makes you and other people happy, that’s what’s important’’

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DIY Floating Shelf by Place of My Taste:

Full Tutorial:

Materials Needed:
–A round wooden plate

1-) Cut about 50, 3.5 yards pieces of yarn.
2-) Tie a knot in the middle. It’s going to be the centerpiece of the hanger.
3-) Divide your yarn into four equal sections.
4-) Then divide each part into two sections and twist it together. You can also separate your sections to three and braid the pieces together.
5-) Hang your piece somewhere high. Tie a knot around 4 inches below the top.
6-) As a last step tie a knot at the bottom. Slip on your wooden plate.

Stitchtober Day 21/31. — the Edelwood tree grows from the souls of lost children, don’t let The Beast get you! 🍂🍂🍂 (from a perfectly seasonal & beautiful show, Over The Garden Wall)
Every day for the month of October I will be sewing a small embroidery, themed around Halloween. An embroidery alternative to Inktober by @mrjakeparker



“Any job that I care about when I first start it is just a tremendous amount of stress. Because you’re not sure you can do it. If it’s a job that I’m like "oh yeah, I would totally rock that”, I don’t really want it. I have to be afraid that I’m gonna mess it up. If you’re not challenged. If you’re not afraid to fail, then you’re not really pushing yourself.“

I heard a clamour… a sound like bones falling down a chimney, mixed with the rumble of swollen autumn rivers… it started quiet, like white noise, then grew til I was afraid the walls would start to fall around me

But it wasn’t the walls that fell, it was the ground that rose

The knots in the old wooden floorboards twisted and popped like corks - and the skulls emerged. They couldn’t come through fast enough, it was as though there was some great pressure behind them. One after another the meikle abdabs poured through the holes they made, with the corvies chattering and the nathair gnashing and the cat sith howling and the moosies muttering, I could do nothing to stop them as they filled my home

Such speed they came! Faster and faster, one after another in all the colours you could think of! Rust and white, brown and bone, black as night and white as the moon.

The pressure increased and with a crack my floor could take no more, the hole from which the meikle abdabs poured shivered… then burst! Splinters and dust flew everywhere and from the rent came muckle abdabs - batdabs flew into the air yammering and chattering excitedly, caberfeidh with their guttural roars, the Cerberus chasing the cat sith, ruda clambering out with their deep, hollow moans

I yelled and jumped to escape the invasion but they swarmed over me, their little boney feet jabbing and stabbing, I fell backwards as I felt a pic clamp down on my hand, then a batdab on my neck, a corvie on my face and suddenly I was covered in writhing, screaming, biting abdabs

I was consumed by the abdabs one tiny mouthful at a time and now my bones rest with theirs. They use my rib cage as a temple, my skull as an alter and they spend their days waiting… Waiting for another taste of human flesh…

In death I have come to love them, I help them find their way from my home - individually they are full of character and easy to contain, it’s when they come together in a hoard… and feel the Halloween night close… that they gather together to feast again…