Aslı Alkan, Childless Complete Woman, 2016 

“After learning how to stitch from my aunt who is around her 50’s now, I have decided to make her portrait. I have imagined her in her 30’s. Her life was not that easy, had depression issues since I know her. She loves reading, handcrafts (master of many types), traveling and crossword and never got married. On the wall there is ‘childless complete woman’ poster (ode to one of our politician’s statement about ‘childless women are not complete’).”

This piece took nearly two months to complete! If you would like to see more of her Aslı Alkan’s work, check out her instagram. She is based in Turkey. 

The Role of Discovery on the Path

When we start on the Path we often hardly even know. It is already below our feet by the time we have any idea what it is, and we are often years before we have any idea where it is going. Yet it is there, taking us someplace, showing us the thin places in the Veil, revealing to us vistas and hollows hardly known to the world of men. Again and again throughout our lives constructing seemingly impossible narratives to push and pull us into the necessary changes for growth. The Path is the plot that runs through our lives.

Where we linger on that path often decides how long our journey takes between its start and its end. How well we perceive that which is off the edges of our path is a good indicator of how far along we are in our journey.

As much as a thousand writers and bloggers would have you otherwise it is most important to spend a great deal of time alone in the path of discovery. Without the books and theories, without the rhymes and reasons. Most of all without the jabbering idiocy of social commitment and simpering personal dramas known as the coven, or these days the facebook group. Just oneself and some bits and bobs that you know somehow happen to fit into that puzzle called hex, that whisper called curse, that promise called charm. Out in the landscape, looking for the variables we need, knowing which paths that cross are the chosen. Feeling innately that the grove is correct for the operation at hand.

The modern world is made of soft minds who seek constant guidance and desire to travel well worn paths that have been laid before them without thorn nor rose. Those paths may even lead to darkness and delight, but they are the paths of others. Other’s songs to sing, others spells to weave, others charms to hide. There is no learning in the well worn path. Just tourism.

The folkwitch must eschew the path worn by others. Like the fox, must walk against the paths to see the shape of the landscape. We must not just linger at the edge of ancient paths, we must delve into the bush, fight through the bracken, and discover what lies on the other side of the hedge.

Exploration and experimentation should guide those who seek to understand the Craft. Learning through long consideration and careful experimentation which plants yield the correct results. Hearing in the air the voice in the trees that guides you in your quest for understanding. Listening deeply to the forest and the seashore. To the mountain spring and the laughing whisper of the air through an evening meadow. Exploring the landscape that is the center of your practice, knowing well all of those places where footsteps do not go. Seeing as birds and foxes see the landscape; as hedgehogs, rats, and vipers.

The role of discovery is the single most important part of the Craft. The constant learning of new things, of new ways of seeing. Never should one settle for what they already know, growing callous in our beliefs leads to stagnation. We should turn over the leaf, taste the dew, sniff the air.

The Path is a journey. Go places.


Excuse us (Violet+me) while we’re sobbing at all the time/materials/mental health spent to craft the 60 Deldrimor Steel Ingots for the part 2 of Dusk…

Special thanks to @dikmas for his help because he crafted many of them for me, so I don’t have to wait 60 fucking days…

Now I just have to do few things for the part 3 and


I want to just express how much i love Nora’s writing skills.

Like i have re-read the aftg series 3 times by now and not once was i bored by her wording. Not once did i think it sounds generic. Not once did i feel like if i renamed the characters it could be a story by every other author or every other book.

There are many sentences that are burnt into my brain because of how remarkable they are. Many i know i would not find anywhere else.

Her imagery is so vivid i always know where things happen, who is in the scene and who is active vs passive.

Her imagery is so vivid she fooled me twice in the scene Andrew dressed up as Aaron to pick Neil up from the airport.

The transitions from Neil’s thoughts to flashbacks is so perfectky rendered that it portrayes exactly how it is to be triggered.

Her characterization made it possible for me to go from hating Andrew at the start of the series to him being my fav character at the end of it. With parts of me still not liking some thibgs he does but me also understanding where he comes from when he does those things.

I swear Nora’s an author i would read every future book from.

300 (Fulton)

Brewery : Fulton
Beer : 300
Style : IPA
Variance : None

8.5 / 10

Tonight, we dine in hell! This…Is…Sparta! Prepare for glory! Give them nothing… but take from them everything! Fuck I love that movie. It’s a shame that the second one was kind of a clunker but this beer definitely mirrors the first movie much closer with it’s awesomeness. Also, Gerard Butler is wayyyyyy more baddass than Sullivan Stapleton. I mean come on, he didn’t even have an eight pack! Loser. Anyways, this beer is anything but a loser with it’s huge flavor and drinkability so let’s get into it. This has a great mix of pine and grapefruit flavor to start bringing a heavy bitterness before some resin and mild sweetness mix in to help balance things out a bit before a floral hop and malt flavor mix in to end things. If I had the opportunity to kick every commercial IPA into a pit like Leonidas did to that Persian bitch ass and only drink this I would do it in a heart beat not only because almost all commercial IPAs suck, but because I would love to see the slow motion stylized Zack Snyder scene of the beer falling in while slowly spilling all of it’s contents and disappearing into darkness. For the hop lovers out there, pick this puppy up because it packs a serious green nugget punch and will satisfy your hoppy needs. For the n00bz out there, this is probably going to be a bit much for your first bitter Journey but don’t stop believing and hold on to that feeling and work your way up. See what I did there? Journey…

Written by : Steve B.

Zapfler Brewpub, Shanghai

Ever since the crackdown and closing of the Yong Kang Lu bar street last year, people here in Shanghai have been wondering whether their favorite watering holes would be opening up in new locations. Well, yesterday we found out first hand that Zapler Brewing has a brand spanking new brewpub in the old Datong Mill underground plaza, now renovated and renamed Found 158. We popped in for the pre-pre-opening party last night to check out the new space. Here’s a look…

The taps aren’t on yet, so the beers were served out of kegs with old school pump taps…

Their Bohemian pilsner was flowing when we arrived…

When they officially open, all their beers will be available on tap, as well as a few new brews they will rotate in as they brew them on premises…

This new Zapfler Brewpub will also feature a full kitchen where they’ll be serving a menu of German favorites, like warm pretzels, schnitzel and currywurst, which we go to sample…

Zapfler has also start distilling schnapps, which they’ll be selling and serving here as well…

They expect to be open and fully operational in the next few weeks so we’ll keep you posted. Prost!!


Inside Round 158

158 Julu Lu (near Ruijin Yi Lu)




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