My two Blooky preorders are done. If you like one too they’re on sale here for preorder:

This is a made to order plush. It will take around 2 weeks to finish.

Little guy measures 5 inches tall.

Made with minky fabric, embriodered face, filled with polyfil and pellets.


Okay I have way too many guinea feathers. So I’m gonna sell two batches.

This batch has bigger feathers, the other batch will be small feathers only. (Great for crafts.)

All the feathers you see in these pictures are what you will receive. I will post the other batch separately. I will call this Batch 1, so please specify which batch you want. First some first serve. Paypal only.

There are easily over 100 feathers in each batch. Legal to own! Guineafowl are poultry birds.

I’m gonna ask $10.00 for each batch which covers shipping also. If you absolutely need to work with me on the price let me know. MESSAGE ME!


Here’s a new/old project I’ve been working on for years. We call this the Book of Isms.

We all have funny stories of things our children did once, and I started writing them down in a simple composition book. Eric-isms were usually clever or off the wall things my son said, and Jamie-isms were more often the goofy situations my daughter would get herself into growing up.

Since Egyptology is one of my many interests, I made a quilted book cover and painted hieroglyphs for the title. It literally translates to “Jamie and Eric, The Book of Wisdom.”

One of my favorites was my 9 year old son’s reaction to meatloaf for dinner. He exclaimed, “Yuck! It’s just like broccoli, smooshed in a pan and brown!” He still doesn’t like meatloaf.

I’ve told all my friends who are moms about the Book of Isms and recommended they record their children’s exploits. It doesn’t have to be fancy; it’s just a great way to preserve the many little memories that might otherwise slip away.

My kids are 24 and 28 now, and my daughter is married. She has asked me to make her a copy of the original Book of Isms, so I have been copying all of the entries into a new composition book for her. I’m hoping to give it to her and her husband for Christmas.