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Starving Artist AU

Here’s another RWBY AU y’all. This one I’ve been talking to theivorytowercrumbles about because of a post they reblogged. So, let’s get this rolling!

Weiss is a Trust Fund Baby trying hard to do the “starving artist thing” in Vale as a sculptor. Specifically she primarily does marble carving (ostentatious little shit isn’t she) and switches it up with clay once in a while. Mostly Weiss winds up carving fancy paper weights for CEOs in order to pay for the refurbished Warehouse she, and the Xiao Long siblings, are living in. Yang gives her shit for “selling out” until Weiss points out that if it wasn’t for her they’d be sleeping in parks instead.

Ruby is a tiny hyper bundle of Mad Engineer. She’s always building things from various kinds of scrap metal that are often animatronic. Occasionally there’s material switch ups with pvc pipes, clay/ceramic and wood mixed in but, for the most part she shines with making monsters of metal. She’s also very prone to underselling her pieces because, like Yang, its more important to have her work seen than paid for. Sometimes she caught in a whirl of new types of art that she can fold back into making her pieces all the more unique and fantastic.

Yang doesn’t have a specific niche artistically; well maybe Abstract in the broad spectrum. Yang’s particular area of the warehouse’s bottom floor is an ever changing enigma. She’ll paint, carve, sculpt, dance, create weird “avante garde” music. And has actually acted in local musical/plays and whatever art film shenanigans Coco’s been up to. Yang is always finding and learning new and varied forms of art. She also drives Weiss up the wall with her mess and constant blaring of any form of music (but La Vie Boheme from RENT in particular is a favorite).

Blake was a Theology major at a college going for priesthood in the Catholic church before Political Reasons caused them to have to abandon this particular path. Since then they have become, in Ivory’s amazing words, a wandering tattoo artist who gives semi-priestly advice. Blake is also covered in tattoos themselves. Notably, they have the map of Heaven and Hell from Dante’s Inferno covering their entire back. Most of their tattoos haven’t be fully decided but its agreed that they have the angelic Thrones somewhere as well as imagery in regards to St. Sebastian given his gay icon status. They’re completely fluent in Latin and often use it to make snide remarks without anyone knowing what’s being said exactly.

I’m gonna throw the rest under a read more so this isn’t too long. (sorry mobile users)

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depression level: you know what? clay will make me happy i DESERVE to spend all my money on craft supplies i deserve happiness i LOVE to CRAFT i Deserve the clay (rocks up to the wholesale craft warehouse with bleary eyes & nausea)

elyuriasu  asked:

Ive got my application for craft warehouse filled out and a new nice outfit to wear if i get called in. where should i go from here? how should i turn it in, is it okay to wear the same clothes for turning it in + to the interview if i get called in, since im short on clothes cash? how should i act? etc.,etc.. This is my first job so i dont have any experience besides some volunteering literally 4 years ago. (should i mention that?)

Turning in an application is actually really low key, especially for retail. Basically, all you do is hand it to whoever is behind the counter, they look at you disinterested, pop their gum, and say they’ll pass it on. The gum part might only exist in movies.

Yes, you can wear the same clothing for turning in an application and to the interview. There’s like a 99% chance no one will notice and if they do, they won’t say anything or count it against you (unless you’re applying for some types of jobs in the fashion business). The real thing that matters is how you present yourself during the interview.

And manners! I can’t stress the importance of manners enough, even just for turning in the application to the gum-popping cashier. Kindness can go a long way.