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Dollshe Amanda Beauty for Kia! Customer requested freckles across cheeks and forehead and provided references hand tattoos with matte pink nails. I also tried to push the realism a little more with this commission so there’s a tiny bit of vein detailing on her hands and skin texturing on her face too! (I’m aware the eyes don’t match but they’re the only ones that fit her 😶)

Eyelashes pictured are premium black lashes.

floating world - a holiday at the sea

i already titled a speed painting i did ‘a holiday at the sea’, but this fits that anathallo song much better. working in a new software (clip/manga studio) which i’m thoroughly enjoying. been getting around to writing actual script for Floating World, and i can’t wait to use the comic-crafting tools in Clip Studio to start making the actual comic soon!
Watch Louis Tomlinson, Steve Aoki Discuss Partying, Swapping Careers
One Direction member Louis Tomlinson and EDM superstar Steve Aoki discuss finding common ground on their "Just Hold On" single.

Louis Tomlinson and Steve Aoki both took sharp left turns with their music when the pair joined forces to create the empowering hit “Just Hold On.” For Tomlinson, he shed the folkier, classic-rock-leaning sounds of his boy band One Direction, while for EDM god Aoki, the track represented a move toward the pop mainstream.

Singer makes solo debut despite losing his mother to leukemia just days earlier

“I was on holiday with my friends in Vegas, and we were meant to see Calvin Harris’ show,” Tomlinson recalled in an interview with Rolling Stone about what led to his first experience seeing Aoki live. Harris had to cancel that night, but luckily for the venue and the singer, Aoki was in town and able to fill in for him. “[My friends and I] had an incredible night. It was really, really fun. The show was amazing.”

After connecting personally, the two hopped in the studio to craft what would be Tomlinson’s first solo single following the announcement that One Direction would go on hiatus. “I didn’t want to make an EDM record with an EDM arrangement,” Aoki explained. His composition and Tomlinson’s lyrics were created from scratch, as the pair sought to launch their process with a “blank slate.”

“It was really about the lyrics, how to make the lyrics stand out musically on my part,” Aoki continues. “When we started out, it was really more of sad, slow song. We needed it more uplifting. We needed to speed it up. We needed more energy to the song.”

In the end, the pair produced an anthemic, festival- or arena-ready tune appropriate for their respective touring histories. “It’s the most human song I’ve produced,” Aoki says.

After making the television rounds, including the track’s X-Factor debut in December and a recent appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, the pair plan on hitting Ultra Music Festival, old stomping grounds for Aoki that will be a new setting for Tomlinson.

Each artist had been exposed to the other’s music before they met. Aoki remembered seeing One Direction on television and being impressed, but the song that stuck with him remains “Story of My Life,” a track he had mentioned in interviews years ago. Tomlinson had received an early remix of My Chemical Romance’s “The Black Parade” from Aoki, a track that spoke to his formative influences. “I grew up listening to that sound anyway,” he explained of his emo and pop-punk roots. “I grew up loving Green Day. That definitely resonated with me.”

As for the question of trading places, neither thinks they could do the other’s job. “I don’t have the the skills to be a DJ,” Tomlinson says. “I’ve also not got the hair.” In a boy band, Aoki would rather be the back-up dancer or hypeman instead of a singer. “Count me in for the yelling.”


ok, my dudes!! 😌😌
here is my super simple witchy candle diy!!! all you need are pictures/cut outs/quotes and little things you would like to add!! you use some mod podge, a brush, and ribbon/twine to attach everything to the candle. you can make these as obviously witchy or discreetly witchy as you want!! you could even use sigils. you could also dedicate it to a deity if you found a pic or s/t you relate to them!! the possibilities are endless and it is super cheap and easy to do.
enjoy!! 🙈🙈


yo help out a fellow crafter/artist/whateves you call me

So, im seeing my best, most wonderful friends for the first time ever in 2 months. That’s great! except the ticket costs $1000 now (its to the UK) and also I have to pay rent for my mom from now on as soon as I get back, and also im on minimum wage with one job and i only work 20 hours. I’m a bit behind and need to gather up a few hundo, about 300USD or so! This is where you guys could help!

I have an etsy shop (linked below) filled with Video game stuff and crystals and stickers and personal crafts! if anything up here interests you there’s much more and will always be more on my Etsy! If you can’t buy anything i’d appreciate a reblog or a signal boost, but other than that Thank you for your time!

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