craft sodas

Jin’s Strawberry Peach Shake: a healthy and cute pink colored shake made with strawberries and peach yogurt

Suga’s Affogato: vanilla gelato and a double shot of espresso for a bittersweet taste

J-Hope’s Hot Apple Cider: spiced apple cider to give you a warm and comforting feeling

Rap Monster’s Passion Fruit Tea Lemonade: a careful amount of both sweet and tart with a nice gradient

Jimin’s Gelato Float: vanilla gelato and craft soda for when you’re in the mood for something sweet and bubbly

V’s Oreo Vanilla Latte: a detailed drink with a taste that will leave you speechless

Jungkook’s Fruit Tea: a combination of many flavors with an unexpected taste


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7 yrs ago I got this necklace from some antique shop all rusted and gross. It came with a bunch of colored glass hearts you can swap out but I only honestly like one color. I managed to shine it up the same night I bought it and it’s been my favorite ever since.

I figured nows a good time to add to it, so I took a hunk of wood (pic one) and sanded it down by hand to that tiny piece you see in my palm. No power tools, I figured it would kill the magic of making it so just a handsaw and three hours of sanding. I oiled it up and now it fits perfectly in the little heart.

While it doesn’t look as cool as I pictured in my head (probably due to the wood I used and there being no knots or visible wood grain), it’s still pretty rad. My fingers still hurt and my manicure is ruined but I think maybe it was worth it.


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a definitive ranking of the weird sodas i’ve had in british columbia:

  1. peach-habanero (just craft)
  2. “chai” soda (be love)
  3. peach pear (la croix)
  4. pear-vanilla (just craft)
  5. pamplemousse (la croix)
  6. lemongrass (just craft)
  7. thai basil (pok pok som)

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I am still so fucking here for Jack’s Soft Bro instagram.

  • Wistful black-and-white still life shots of hockey equipment.  
    • So many someone proposes a he publish a coffee table book on the subject
  • Bottles of craft beer
  • Bottles of craft soda when he’s out drinking with people not yet legal to drink
  • Artsy shots of food
  • Bridges
  • Little kids eating ice cream in hockey jerseys
  • Hockey players taking selfies, like, you can see them holding the camera/selfie stick.  It’s a photograph of a selfie in action.  He does them all the time.  It’s so fucking meta.
  • Pictures of people trying to take pictures of him
  • His teammates in the locker room trying to cover themselves or the lens of his camera, or in the middle of a lunge because Zimmermann stopppp
  • Pies


  • He uses English in his tags and directly addressing Falconers fans, but if it’s just a random little shot he whipped off of the sunrise? L’aube à Providence aujourd’hui.
    • Several fans bond in the comments as they compete to be the first person to translate his captions. Friendships blossom.  There are meetups of Francophones and Canadian ex-pats in sports bars throughout New England in Jack’s name. 
    •  #ZETplz becomes the a call for the Zimmermann équipe de traduction (Zimmermann Translation Team) to show up and work their magic.
    • Fans begin using #zetplz on things Jack has said in in English and on gifs of his press conferences.  These translations are are things more like, “WTF?”, “Bitch pls” and “You stopped talking about hockey. I stopped paying attention”

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