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I feel like I should name this .. The Room of Much? The Room of Happy? The room where I try and cram all my shit into and fuck anybody who goes ‘OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU’ ?

It’s like the ultimate acid test in an relationship - bring a man into this room and if  he doesn’t run away screaming he’s a keeper. 

Anyhow. This is where the arts happen.  I might make a video. Photos don’t really capture the epileptic glory of all the color and… stuff. 

anonymous asked:

ooh that last ask was so cute!!! could you maybe do it with roadhog, junkrat, and reinhardt? pleeease?

The balloon one? Certainly. Here’s a link to the first one >>> boop

I’m kinda glad to get a little practice writing roadhog and Junkrat with an easier prompt bc i have another request for them and I kinda don’t play them (I am trying to widen the characters I play). Tho I asked my sister bc she played both and said roadhog was intense and Junkrat was hyperactive. Also you cannot tell me that Reinhardt isn’t a master at arts and crafts.

I refuse to believe it.


It seemed like a great idea, an excellent way to show affection to your boyfriend, but there was one thing in your way.


Or rather your inability to blow up balloons. 

You had planned to fill Roadhog’s room with pink balloons, with pig face, ears, and even a curly tail that you were going to tape to them. Excitedly you sat in the living room surrounded by empty balloons, paper, and tape. Wiggling on your butt you pressed the mouth of the pink balloon to your mouth and began to blow. 

Your lungs began to ache with the harsh way you were blowing. Cheeks puffed up and hurting and the balloon stubbornly stayed deflated. You kept trying until your head swam and tears began to prickle at the corners of your eyes. 

Your body collapsed to the floor and your shoulders began to shake with your heavy sobs. It was a silly thing to get so upset about but you were so excited to surprise Roadhog with. Combining the disappointment with the growing stress of trying to blow up a balloon that wouldn’t inflate.

That’s how Roadhog found you, a half hour later, surrounded by crumpled paper and flat pink balloons and just sobbing.

“Who do I need to kill?”

Roadhog’s gruff voice rang through the room and you sat up, rubbing your face clean of tears. After explaining the predicament he simply gave a rare genuine chuckle and picked you off the floor. Settling you on his shoulders he marched you out of the room.

“Come on,” his mask moved with each word, “let’s go steal something that’ll make you feel better.”


It was two in the morning when your boyfriend had frantically shook you awake, fresh coat of fire on the tips of his hair. 

“Com’on,” his eyes were bright in the dark room and you got up, feet tucked into slippers.

“I got an idea,” his hands thrummed on his thighs with an unknown rhythm, “I wanna show you.”

Knowing he was going to sleep in until two tomorrow you held in your protests about be woken up this early and simply followed your boyfriend. He led you into his banged up lab that they had banished him to when he destroyed half of the kitchen. 

The smell of smoke and gunpowder tickled your nose as you stepped over a smoking heap of scrap metal.

“I was thinkin’ about your birthda’ and what I was gonna get for your prezzy and then I gotta idea.”

In the middle of the room was a box and several sheets of wrapping paper thrown about randomly.

“You do realize birthday presents are supposed to be a surprise?” you blinked tiredness out of your eyes.

“Oi, darl,” he grabbed your hands and shook them excitedly, “that ain’t it, unless you wanna end up all explodey.”

You snapped your fingers with recognition and then pointed at the empty balloons literally the place.

“What are those for?”

 “That’s the genius part, when ever’one standing around. Wonderin’ what these are fo’. They pop open, balloons flowin’ out and then,” his hands made an exploding motion as he whistled the starting melody to ‘Happy Birthday’.

You gave a happy hum, always glad to see him excited about things. 

“I got fill up these balloons,” He quickly inflated one and tied it, “then I’m gonna hit the sack.”

Figuring that he was just going to wake you up again when he came barging into the shared room you decided to help. Picking up one of the balloons you pressed it to your lips to fill up with air. When the balloon refused to fill up anger quickly filled you.

Throwing it to the ground you screamed, “Well whatever, it’s just a stupid balloon.”

You blinked back tears and Junkrat just stared at you.

“I’ll be stuffed,” he stared at you until he realized that you were actually upset, hands reaching out for you, “Oi, it’s alrigh’. There’s no reason to get spewin’. Let’s bail out and I’ll bring you on a Macca run in the mornin’.”

You sniffled and both of you went back to your shared room. Crawling under the covers he propped his arm and leg on the side of the bed. Sprawling together a thought popped in your head right as you were falling asleep.

“Don’t you need to fill the balloons with helium to make them float?”


Sitting on on Reinhardt’s shoulders, arms resting on the top of his head, he carried you through the base. Loudly greeting people as they came into view, you giving a small wave when they whipped around.  So far the pair of you had scared, - making her throw her bunny styled backpack on the ground - Lucio, - who flew several feet into the air- and Zarya - who simply turned around, ready to fight. 

Reinhardt affectionately pressed a kiss to the skin just above the knee and you stroked his head in return.

“Mein Leibling,” he voice rumbled and you peered over his hair at him.

Tilting your head to show that he had your attention he continued on.

“I heard that Ana got sick,” you gave a hum, heart warming at his concern for his comrade, “I would like to make her a get well , would you like to help Engel?”

 Giving a nod he carried you to your room, craft supplies pulled out. It didn’t surprise you that he was a crafting master, though you played up the surprise when he told you. He lovingly glued a piece of light grey lace in a spiral going up to a blank card as you cut out a mug out of patterned paper. He glued the mug to the lace with a bit spiraling up like steam.

Finishing with a tag, wishing Ana to get well soon, and a string latching to the top. He gave a little tada, presenting the card above his kneeling form. You giggled and gave a questioning look to the empty red balloons next to you, golden stars emblazoning it. He pulled out a basket, already stuffed with tea and throat lozenges, and described how he was going to have a bloom of balloons taped behind it. Already seeing it it in your mind you grabbed a balloon and watched Reinhardt fill one with a single burst of air. 

Your attempts were considerably less successful, balloon barely moving with each struggle. Tears prickled at the corners of your eyes as shame burned through you, this meant a lot to your boyfriend and you couldn’t even blow up a single balloon. His large arms wrapped around you and you just breathed in his scent. 

“It’s alright Leibling,” he gently patted your back and you wiped the tears, “we can’t do everything and I’m here to help.”

Pressing a kiss to the your forehead before filling the remaining balloons. Taping it the the handle so it blossomed behind the tea and tucking the card into the basket, you picked it up.

“Ready to deliver it to Ana, Leibling?”

Giving a nod you rested your arm on his forearm, the two of you making your way to the med bay.


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