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Fox Paws is finally published! I kept images of this wrap off the internet for months waiting for fall. It was so difficult because the pattern turned out so nicely. The yarn used in the greenish sample is Knit Picks Palette, a perfect yarn for colorful projects.

The pattern uses only stripes to create the motif, as a result, the fabric is stretchy, not stiff like fairisle knitting.

It really reminds me of a bunch of tiny paws, and that is a happy thought.

To see more (like stats and yarn colors) visit the pattern page on ravelry.

Keep your skin balanced and beautiful with this easy natural homemade rosewater toner recipe

For this rosewater toner recipe I use organic witch hazel extract from Mountain Rose Herbs which is superior in both quality and potency. Their true witch hazel extract has been double distilled, and contains 86% witch hazel extract and only 14% alcohol. This makes it more soothing than most commercial witch hazel brands as it lacks the alcohol sting and scent. Learn more here.

Go here to learn how to make this rosewater toner recipe. You can also learn how to make rosewater here.

For more natural beauty recipes visit Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen here or check out my DIY Bath and Body Pinterest board here.


It is with great pleasure and happiness in my heart that I present little Dolly Tsum Tsum, otherwise known as Tsumugu Kido from Our Two Bedroom Secret.  A gift full of love for friend @cutiepievelociraptor who is utterly amazing.  She’s a talented artist, she’s utterly bootiful and she’s just a wonderful human being.

It was another long day, the tired Dolly Maker came home calling out to her little dolly companion, “I’m home!”.  She was greeted by silence.  Curious she went hunting for little Dolly Tsum Tsum.  Eventually, she found him sitting slumped in his casual clothes surrounded by strawberries, “they were on sale!” he managed to blurt out between mouthfuls of the yummy fruit, “but I had to eat them before the spoilt so I couldn’t save you any.”

“…” The Dolly Maker considered saying something, but how could she stay mad at the little dolly who sat before her, contented with his cheap bundle of yummy?

The Bridesmaid Box

Portfolio: original by me, later edited to feature on the And So To Wed blog

I’m taking a break from my Friends Series (mainly just trying to get over the emotional trauma that was Emily and Ross’ wedding), and today I’m focussing on a reaaally cute way to ask your bridesmaids-to-be to be a big part of your day.

It’s universally acknowledged that asking your bridesmaids to be your bridesmaids is a massive thing, and a special day for everyone. (I asked my mum where she asked hers, and she said “I can’t remember - I just remember there being a lot of hugs”. Helpful. My stepmum didn’t have any bridesmaids - even less helpful.) Wherever and however you do it, it’s going to be a great moment, and a great memory. With my crafty hat on however, (Ellie’s got her hat on, hip hip hip hooooooooooray), I’ve been thinking about a special way to ask.

Drum rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooolllll ppplllleeeeeaaassseeeeee…

The bridesmaid box!

It’s crafty, it’s cute, and it’s something different. Already, I love it. A box that you can give your bridesmaids, and they’ll look like normal cute presents…until they get to the bottom.

The contents:

  • Nail varnish. If you know the colour schemes of your wedding already: great, give them the colour you want them to wear on the big day. If not, nail varnishes are (luckily for us) hilariously named, so you can get one with a name related to weddings - Essie’s Trophy Wife, or O.P.I’s Otherwise Engaged, for example.
  • Lipstick. It doesn’t have to be one they’d ever wear themselves (although it’s great if they would); it’s more to create this amazing keepsake on your hen night.
  • A permanent marker - because this day will be permanently in your heart. Ayyyyyyy. Not quite - so they can write a special something on the sole of your wedding shoe on the big day. (They could be different shades of blue, if you wanted to use that as your something blue!)
  • A chalkboard and chalk - or a whiteboard if, like me, chalkboards make you feel very uncomfortable. (The sound. BLEGH). This means on your wedding day, you can have a super cute photo with you and your bridesmaids, each holding up a board with where you met on them - or what they mean to you, or a one word inside joke. (A la number 27 on this buzzfeed list).
  • A special notebook/special paper for them to write you some special marriage/relationship advice, to then put in one of these at the wedding
  • If you’re in America, you could include some personalised Yankee Candles!
  • And, a personal plug/favourite…heart-shaped tea bags. With their favourite tea blend in there, or coffee! 
  • Obviously, other miscellaneous items too. Clues to the hen party, jewellery, little tokens. Just a box full of wonderful surprises! (AND GLITTER.)

And then, at the bottom, the big reveal…however you want to do it. A hand-written note, a cryptic message, a balloon that pops to reveal your ask, a bag of confetti…an embroidered handkerchief to mop up the unconsolable and unstoppable tears of your bridesmaid who can’t fail to be moved by this incredible display of affection. 99% scientifically guaranteed.

How did you ask your bridesmaids? How are you planning to ask your bridesmaids? Let me know! 


(photo from heyletstietheknot’s blog - check it out!