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It is with great pleasure and happiness in my heart that I present little Dolly Tsum Tsum, otherwise known as Tsumugu Kido from Our Two Bedroom Secret.  A gift full of love for friend @cutiepievelociraptor who is utterly amazing.  She’s a talented artist, she’s utterly bootiful and she’s just a wonderful human being.

It was another long day, the tired Dolly Maker came home calling out to her little dolly companion, “I’m home!”.  She was greeted by silence.  Curious she went hunting for little Dolly Tsum Tsum.  Eventually, she found him sitting slumped in his casual clothes surrounded by strawberries, “they were on sale!” he managed to blurt out between mouthfuls of the yummy fruit, “but I had to eat them before the spoilt so I couldn’t save you any.”

“…” The Dolly Maker considered saying something, but how could she stay mad at the little dolly who sat before her, contented with his cheap bundle of yummy?