craft project


I made this out of pictures from old calendars and canvases that were no longer being used.
First, I cut out all the pictures from the calendar (Note that depending on the size of the pictures and canvas, you might not be able to fit all the pictures from the calendar into your collage).
Then, I arranged the pictures until I was happy with the layout of the collage. (Some pictures may need to be cut in order to fit onto the canvas)
Lastly, I stuck the pictures onto the canvas using double sided tape. Alternatively, you could use glue or whatever adhesive you prefer (just make sure it won’t damage the pictures before using it).


Easy DIY toned pages journal: 1) Get a cheap notebook, I chose Hilroy. 2) Pour a mug of black coffee into a baking tray. 3) Press the book into the baking tray and flip through the pages making sure they’re all completely soaked. 4) Hang to dry. When the pages aren’t soaking but are still damp, press the book between two heavier books to keep it flat. 5) Cut out the front and back cover from any non-corregated cardboard. 6) Place the covered side to side with a small gap in between. Use heavy tape ( I used adhesive fabric ) to attach them together. 7) Place the notebook’s spine into the small gap and close the book so it sticks to the tape. 8) Place a strand of ribbon or yarn down the centre of the open book and tie it tight around the spine, holding the cover in place. 9) All finished! If you run out of pages, you can always stick another notebook in the same way, as long as your spine is wide enough.


Have you ever wanted tour own stag beetle but had no wish to remove it from its environs? Do you have a spare pickle jar and a wish to make a craft object from paper and glue? Then this activity kit has been tailored for you!

you will need scissors, adhesive paste/glue, a bit of masking tape and a printing mechanism. You will also need a standard sized pickle jar or the equivalent.

Cut out the two parts of the beetle:

-fold the left portion of the ‘elytra’ (bottom body) over the other.

-place some glue on the upper section and adhere the two so that the small 'sensory organs’ peek out from under the head.

-the stem of section B (c1) gets adhered to the small base (c2) (picture 1).

-place a small piece of tape on the bottom of C2 and adhere it to the inside of the jar lid (picture 1)

The collar for the 'bell jar’ is section E

-it might require some extension depending on the dimensions of the jar but I recommend printing the pattern at maximum size to minimize that.

-glue the tabs to the lower bottom base seen in (picture 2)

-place the jar lid inside the collar and base (picture 3)

-place the jar over the top and screw down into the lid! 

-You now have a museum exhibit quality stag beetle display!


So if you know me in real life, you know that I have only ever had one fully functional pair of glasses at a time. Then, my entire life was shaken when I broke my only pair, which dropped me quickly into the 4am world of online glasses shopping. Then I bought WAY too many (not enough) and then had no way of organizing them. SO I made this! 

…and it involves owl ribbon. 


Makeshift Terrarium

I want to make one and put either pandas or Avengers in them!


This is my happy box, which I wanted to share with you all. Unfortunately, when I feel down, I kind of forget how to feel good again. Having a box like this makes it easier, because rather than remembering how to be happy, you just have to remember to look in the box.
Everyone’s box will be different, but in mine you can see: berry tea, gum, Chapstick, bird seed (for birds), watercolours and drawing tools, a few beads that bring back happy memories, a sudoku book, moisturising masks and pore strips, a brightly coloured silk scarf, a book with some nice advice, and a blue bag of cards. On the cards I’ve written things that help me feel better, whether vague or concrete, and I keep some blank cards in there too, so I can add to the deck when I think of something new.
As you can see, I’ve chosen objects that will engage the senses, and which leave me feeling a bit brighter. I also keep the box on my bookcase, where it’s easy to see and I won’t forget about it. This is a fun and easy project to do when you feel good, so you can take care of yourself when you feel less good. They can make good presents as well. What would be in your happy box?