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part of me wants to create an age regression “club”… not really a community, because we really don’t need another rehash of the same type of stuff, but just a thing me and you guys can be part of! i’m personally very happy being community-less overall, but it’d still be nice to get the community vibe with people i really like! it would have stuff like projects, crafts, “show and tell”… like a kindergarten classroom! you come in, hang out, then go back “home” to your community or whatever (i’m making no sense XD) 

has this kind of thing been done before…? i’m sure it has, but probably attached to communities which i wouldn’t do. i think it would just end up looking like a new community and i wouldn’t want that :P 

anonymous asked:

My niece really wants to make a little fairy garden planter. Is there a way to do this safely for us and the fae? Thanks! ✨

yeah! That is totally fine.

Honestly for the most part, stuff like that can just be a cute arts and craft project. They become magical when you place in the intent for that. 

If you’re curious about how to safely and gently introduce that sort of stuff to kids, you might check out the book A Child’s Eye View of the Fairy Faith by Morgan Daimler. 

There are many magical wards and charms that you can do to keep children safe when it comes to the fair folk. You might make a necklace pendant with iron or holy/blessed salt water. 

I made a planchette! Thanks to the person who suggested that I put the ouija board under glass! I found a glass frame almost exactly the right size for it and the planchette moves across it really smoothly.

I added a lace border that I think I might replace with something nicer. I ripped that one off a tin of sweets and it only just covers the edges and got a little torn 😞

I’m going to start making another one! This time in spring colours 🌷 pastel greens and pinks and yellows. Instead of the bat it will be a butterfly and instead of the graveyard and skeleton it will be a rose garden on a hill and posies with a picket fence 🌼  

I’m having a lot of fun drawing it up and I’ll show it to you guys once I’m finished!  💕

DIY Flower Pressing 🌸🌼

This is a super simple project for saving some springtime flowers, a bouquet you want don’t want to get rid of or for documenting herbs in your grimoire! It’s also cheap as you will have most of the items you need from nature or in your home. If you plan to harvest flowers, PLEASE do your research before you pick them. To the flowers!~

1. Gather your materials.

You will need scissors, tissue paper, flowers or herbs, a large book and heavy items to stack on top of the book (other books, weights, etc.) If you don’t have tissue paper, use toilet paper, paper towels, facial tissue, or culinary parchment paper. Pick too many flowers? Leave them as an offering or spruce up your altar! 

2. Place the tissue paper in your book and arrange your flowers for pressing.

Please use a book you don’t mind getting ruined! Some of the color from the flowers may bleed onto the pages, especially if you are using highly pigmented flowers. I use an old textbook for flower pressing. Arrange your flowers so that they all have space. If you stack them while pressing, you will end up with wrinkles in your flowers.

3. Close the book, place heavy items on it and wait.

Close the book while making sure all of the flowers still have room. Stack other books or weights on the book to ensure a good press. Let the flowers press for seven days or longer. Leaves and petals are already relatively flat so they take about a week. However, bigger flowers take longer to flatten so leave them pressed for about three weeks. 

Craft Ideas for your Pressed Flowers~

- Decoupage literally anything (offering dishes, trays, frames, etc.) 
- Make bookmarks
- Framed wall art
- Collage with other media
- Cards
- Floral candles
- Decorate your book of shadows
- Document your work with herbs


Mason Jar Holders


New item: Mini Pillows are now live in the shop! You can get either a Project Box - fabric, interfacing, stuffing and instructions included (great for an intro into sewing!) - or as stand alone prints for your own creative project ideas. I can’t wait to make a pouch with one and pair it with the matching bones or witch print. Each are hand screen printed with water-based inks on 100% cotton.

The Making of the Shoebox House, Part 2

For the further decorations, I started by sewing two pillows. I used liquid glue on the edges again to keep the fabric from fraying after I cut it.

I sewed them together with a blanket stitch and filled them with cotton stuffing.

I tried one with the stitch on the outside and one on the inside. I’m not sure which I like better.

For September’s shelves, I folded printed paper into an origami pattern…

…to get these little cubes.

For Saturday’s shelves and the kitchen shelves, I used white cardboard from a cereal box. I glued the shelves onto the walls by tilting the box to help them stay in place easier. At this point, I also glued the beach print to the inside of the lid.

Next, I printed out several book covers at a small size.

I cut out long strips of paper measured to fit inside with my cutter and glued one stripe to the inside of each book’s front cover.

I folded the paper strip in a zig zag pattern and then added glue to the back to create the pages of the book.

With that done, I added the pillows to the beds and placed them back in the room.

Then I added the decorations, adding the side table with the pin and clock again, adding books to the shelves and putting the shell and white pawn on top.

On Saturday’s side I added the magazines, flowerpot and black pawn. With these details, I felt happy about the bedroom. That only left the lower room.

To be continued.


Overwatch Papercraft Project: Genji

Wow I feel like Genji took me forever but maybe it was cause I spread apart when I worked on him so much i dunno but i’m really satisfied with how he turned out like half the time I was working on this I thought it wasn’t going to work out and he turned out so awesome ?? so yeah I’m happy~ and I learned how to fold an origami dragon! Based on the “Stoic” in game spray.

Approx time: ~8hours
Paper, glue, origami skills

Masterlist of finished characters
Genji and Hanzo side by side


Overwatch Papercraft Project: Roadhog

And here we go! My second papercraft character everyones favorite wild hog! I went into this thinking he was going to be easy and then I realized just how many details he had on him and cried haha but I really love how he turned out! Based on the “Mako” in game spray.

Approx time: ~ 9 hours
Paper, glue, chalk pastels, metal jump rings
Progress pictures
Masterlist of finished characters

DIY Mini Altar Box

There are a couple reasons why you might desire to have a mini-altar box. Perhaps you live with roommates or are at college and space is at a premium. Perhaps you are in a living situation where you can’t practice your witchcraft out int he open. Then again maybe you want a bit of your magic that you can just carry around with you.

Whatever your reason for it I have come up with a little concept for a mini altar that you can carry around with you. It is a fully customizable concept and does not need to look exactly like mine, nor even have all of the items that I include. The one I have shown is for me, specifically.

So, first things first. Gather up some supplies.

-Altoids Tin. (Or any small box, really.)
-Clay (If you don’t have access to clay, you can replace this with a zillion things. More on that later)
-Hot glue gun (Or anything that can stick one thing to another with a bit of strength. Modge Podge, crazy glue, or something similar)

-Heavy Duty Craft Paper OR Pretty Fabric. Okay, maybe both if you feel like getting fancy. 

-Green Paint
-Yellow Paint
-Red Paint
-Blue Paint
-White Paint (Okay, I’m pretty firm about the other colors but this one is flexible. All you need is a color vivid enough to contrast against the others. I suggest White or Black. But a purple paint, a sparkly one…Fluorescent pink. Whatevs.)

-A paintbrush or two
-I have some brush cleaner to keep my paints from mixing because that red craft paint can stain like heck. So this is optional. You should only need some water and a paper towel or something.
- A small round object with which to cut out little circles (I used a marker cap)

Yay! Supplies are gathered! Goodtimes.

First you may want to rinse out your box. Mine had little bits of mint in the bottom. Yummy.

Ahhhh…so pretty. Now set the box aside. Dry off your hands and get ready to work with some clay!

I did not use the whole thing! I broke off one of the pieces, like a kit-kat, and put the rest away. Kneed the clay till it becomes soft, all the while thinking about the elements and what they mean to you. For myself I thought of the warmth, health and comfort of Earth. The creativity, Inspiration, and Intellect of Air, I thought of Fire being passionate and drive, and of Water being emotional and empathetic.

When I was ready, I flattened the clay out til it looked kinda like a rustic pizza crust.

Yum! Okay, don’t eat that. Seriously. It’s not play-doh. It’s probably not good to eat, just saying. Not that I eat a lot of play-doh….


Press it out til it’s about a quarter of an inch thick. When you are ready take up your little circle maker and press out four circles (You see where this is going?)

Put away the excess clay and spread out your circles, pressing them gently flat with one finger. 

Like so! They should be slightly smaller than an american dime.

Now, the next step depends on you. I did say that you can replace these clay disks with anything else that you want. You can cut out tiny circles of paper. You can use small stones. You can pick charms off of bracelets or pluck items off of miniatures. It’s completely up to you.

But if you went with clay you are going to have to either bake it or air dry it, depending. Follow the directions on the box and get to work.

My clay took about ten minutes to harden so I let that work while I got my box prepared.

Take your paper or your fabric (I used the paper because it’s pretty and purple and I wanna save the knotwork fabric for a tarot bag) Use your box as a guide and outline the shape that you’ll need to cut out.

Note: Draw on the wrong side of the paper/fabric.

Now put those scissors to work and cut out the lining. And, if you are feeling fancy ( I was) do it again so that you have a lining for both top and bottom.

Okay, pretty. So pretty. While you are getting those little edge all snipped up plug in your hot glue gun and get to work.

When the glue is ready place a few dots on the top and press the paper into place quickly (but carefully) and hold while the glue dries. Then repeat for the bottom. It should look like this.

So pretty! Now, if you wanna dress it up a little, go ahead. add some sparkly bits, trim the edges in some ribbon or lace. Whatever, just don’t clutter up the center of the bottom. That’s going to become the base for your altar.

Now, set the box aside. If you want to imbue it with a little happiness place it in some sunlight while you work.

Okay, you should have some nice disks that are ready to get all pretty and elemental.

Break out your painting supplies and put a drop of each paint on a plate or paint dish. Now start painting up those cute little disks. A couple layers if you’d like.

Voila! Once they are all nice and dry and ready you are ready to paint on some elemental symbols. I used the traditional symbols, but you can use moon glyphs or whatever language you want.

Ignore how how weird that blue paint looks, I need better paint.

Huzzah! So pretty. Now add a drop of hot glue to the back of them and press them into the appropriate locations inside the box.

Seriously, I wish I would have neatened these up a bit. If I decide to sell these someday I’ll show you that I can do pretty crafts. I really can.

Now, here’s the part that REALLY up to you. I’m Wiccan so I include a part of the God and the Goddess in my altar. You do not have to. You can put a symbol of a particular god or goddess, a personal symbol, or whatever you’d like to make this YOUR altar. Pagans practice differently and I’m not here to make demands.

I decided to use a small piece of purple quartz for the Goddess, and a bit of carnelian for the God. I do not know if these are traditionally associated with the deities, but they felt right when I picked them up so I am going with that.

I add those to my little mini altar and voila!

Now if you want to make your altar prettier than this, have at it. I encourage your to personalize it. Make it yours. It is YOUR altar after all. Love this tiny little baby. Carry it with you, put it in your car, place it on your bookshelf to look inconspicuous. Whatever you want. You now have a tiny mini altar.


If anyone does this I would love some pictures to share, or just see. Up to you.