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For all who can’t actually buy Christmas Decorations cause they’re broke or they’re just saving up for actual gifts but love the decorate THIS IS FOR YOU!

Okay first of all that was really long and 2nd Hello, it’s Blossom. For Today’s Christmas post thingy I put together a few DIYs I found online for you guys to try! I really love Christmas time and crafting so i thought i’d try to share some things with you guys. :)

Cheery little DIY videos

More DIYs

Tutorial Here

Tutorial Here

Tutorial Here

Tutorial Here

I hope you found one you like! Pls note that you don’t exactly have to use all the exact materials used, feel free to find a better and easy alternative that works for you! 


I keep running out of bookshelf space, and I don’t have the money to get fancy ones, so I decorate my own. This is a $15 bookcase from Walmart up-cycled with some spray paint and stick on wallpaper. Add some notebooks, binders, and books and some knickknacks for decoration, and you’d never know.

Learn how to make these beautiful no-carve DIY henna and wood burned pumpkins for Halloween via Free People Blog! Pin this DIY pumpkin tutorial here for later. Then be sure to follow my Halloween DIY Projects & Ideas board on Pinterest for more great Halloween projects! 


Have you ever wanted tour own stag beetle but had no wish to remove it from its environs? Do you have a spare pickle jar and a wish to make a craft object from paper and glue? Then this activity kit has been tailored for you!

you will need scissors, adhesive paste/glue, a bit of masking tape and a printing mechanism. You will also need a standard sized pickle jar or the equivalent.

Cut out the two parts of the beetle:

-fold the left portion of the ‘elytra’ (bottom body) over the other.

-place some glue on the upper section and adhere the two so that the small 'sensory organs’ peek out from under the head.

-the stem of section B (c1) gets adhered to the small base (c2) (picture 1).

-place a small piece of tape on the bottom of C2 and adhere it to the inside of the jar lid (picture 1)

The collar for the 'bell jar’ is section E

-it might require some extension depending on the dimensions of the jar but I recommend printing the pattern at maximum size to minimize that.

-glue the tabs to the lower bottom base seen in (picture 2)

-place the jar lid inside the collar and base (picture 3)

-place the jar over the top and screw down into the lid! 

-You now have a museum exhibit quality stag beetle display!


Slow updates I know, the kids were sick followed by husband. Anyway, not a lot to do with sick kids so we did some Christmas crafts which gradually escalated in my hands… click on images for captions.  If anyone’s interested in making some of their own decorations I can post princess bases to use and abuse once this rush has calmed down a little OR if you’re in a hurry perhaps make use of the official Disney princess colouring pages of which many are easily adjustable for this kind of crafting

Happy Holiday season to all my followers!


These easy Marimo moss ball DIY light bulb aquariums make a great home for tiny Japanese Marimo moss balls and are super cute as homemade Christmas gifts! Learn how to make them here.

Never Shop At Hobby Lobby Again: A List Of Alternative Craft Stores Both Chain and Indie

Never Shop At Hobby Lobby Again: A List Of Alternative Craft Stores Both Chain and Indie

We know by now that one positive way to promote change is by making conscious purchases. We did it with a certain chicken fast food chain and now we can do it with arts and crafts. I know it seems surprising, but there are arts and crafts stores out there that value their employees! Surprising, right?!

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The thing about Hobby Lobby is that they sell literally nothing you can’t buy in every craft…

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