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Do you have any diys with ghosts

I have a couple in #ghost!

But to be extra safe, let’s throw in a couple more!

DIY Ghostie Garland

These cutesy faces can bring wicked cheer to a room. Not necessarily just for Halloween.

DIY Ghost Pinatas

Adorable spooksters that can be filled with candy then beaten mercilessly OR just as room decor. Whatever is your style.

DIY Ghost Coaster

Complete with templates and an instructional guide!

DIY Ghost Pompoms

Have extra yarn laying around? Because I know I do.

DIY Ghost Meringues

If you’re keen to take a bite out of spectral sweetness, this recipe has got you covered.

DIY Ghosts in a Jar

Last, but not least, pet ghosts in a jar! Liven up (or deaden down?) your living room, your bedroom, or maybe your bathroom, with a terrarium of death. Don’t forget to name them!

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.


11/8/2017- Pony acquisition post #449: G1 Tootsie Pom Pom Custom!

Year released: 1984

WOW! Pinkkittywinks on the MLP Arena has done it again! Just in time for my birthday, she made another amazing pom pom custom- this time of G1 Tootsie! Tootsie has lovely dark blue, pink, and white pom poms and flowing ribbons, flowers, and dragonfly accents that I simply adore! It’s amazing what life she brought to a less popular pony especially. She looks amazing with her new Pom Pom Family!!

Original Condition:CUSTOM

Flaws: none

Restoration materials: N/A

Current condition: CUSTOM


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Member(s): Jackson
Genre: At this point, it ain’t even a genre. (But it can be smutty… [although not really])
Word Count: 1951
Summary: You excitedly waited for all of the GOT7 members to come home, as you have a whole night planned for you and Jackson. A night full of fun and games. Truth. Or. Dare.

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Finished crocheting my first poncho and OH MY GOSH I LOVE HOW IT TURNED OUT! I made poofy pom poms and fringes that added a warm and cute touch to it, and the overall neutral color combinations of gray and black compliment each other so well. I even hand washed it (to the point of making my lung collapse again in the process) to where it feels super soft and smells like sweet floral waterfalls.

I’m going to make more of these for myself and others, because this poncho is too adorable. <3 I’ll take more pictures in HQ tomorrow! ^.^


Spring is finally here and like every year it was time for some spring DIYs. So why not transform my white plain room from boring to spectacular and film the progress?! And that’s exactly what I did :). So in this DIY tutorial I show 10 awesome DIY room décor ideas. All these room decorating ideas are very easy to recreate and are perfect for teenagers with either a big or small room! Which DIY project is your favorite. I love the drawers, painting and pom pom flowers since they added so much color to my room, but I love everything else too!


Today I went to Liverpool for a day out to look round art galleries and crafty shops!

I’ll be doing another post about other places I found, but Nook & Cranny on Bold Street was my absolute favourite!

Beautiful prints, lots of hand made and designed work, a pre made pom Pom station and make your own string ball fairy lights section, beautiful!

Got a crafty shop or art gallery to recommend? Let me know!

Ok!!! Here are all the mini Five nights at Freddy’s characters and ocs that I have made and OMG they are tiny!!!😆 I can hold all of them in one hand!!!!!😱 i lined them up from biggest to smallest and no surprise that Token is the biggest and Ives is the smallest. Also Bowser here to show how big they are to him.
Token belongs to Token Tiger
Chompy belongs to Eyjoey
Chuckles belongs to Mayadile
Freddy,Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy belongs to Scott ( the creator of the game)
Ives belongs to me
And Bowser belongs to Nintendo
Sorry if I misspelled a name😅 my memory is broken…