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you can't use a plastic knife as an amthame. plastic has no place in the craft

I’ll use whatever the fuck I want babe

So my friends are getting married on Saturday, Yay!

Interesting thing I found out while typing out names for table signs:

One of my friends, the Bride, her last name will be Park, but as it is now, her last name is still Weise.

And I just found out her mom’s name is Rosa.

Rosa Weise.

Of course I chuckled.

HEY YALL, me and @gabriel-fucking-agreste​ collabed to do a crossover ml/wicked project feat. mama agreste and nathalie sancoeur, here she did the lineart and I did the colors (you can find the other one on her blog it’s AMAZIng)

im so glad i got to work with her ‘cause she is such a great and cool artist and an amazing friend we met at denny’s :’)

the continuing saga of characters utilizing game items oddly in the promotional art

when i was looking at that trailer to get the screenshot of wilson and his magnificent shoulder-length hair i happened to notice something

okay so wilson hits the sharks with a shovel

but apparently

he had a ham bat the whole time (it looks more like that than like a normal piece of meat, anyway)

also this face

People who call Snape a “hypocrite” for being derisive of Tonks’s changed patronus could really use a refresher of basic human psychology.

I’d like to follow more knitting/crochet blogs now that i’ve officially started this hobby!

Like or reblog this or whatever you want to do if you post knitting or crochet or crafts etc. and i’ll check out your blog!



After weeks of reading and researching I finally felt ready to start my full Grimoire with correspondences of the Craft. I found this awesome Owl notebook with a clasp, but didn’t like the inside. So I rebound it with black pages instead. I love how the white and gold pen looks on the black background.

Considering that I was scared to make mistakes I wrote everything on black paper in small portions. I then cut them out and stuck them in the book in a new order with non destructive tape. The pages you see in these images are final versions, but initially I had the flexibility to move the loose bits around till I found my perfect layout.

It also occured to me that witches in environments hostile to the craft could use this method in extreme emergencies. If someone insists on going through your things, you can temporarily pull the pieces that contain the correspondences out and keep them in a safe place, till you can stick them back. All the reader would see would be the decorative imagery that can be seen as Artistic meanderings. Once checked, people usually don’t come back to check again. Alternatively you can just hide the notebook, lol.

I am pleased with the result and will add more to this book in the weeks to come.


State Department’s Holocaust statement that mentioned Jews reportedly blocked by White House

  • A statement from the White House Friday for Holocaust Remembrance Day raised eyebrows when it failed to mention Jews or anti-Semitism.
  • Now a Politico report published Thursday evening indicated that Trump’s administration also blocked the State Department’s prepared statement that recognized Jews and the atrocities the Jewish people suffered in the World War II genocide.
  • “A White House official said there was no ill intent, adding that the White House didn’t see State’s draft until after issuing its own statement and told State not to release its version because it came after 7 p.m,” the outlet wrote. "And the official said the White House didn’t ask the State Department to craft their own statement.“
  • According to Politico, however, as State Department officials understood it, the statement it was crafting was meant for use by the White House. Read more
Affordable Basics for a New Witch

A Wand - 

Fasten your own out of a stick from your favorite tree (don’t cut a branch without asking the tree first). Paint a chopstick with colors that inspire you and your magic. Tie a pretty ribbon to the end.

A Chalice -

Used to represent water or make offerings to whomever you choose. Find a  dish that can hold water. Find a lovely shot glass at a thrift store. Use a mug or old bowl you fancy.

Blackbook or Book of Spells -

A place to keep notes throughout your journey. Keep track of ways you feel when interacting with different magickal things in your environment and in nature. Keep track of your progress and journal what you wish to someday accomplish in your craft.

Altar Cloth - 

Use a bandana in colors you enjoy. Cut some cloth from an old shirt that doesn’t fit anymore. Paint and old pillow case.

Stones - 

Find stones that draw you in when you walk around in nature. Go to a beach and pick a few stones that speak to you. Invest in your first quartz stone, useful for almost any purpose and to develop your magick ability. Display them on a windowsill or somewhere you can see them everyday.

Jars -

Use containers found around your house. Old salsa jars. Soap tins. Match boxes. Decorate them to your fancy with stickers, paint, or markers.

! Tips !

- Gather things for your environment. Pick up rocks, sticks, and feathers from a walk through nature. Bring a jar to the beach to take home some sand.

- String goes a longer way. Macramé your stones to hang them around your room. Tie closed notes for yourself or your friends. Braid strings and tie them around your jars for decoration or for labels.

- Salt is useful for all starts of spells starting off, as it’s cleansing property makes it easier to start fresh in any environment. It is also cheap and can be found in most households.

Remember that beginning anything is difficult. Don’t give up, and never let physical objects stand in your way. Send out good vibes and they are sure to come back to you.

~ Selenite