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the selection of photos steve's team chose to put up is a mix of professionalism, genuine friendship, and teamwork. they are all carefully selected. and then you have all the other pictures of louis portraying louis as lazy and a mess. both crafted images and only one is what a PR team should be doing.

I know, it’s so sickening and frustrating for us, imagine for Louis and people who actually care about his career and image. That’s why I am glad at least Steve’s team is around.

One Time..., LMM/Reader

Prompt: Lin is an upbeat theater camp counselor. You are anything but.

Words: 1,350

Author’s Note: I love anything to do with a young Lin, so this fic was basically a #dream. (One time, at theater camp…) In researching this I found out Lin and Bradley Whitford (Josh from West Wing) went to the same college. Wesleyan is breeding my favorite people, apparently. Technically not Sunday for me yet but everyone else is posting so let me jump on this train.

Warnings: Nah.

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“Y/N, look at my mask!” Ashley, an eight year old first year camper, skipped up to you to show off her sloppy painting job, beaming with pride.

“Wow! Interesting color choices!” You smiled back, which was enough praise for her to return to her seat.

“What, not a fan of Commedia dell’arte?” A fellow counselor questioned, sliding up next to you after finishing his rounds around the room. You’d never caught his name before then, but your mind labeled him Mr. Sunshine.

Simply because it seemed the Sun shined out of his ass.

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Because witches needs reminding:

I think this needs to be said:

Baby witches, you’re allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. No one should expect you to be perfect coming into your craft, no one should expect you to know the in and outs of witchcraft while coming into your craft.

 If you mess up, that’s fine. I have trust that you will all learn from your mistakes. No one should yell at you for something you genuinely had no idea about, no one should shame you because you lacked the knowledge necessary to know something at the time.

 Yelling at someone for an honest mistake never, ever solved anything, and I’m slightly irritated that the tumblr witch community has resorted to that to get their point across.

 So one last time: BABY WITCHES YOU CAN MAKE MISTAKES. BABY WITCHES YOU WILL MAKE MISTAKES. And honestly that’s super okay, because I know you will all learn from them.

 If you see someone making a mistake and they genuinely have no clue what they are doing, educate them politely about it. Don’t shout at them, because trust me, that scares people out of communities.


I can’t wait to learn more about the parenting skill and its consequences. I hope it’s as complex as the vampire skills are! I hope there are more results to the parenting than just a simple good or bad.

Other stuff: all the school projects and crafts (!!!), toddler messes, toddler biting, tucking in children, teen acne, teen swearing! (OMG I can’t wait to play Ryanne, she’s gonna be so bad, lol!), journals, packed lunches, place settings, the chore chart! All the homework and kitchen clutter! Cute bathroom stuff.

I am pleased so far. Can’t wait to learn more!

JUST CAN I SAY that the grunman-mustang-elric line of mentoring when it comes to reputations means so much to me. by which i mean:

grunman is a shrewd, calculating ambitious man who masks his true self by appearing to be silly and frivolous and easily distracted. roy was serious and forthcoming about his emotions and political views during the ishvalan war, but i think it was under general grunman that he learned that crafting a devil may care, harmless air was more beneficial than being honest and forthcoming. and ed was the same i think, serious and intent with his goals when he first joined military, and he had his moments of childishness, sure, but he was on a serious mission and he took himself very seriously.

but what if he saw mustang, and he knew what mustang had done in the war, if not specifically, could see the wariness he was greeted with - and saw the way that wariness gave way to incredulity when mustang acted like an idiot. ed is very, very clever when it comes to people. he picked up on roy’s ambitions by the end of his state alchemist assessment with bradley. so i think it’d be pretty easy for him to pick up on how people relaxed around roy and didn’t take him seriously because of his reputation and how that actually made it easier for roy to get away with a ton of crap.

so ed does the same - he’s a child soldier, emphasis on child, talking too loud, making a mess. he crafts the reputation of always being too much trouble, bratty and annoying and a terrible subordinate. and the brass leaves him alone. people go from envying roy his child genius to pitying him, and ed always, always completes his mission. just in the most destructive and immature way possible, and no way in hell is that an accident. ed is playing a delicate balancing act for both al’s safety and roy’s.

ed does this by being brat, just like roy does it by pretending to be a ladies man and grunman does it by pretending to be an old coot. but actually all three of them are incredibly ambitious, focused, powerful, clever men.

but putting all them in room together produces the biggest headache in the world, because until they drop they’re guard they’re just straight up obnoxious with each other, grunman waving fans about and roy waxing poetic about imaginary women and ed pouting and shouting and stomping his feet

then like a switch being flipped they’re intent and sober and terrifying like few other people could ever be

just. some hilarious and scary shit all wrapped up in one package, and a method unintentionally passed down to now encompass three generations of dangerously powerful morons

#6 ➸ Luhan

“Are you wearing my shirt?”

The hall light is extinguished as Luhan closes the door. He kicks his shoes off, throwing them to an unknown area. His eyes all but open as his sock feet slide across the room. A curse escapes his lips when his little toe hits the metal legs of the sofa. With scrunched features Luhan resumes his walk only to trip over your laptop charger, crafting a mess of sound that sets his feet at full speed to prevent the item from falling, “Fuck fuck fuck”.

Once he’s certain the laptop is going to stay in place, he shrugs himself into your bedroom. It is the creaking of the bed that narrows his eyes toward the barely enlightened vision of your mess of locks popping into view. Your still dim bedroom makes it difficult for Luhan to catch a good glance at you, however he manages to distinguish the familiar piece of grey fabric covering your torso; one of his puma shirts. The shirt you slept in every night he was away.

You loose a deep sigh that paints Luhan’s smile wider. You’re not only wearing one of his shirts but you’re wearing it to sleep and you look so… so damn breathtaking. Which is a solace for the long and stressful day he had. Luhan can withstand mobs at train stations, busy schedules, even the required flights for his new film if he’s coming home to this

To you.

Luhan doesn’t bother to undress, he doesn’t mind sleeping uncomfortable; all he wants is his grip to return around your waist as you bury your head in his chest. He spent so many nights clinging to a silly and cold pillow that now that he has glimpsed your small figure swathed by soft warm sheets, he can’t control himself.

Tenderness crinkles his mouth when his name leaves your lips in a whisper. His sleepy stature softens a bit as he crawls above the sheets to you, fingers wiggling over your wrist to wrap your arm around his neck and draw your forehead under his chin. Pursed lips pressed on your head as he murmurs tiredly, “I’m here babe”.

But you’re still asleep, clutching the material of his shirt between your knuckles to hold onto him as you mumble amid dreams, faltering the notion that he is back, “I love you”.

Contest WINNERS!!

JUDGING THIS CONTEST WAS REALLY HARD AND BEING IN TRANSIT MADE PUBLISHING THE RESULTS EVEN HARDER BUT HERE IT IS, WE GOT OVER 100 GREAT ENTRIES. however we soon realized that many of you are burdened with the curse of being TOO CREATIVE. even tumblr hobbyists who go out of their way to be as uncreative as possible still manage to be more successful than some theatrical movies, and i think thats beautiful. above all i hope with was a good exercise in how to not create a narrative.

THIRD PLACE: NIGHT OWL by @sh2nurse​!

The masterfully crafted mess of a story really struck a chord with us, in that it honest to god sounds like a very real cheap bizarre film we would uncover from the bowels of imdb. So congratulations on crafting something so incohesive its believable to exist, something like Spider’s web: A pig’s tale or Cinderella: Once upon a time in the west comes to mind, personally. also the kevin james segway bat is great.


Congratulations, we feel like this pitch really encapsulated the laziest, most stale, generic children’s animated movie that could be made today. You really succeeded at isolating the generic alleles from a movie’s genome and incubating them in a festering petri dish of G rated mom viewers. You could not pay me to see this movie in theatres. I think i would fall asleep halfway through watching it, and that deserves my praise.

FIRST PLACE: CHEEZED OFF by @synthaphone​!!

We felt like this entry could really be a real B+ movie with a competent budget that could actually exist. The kind of movie that barely tried, but was a huge miss and still bombs at the box office, in other words the kind of bad movie that really fascinates us the most here. The main character really looks like the most grating kind of bad and I already know i’m going to hate him irrationally throughout the film, so congrats for accomplishing that.



The judging process for this was so hard we very quickly agreed we just had to give out special mentions to our other finalists.

BORNEO by Anonymous(please come forward you magnificent person) as zoology nerds, this entry struck a personal chord. Just the premise of white tigers being released into the wild and an evil tiger-eating orangutan is amazing and makes me weep. also the effort put into the dvd sleeve was incredible.

HUSTLING VERMIN by @ apersonplaceorthing. i love the character models so much, its just so endearing and very reminiscent of over the hedge

ROCKIN ROBIN by @draconym i love these birds, theyre so bad. the girl bird is amazing, however we were hesitant to give a place award without a write up. also my mom who loves minions said it was ugly so thats a positive achievement.

MAXWELL DOGGINS by @sasquartz that pug…and that lady..they are beautiful

A PLATYPUS TALE by @itoruna-the-platypus we really loved this one and genuinely enjoyed the designs, however we felt that platypuses are TOO ORIGINAL

BIRDS OF A FEATHER by @finimun​ again feels like a bad movie that could really exist, im thinking something like the tier of free birds. we actually liked the idea of the hunting dog villain, for like, an actual interesting idea which inherently made it less generic though.

PAY DIRT by @mongoosefangs we really like the designs and terribly cliche evil corporate plot, but the commentary is definitely my favourite thing. 

RUFF LIFE by @joshnewberry, @kludges, @kittybf i really admire the effort that went into this, considering it took 3 people and 3d modelling. i also love the dan avidan, however i cant see how a movie starring dan would be anything less than amazing (my mom saw this entry too and asked if it was a real movie so congrats on that)

HIGH STAKES by @psychicpumpkinpi​ very great generic story, i especially love the writing for the female love interest, you nailed the trope good job.

CONCERNING PRIZES, personally i would love to do a stream as i make the prizes, however that means it may take more time for them to be out, so i guess its up to you to decide

WOW, HELLO NEW FOLLOWERS!?!? There are a lot of you all of a sudden! In case you arrived because of Yarn Slav and have no idea what the rest of my blog is about, here is a basic rundown of what to expect:

  • This is my Voltron sideblog (my main is SwagaliciousSquids)
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Important Note: I don’t craft. This is not a craft blog. I am, in fact, a hot mess at crafting. My mom crafts, but this is not her blog. If she makes any more cool Voltron crafts, I’ll be sure to share! But mostly I reblog cute content and post my fics/headcanons/playlists. If you have Slav crochet questions, please refer to this post,

Aaaand that about covers it, I think! Enjoy your stay and don’t be afraid to chat with me. I love getting fic prompts and random headcanons and song recs from my followers. <3

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I went to the gym on Saturday night and there was a father with his kid there. The kid would periodically follow me and try to ask me questions while I was working out. I was so irritated by the fact that out of all the typically kid-free spaces I occupy, this one had to be invaded as well. Kids don't go to the gym!!!!

I am feeling this so much right now. Is it just me, or are more and more places expected to be ‘family friendly’ as time goes on? Adult-only sanctuaries are shrinking nearly as fast as the rainforest. 

I tried going to an art gallery last weekend. That’s a mistake I won’t make again. The place was overrun with kids doing craft activities, making a mess and loads of noise, and the cafe was littered in juice cartons and tiny yoghurt pots. Everywhere I went, there were enormous prams in the way, kids running and dancing, shouting, yelling for their parents’ attention. Most of them didn’t even register there were paintings to look at on the walls. They were just experimenting with the echo in the high ceilings, hooting like monkeys as they sped up and down the stairs, dripping juice everywhere.

And they had a poster advertising special learning sessions for under-fives. 

Under-fives! What are three-year-olds going to get out of an art gallery? What could the sessions possibly be about? Comparative Portraits of the Italian Early Renaissance? Constructivism in Art and its Influence on Contemporary Architecture? Or, more likely, Crayons and Which Orifices They Will Fit In.

And the worst part of all this?

Nobody seemed to care but me. Nobody seemed to think this was strange or out of the ordinary at all.

I can’t tell you how many restaurant meals we’ve had ruined by the sudden arrival of frenzied children and their apathetic parents. My husband and I now keep a mental list of places we can’t go, because people have decided it’s fine to take their noisy herd of offspring there. Nice, expensive places, too. Places we thought would be havens. The list is growing by the year. 

People just don’t seem to care anymore that their kids are noisy and disruptive.

My mother would have been mortified if we’d caused a ruckus in a restaurant when we were young. We would have been whisked out of there at the first disgruntled screech, buckled firmly into the car and taken home. 

No, actually - I tell a lie. We wouldn’t have been taken there in the first place. 

When I was young, there seemed to be a shared belief that the world is for adults, and that adults deserve not to be bothered by naughty children. Some spaces were only for grown-ups. Restaurants, pubs, art galleries, particular movie times. Hell, my mum didn’t even take us into nicer shops. She didn’t inflict us on other people. My mum knew that by nature, as children, we were likely to be noisy, destructive and high-energy, and that we didn’t belong in certain places, where we would inevitably disrupt the room around us.

Now, it seems pretty different. It’s like everywhere must be not just open to families, but family-friendly. Family-orientated. Craft sessions, discount tickets, cartoon mascots and a big tacky gift shop.

You find this about everything now. 

Last year someone told me, “Christmas is all about the children, really” - is it? When was that decided? Why is a seasonal holiday, experienced by everyone, now supposed to be all about spoiled western six-year-olds and their ever-expanding toy collection? Wasn’t there something about peace on earth and goodwill to all men at one point? No matter; so long as Timmy gets a nice big pile that looks good on Instagram.

I know I sound like an old grump here… pining for the days that children were required to live underground, and not utter any noise or sound at all until their 18th birthday.

But seriously, the gym? The art gallery? Is nowhere sacred?

If things keep going this way, I will see you all at the back of my local lap dancing club. I’ll be there with a latte and a book, asking the young ladies if they wouldn’t mind turning the music down a bit.

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Huh? It's impossible for there to be a mine craft reference in 2001, because 2001 came out before mine craft, unless they messed up and meant mine craft references 2001.

That’s the joke! They said that 2001 stole the quote from a minecraft video when in all reality the minecraft video was quoting 2001.