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the selection of photos steve's team chose to put up is a mix of professionalism, genuine friendship, and teamwork. they are all carefully selected. and then you have all the other pictures of louis portraying louis as lazy and a mess. both crafted images and only one is what a PR team should be doing.

I know, it’s so sickening and frustrating for us, imagine for Louis and people who actually care about his career and image. That’s why I am glad at least Steve’s team is around.


Class Appreciation Week, Day 1: Favourite Character

“That’s not even the third weirdest thing I have seen this month.”

While April resents being perceived as nice and Tanya struggles with the fact that her age sets her apart and affects how the others see her, Ram tries to craft an image for himself, fit for Coal Hill’s arrogant star footballer. But it’s a sloppy attempt, at best, of a boy who assures “I shag around!” after taking a leap into a world of shadows with only one look back, to think of his father.

Ram mimes the bully, but picks on the only boy in the school whose reaction to his taunts will only be light bewilderment. Even if he doesn’t appear to care much about his academic performance, when his insecurities surface, he suddenly becomes a stickler for detail - it’s a “meteor of truth”, after all. Ram isolates himself from others and doesn’t even seem to have friends on the football team, but the second he begins to open up, we see just how much he cares. He might remain abrasive and likely to lash out under pressure, but that does not make him any less loyal, brave or smart. And with all these contradictions, he is firmly the hero of Class. And imperfect, rash hero. With so much love to give and so much depth to show for it.

Hillary Clinton is a woman who has devoted her whole life to civil service, particularly for women, children, and minorities. She is the most qualified person to ever run for the office of president, and yet tonight she’s on the edge of losing that because (white) men have spent years crafting an image of Hillary that is not Hillary, and that is the only image that’s been shown to the public.

Let that sink in.

A woman, more qualified than any other man before her, is about to be brought down by lies and slander. People trust the words of men more than the action of women. And if you don’t see something wrong with that, then I don’t even know what to tell you.

I think this is a painful reminder that it is impossible to know any celebrity if you are just watching from the outside. It’s a reminder that yeah of course people are going to say you’re a great person. How many of us publicly badmouth our co-workers after all? And who would do that when your livelihood is tied to theirs? What are the people who work with Sam and Cait really going to say? It’s also a good reminder that these people are actors and are extra good at giving people what they want and figuring out ways to get ahead. It’s a reminder that these people have a crafted public image to make them as appealing as possible to as many people as they can. In Sam’s case I have wondered for a while if the romantic, loyal, respectful, one woman man schtick was actually part of the crafted image. Given that his fanbase is almost entirely 30 something women and up it would make sense to play this up and give these quotes about not liking long distance relationships and wanting to share the day to day with someone. We all go ‘aww he’s so sweet’ so why not make that his public persona? I have wondered if the hot mess back in fall of 2014 was maybe the real him and when they saw the reaction to that they came up with this other plan to present him as the Barbour man who craves privacy and has no desire to do the Hollywood scene and would never try to steal someone else’s girl and doesn’t only deal with women who are 10 years his junior. I think this is a sad, yet useful reminder that we are always being sold something by the Hollywood crowd and that ultimately we are just collateral damage; a means to an end if you will. I mean we have said it time and again in regards to Sam and Cait: better together. I think they are accutely aware of how much more attention and good will they garner when presenting themselves 'together.’ I know going forward I am going to be a lot more careful when deciding whether or not I want to buy whatever a celebrity is selling me. So thanks for that…I guess.


[Image Description: A pair of binoculars decorated with pink, purple, and blue ribbon, and pink and blue rhinestones]

For @mga-creative‘s Visibility prompt - though it could also work for the Puns prompt: A pair of Binoculars! Now you, too can see bisexual and biromantic people from great distances! All previously invisible bi people will be rendered visible to anyone using these binoculars. In addition, any bi people who use them will be able to see other previously invisible elements, as well as viewing the world through a bi pride filter and locating the door to the magical realm of Bitopia. Also, things that are far away will look like they’re actually close up.

I actually finished these a week and a half ago, but then work ate me, and then I got sick, so I didn’t have the time or energy to post the pics until now. Anyway, I’m on the mend and my stress levels are greatly reduced, so I should have the next prompt and roundup post ready to go as re-scheduled.


hellomaphie thank you for the idea I made my own Galaxy in a jar this morning :3 this is so fun and so easy to do ! And I’m so happy with how it looks! This so cute :33
Here is the link to her video :