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Ways to Strengthen Your Magic

Every now and then, magic can fade. In order to keep it strong and healthy, you have to exercise it. Of course there will always be times when something else is more important than your craft, but there is always a little something you can do to keep it going.

-Whisper an incantation over your lil’ cup of tea.

-Pray to your deities as you fall asleep at night.

-Carry a tiny crystal in your pocket.

-Scribble a quick happiness sigil on your arm before school or work.

-Give your pets some treats you have bewitched.

-Recite affirmations when you get ready to go somewhere in the mirror.

-Light a stick of incense while you’re cleaning or just sitting around.

-Add little thoughts to your grimoire.

-Sleep with your tarot cards.

-Play some witchy music.

-Set out a couple jars to collect rain water.

-Cleanse your home while cleaning.

-Set aside at least one day a month to devote entirely to your craft.

Hope all of you guys enjoyed and if you’d like more ideas then feel free to request! In the meantime, have fun and happy bewitching!


DIY bespoke flower crown

By LadyLand

Getting married soon? Use inexpensive baby’s breath (gypsophila) to make a beautiful floral headpiece, perfect for yourself, or your bridesmaids. It’s unbelievably easy, plus you can dry it afterwards and use again for festivals or fancy dress. Here’s how:

1. Take the longest stem of baby’s breath and pluck off all the flowers except the very end bunch.

2. Next, take a small bunch of the removed flowers and tape them to the stalk, close to the top bunch. Repeat all the way along the stem, fastening the ends of the previous bunch as you go.

3. When the stem is completely covered, bend it into a head-sized circle and fasten the ends with tape, tucking any remaining stem back into the crown and taping to secure – this will give your crown extra strength.

4. Fill any gaps with more flowers, then wrap a length of wide satin ribbon all the way around the crown in between each bunch of flowers.

5. Fasten the ribbon ends into a bow. Et voilà! Your flower crown is complete.

Know Nothing About Tarot Reading? Pfft!

If you are relatively new to Witchcraft, don’t worry. Interpreting tarot cards and even just finding where to get them is a lot simpler than people make it sound. Although you could always go for the complicated, tedious, mystical way of reading tarot cards, you honestly don’t have to. So here is my very, very, VERY long spew of tarot advice. Hope all of you find something helpful in here and if you have any questions at all, just message me!

Tarot cards don’t have to be tarot cards. What? Long story short, what I mean by this is that you don’t actually have to use flat out tarot cards for your divination. All you really have to do is go to a nearby dollar store and pick up a standard deck of playing cards. Yep, it’s that simple. Using them may be a tad bit different from regular tarot cards, but there is no doubt that you will be able to use them as every bit as efficiently as tarot cards. 

If you aren’t satisfied with some playing cards, that is perfectly okay. Finding a real deck of tarot cards isn’t that difficult. First look for a nearby pagan store. It can be any kind of pagan store really, because any of them will most likely have some. If you don’t have access to any pagan stores, then you can easily find a deck online. Here are a few good tarot sets:

-Luminous Spirit Tarot Deck by Labyrinthos

-The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck by Kim Krans (available on Urban Outfitters)

-The Prisma Visions Tarot Deck by James R. Eads

-Spirit Speak Tarot Deck by Mary Elizabeth Evans 

-Vessel Oracle Tarot Deck

Once you have acquired a decent set (around 35 or more cards), you can begin the process of bonding with your deck. Yes, you could just start right from the get-go, but nothing truly inspirational will begin to happen until you have mastered the personality of your specific deck. By the way, it is perfectly fine to have and use multiple decks, but make sure they are well-equipped for the job. 

Moving along, here is my advice on getting to know your deck. Spend time with it. You won’t truly understand how it works and flows until you can understand it’s specifics. Some tips to get to know your cards:

-Play with them. Shuffle the cards, ask a question, and pull out a random card. Just hold the deck in your hands and feel the edges, their texture, their material, how they fold and move.

-Look very closely at their images. What do they depict? What do the pictures mean to you? What do they represent? Focus on the colors, name the shades, figure out which ones are your favorite.

-Breathe in the smell of your cards. What do they smell like? What does the smell remind you of? Is it nostalgic or unfamiliar? Do you like the smell? If you don’t, learn to listen to your cards. Or just spritz some lavender spray on them, or whatever herb you like.

-Sleep next to your deck. This one may sound a little weird at times, but it makes sense. You will fall asleep with your cards in mind, therefore allowing you to mull them over all night long. When you wake up, they’ll be the first thing to greet you, and you’ll be reminded of them yet again.

-Use your cards for basic divination. Start with asking questions, playing little games, and whatnot before you move on. Then, work your way up the scale. Begin predicting little things or feelings you will experience throughout your day, ask more complex questions, and so on. Eventually your cards will age and develop some trusty experience, therefore readying them for more serious and difficult magic.

After bonding with your deck, it is all primed and ready for magic. 

Each deck has it’s own personality. Some are tricksters, others are gentle and compliant, while yet others are sassy and temperamental. Some decks are frustrating or angering at first, and that’s okay. Once you bond with your deck over time, you will be able to manipulate it and control it’s wildness. Once you can predict your deck’s next move and determine what it means, you are ready.

What are you ready for? Deep magic, of course. Predicting long-term events, strengthening your magic even further, challenging your mind and soul, and so on. Work your way up the food chain of divination until you can confidently say that you know exactly what you’re doing. Have fun and happy bewitching!

Witch Tip/Crystal Tip

If you have any Selenite lying around, you should probably know that this lovely little crystal can be used to charge other objects! Other crystals, amulets, talismans, sigils - it is a good universal charger; set it on top or beneath whatever it is you want charging and et voila! 

Advice for Baby Witchies!

-You are amazing no matter what type of witch you are.

-Just because you haven’t been a witch as long as others does not mean that you aren’t every bit as awesome.

-Be careful not to take any practices or traditions from closed cultures.

-If you can’t keep a succulent alive, it’s perfectly fine.

-Being a witch does not mean that you have to dedicate your every waking hour to the craft.

-Don’t be afraid to ask a fellow witch a question. We’re here for you!

-You do not have to be a part of a coven. Solitary witches are a thing.

-Your altar does not have to be towering and overflowing with herbs and crystals and giant tomes. It can be in a mint tin, in your closet, in a box under your bed, whatever.

-Buying tons of expensive herbs is not necessary. Witchcraft can be expensive, but it most certainly doesn’t have to be.

-Witchcraft can be woven into every little thing. Making breakfast, driving to school or work, braiding your hair, making your bed, anything.

-Don’t let other witches pressure you or make you feel inferior. You’re bomb!

-It’s okay if you don’t feel up to doing any Witchcraft sometimes. It’s not the only part of your life.

-Support is key. We’re all here for one another. Embrace it.


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