craft fair booth


Hey guys! 

So I guess I took a bit of an impromptu hiatus from tumblr for a bit without intending to. 

Back in the summer I applied for a couple of Holiday markets, without really thinking I’d get into any of them (they were really big name markets) but somehow I got into both. 

and of course, this led to a mad rush to figure out a display and booth and build it over the past month, while still making things to sell. 

But here’s my final booth display! I’m insanely happy it worked out.  (◠‿◠✿)

I was a crazy good market (the second one especially) and as of today I have sold out of 98% of my etsy items. Over 60+ items of various sizes are all gone, which is amazing! 

Now on to finish the last commission before Christmas and then I have about 45 octopus hat requests to fill. 

Providence Art Festival

Last Saturday I had quite an exciting day at the Providence Art Festival!

It was nice using some new things in the display, including my TriSERIFtops banner, new tent, paper chains, and new cards. My new “Greetings from Rhode Island” card was especially popular.

Providence is an awesome city, it was a lot of fun exploring the surrounding shops and cafes with the very little free time I had. I Even had a couple wholesale inquiries from local places, so I’ll be sure to update here and on Facebook when my cards are officially available in RI.

Not only was the fair fun and successful for TriSERIFtops, but it was also an incredible day for me personally, because I got engaged that morning! So scroll down to see mine and Scott’s super happy post-proposal photo. :)