craft crush

Desire Me Spell

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • love for that someone
  • voice
  • dandelion rose or daisy

Start by thinking of you and them together laughing holding hands etc. Now imagine them at night in their bed sleeping rocking them self from one side of the bed to the other smiling, saying your name over and over.

Imagine them suddenly alone in a dessert. They is sitting on the ground, then suddenly they says your name out loud. Suddenly the dessert turns into a lovely garden and in the middle of it is yourself glowing like the sun. Imagine them running to you with longing in their face, when they reach you imagine them kissing you lovingly. 

If you want the person to desire you comely and have them to have more then just a huge crush imagine them doing lots off things like you being the center of their universe etc. Now chant this spell with flowers in hand: 

Earth fire water air make him love me forever fair. 
May (their name) desire me night and when I’m close or far away. 
oh blessed be, make them love me and think of me forever more. 
they must dream of me when their asleep think of me when their awake.
 love me desire me to no expire. 
earth fire water air answer my loving prayer. 
must be mine. they will. be. mine. 
desire me (their name) desire me!!!!

Phantom Troupe: Day Off

Chrollo: Walking trough the city to find new items to steal or wasting his time in a library or museum. 

Uvogin & Phinks: Crushing men’s confidence at the gym and arm wrestling with them. 

Machi and Kalluto: Joining the craft club and also crushing people’s confidence for their own amusement.

Nobunaga & Franklin: Chugging down beer and judging random people. 

Feitan: Making dark themed art on walls and stealing new art books. 

Shizuku & Kortopi: Spending time at a record shop. 

Shalnark: Beating people at the arcade.

Bonolenov: Seeing different kinds of tribal antique stores. 

Pakunoda: STOLEN CREDIT CARDS OUT! She’ll shops till she drops. Not only for herself of course, but also for the other spiders so that they all can be hella fabulous at the club later that night. 

Spell To Forget about an Ex-lover

This spell is done best at the time of the Waning Moon or New Moon. It is not done to get rid of a former partner, but to exorcize your bad feelings about them. It is sensible to finish the spell by sending loving thoughts to them. Woody nightshade is poisonous and you may not care to use it, in which case you can use a bulb of garlic.

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Photograph of your ex-partner 
  • Suitable container for burning the photograph 
  • (one in which the ashes can be saved) 
  • Root of bitter sweet (woody nightshade, which is 
  • poisonous) or a bulb of garlic 
  • Red cloth or bag

Place the picture of your ex-partner in the container. Set it alight.
Gather up all your hurt and pain as the picture burns down. Feel them flowing away from you as you say these words or similar:

Leave my heart and leave me free 

Leave my life, no pain for me.

 As this picture burns to dust,

 Help me now, move on I must.

Repeat the words until the picture is burnt out.
Taking the herb root or garlic, hold it first toyour solar plexus.
Allow the bad feelings to flow into the root or garlic. Touch the root or garlic to your forehead, indicating that you have converted the bad feelings to good.
Wrap everything, including the container ofashes, in your red bag or cloth.
As soon as convenient, bury it as far away from your home as possible.


Having a bubble bath early in the morning whilst Ashton is downstairs with your baby girl would be the only time you would have time to yourself and not have to care for another persons’ needs.

The honey coloured mop of curly hair would be holding a squirming toddler in on arm and a precariously balanced tray in his other. With a wide, genuine smile, he would offer you the tray of breakfast food and close the toilet seat to sit down with you.

Ashton would become worried when you would simply stare at him without saying a word or blinking, eventually you would ask  “Wait, here? In this bathroom?

His head would tilt to the side as he would furrow his eyebrows before nodding unsurely at you. Shaking your head slowly you would take a bite of the toast as your daughter would come ambling toward you with a hand-crafted card being crushed in her chubby fist.

With a lot of gurgles she would thrust it into your grasp and instantly praising her work you would look down and read the ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ on the card in a handwriting that looked suspiciously looked like Ashtons’.

Standing up, you would let the bathwater run off your body before grabbing a towel and wrapping tia round your body as you stepped out of the tub. Placing a simple box in Ashtons’ hands he would open it and gasp as he would pull out the postiive pregnancy test.

His nose would scrunch up and a wide dimpled smile would creep up his face as he would take your hands in his and smiling, he would press kisses to your wet face whilst giggling in happiness.