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Collaring demo.

From @gus_thepothead_ - Many people have been asking me about collar pulling. It’s a wonderful technique to use when the clay is beginning to stress out or become too thin/wide towards the top. The key is to have a very wet surface, you need your hands to slide freely, as you compress. I start towards the bottom, compressing the base, then move your hands in unison, upwards, narrowing the cylinder as you move. Don’t be afraid if it wobbles, it’ll straighten itself out when you reach the top. If you have any questions, or want to see anything else, let me know. Hope this helps :) #collarpulls

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Kurapika - Yorkshin City outfit (Part III: Completing the Vest)

Part I HERE.
Part II: Completing the Skirt HERE

( L O W E R  C O L L A R  B A N D. )

The first thing we did was the easiest part - the lower band of trim on Kurapika’s vest collar. 

Pinned that strip down…

…and sewed it on.

Keep in mind we had a strip of craft foam inside the collar so we ended up sewing through that. Luna mentioned that sewing through craft foam can sometimes produce an unpleasant noise akin to styrofoam blocks rubbing against each other, so prepare earplugs if that bothers you. However, that didn’t happen this time, probably because we were going really slow with the machine.

( P A N E L  D E S I G N S. )

Luna made and painted the panel designs on her own before we met up.

Like the infinity symbol, it was tab gluing hell.

JESUS CHRIST, LUNA. I don’t know how you survived this without flipping a table.

Pinning while looking at a reference…

…and now it’s time to sew!

Sewing the designs on was possibly the biggest test of patience ever because we had to go VERY slowly and I ended up doing this weird dance, moving to the left, right, or back of Luna to hold the material in place. 

Alas, the designs didn’t 100% meet where they were supposed to, but that was the area we were covering with trim so we just moved on.

( Z I P P E R. )

I was scared for this part given our zipper headache when we made the skirt, but thankfully it went smoothly.

Because the vest has trim around the edges, we didn’t want to attach the zipper directly to it. Luna cut out a thin strip of poly poplin and made a zipper base.

Here it is with the zipper base sewn on to one side. Poly poplin will fray a ridiculous amount but since that part is on the underside/won’t be seen, we didn’t really care. The zipper we bought was also too long so we shortened it.

( S T U F F E D  T R I M. )

Saying ‘stuffed trim’ just makes me think about the stuffed crust of a pizza… I should not be writing this post so close to dinner time.

The one interesting thing about Kurapika’s Yorkshin outfit is the difficulty level changes depending on the design. You could make it with all flat trim, or go the extra mile and attempt something poofier. As you can see, Luna and I are total masochists. We were feeling very good about the cording-filled trim on the skirt so hey, this should be easy, right? /cue nervous laugh of despair

Learning from last time, we put the cotton cord inside the cloth, pinned, and then sewed it shut.

Attaching stuffed trim to the skirt wasn’t that difficult since it was just a simple circle. 

However, the vest trim was different beast altogether. To make things even more painful, I made the call to attach it in one continuous snake instead of doing it in sections all because I wanted to avoid extra seams (you can still make it look good by doing it in sections though; silencedrownsKurapika cosplay is a good example).

Below is an outlined diagram of the path we followed.

1. We decided to start at the point of the vest in the back and go up the left shoulder first (when I say left/right in these steps I will mean the orientation when you’re wearing the garment).

2. Next, we came down the outer edge of the left panel (on the front side). Then we came up the inner edge of the left panel. Corners are really tricky; when you’re going around the vest point, make sure your stitches are as close to the pinned down part as possible, or you’ll get a hole once you try flipping the stuffed trim out. 

3. Once we reached the top edge of the collar, we went around the collar. This part is super annoying and really hard to make sure it’s not lumpy. All I can say is HAVE PATIENCE AND GO SLOW.

4. After clearing the collar, we went down the inner edge of the right panel and up the outer edge.

5. The last part is go over the right shoulder down the back and finish where you started. Rip out a few stitches if you have to, tape the cord together, cut excess cord, and close up the stuffed trim and finish attaching it, you know the drill.

Starting up the left edge in the back…

…and coming down the front of the left panel.

The first time we went around a corner, we didn’t sew close enough to the pinned portion so there was a tiny hole once we tried flipping the trim out.

You’re going to get LOTS of excess material, especially around the corners. It’s going to be tempting to cut it off as you go but wait until you’re done attaching all the trim and satisfied with how it’s attached.

Attaching the cord ends in the back. Geez, look at all that excess (Luna cut it off herself later).

One final thing Luna did was glue the inner edge trim on the panels (the trim surrounding the zipper) down so it’s not flapping around exposing the zipper.

Kurapika’s entire outer layer is DONE!!!! 

When we first finished, we were a bit disappointed since we went crazy nitpicking on the details that didn’t go perfectly according to plan but after setting the costume aside for a few days and looking at it with fresh eyes, it actually exceeded our overall expectations. I’m still not over now nice the bias tape looks.

I was super excited to finally try it on. Kind of sad I didn’t bring my wig over to do a proper costest but I’ll do that once everything is finished (I’m not wearing the correct shirt and shoes in this pic, but the closest I had at the time).

And the best part is it fits Luna too! Two cosplays for the blood, sweat, and tears of one amirite?

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Roaman’s Polo Long Sleeve Ultimate Tee

I’m submitting this not for the hideousness of the shirt (which is nothing special), but for the ridiculousness of the text describing it.

The product description from the One Stop Plus website

This alluring plus size tee offers generous comfort and a variety of soft colors.

  • This flattering plus size top is gently shaped, sitting closer to the body for a beautiful fit
  • Effortlessly falling to about 30" from the shoulder, the low hip length provides stylish coverage
  • This knit tee features a stylish V-neckline which is designed to flatter and shape generously for an effortless fit
  • Features a carefully crafted polo collar, creating a perfectly proportioned shape that lays beautifully
  • Short sleeves are generous in length, giving you the coverage you want
  • The shirred sleeve caps creates a beautiful feminine silhouette that’s ultra stylish
  • The curved shape of the set in style of the armholes lets you move effortlessly
  • A generous sweeping straight hemline gives you an effortless fit
  • Side slits are ultra stylish and flattering as they provide easy movement and breathability
  • Six clever buttons adorn the front of this plus size top
  • Soft polyester knit is durable and alluring
  • Machine wash
  • Made in USA or imported

I noticed that the words “effortless,” “flattering,” “shape,” and “style” (or variations of those words) reoccur frequently in this blurb.  The third bullet point even gets a bingo, with all four words appearing.

And “alluring”… I mean, it’s a polo shirt. Why are Roaman’s barfing up purple prose about a polo shirt? They have a captive audience of people who need to get polo shirts in 2x-5x at less than $25 each. Their only competition for this market is Women Within, who as far as I know are owned by the same parent company, and Old Navy, who only go up to 4x.

And FYI Roaman’s, no side slits in the world will make a polyester shirt “breathable”.

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editor’s note: i want whatever plus size AI generated that description to ghostwrite my fat romance novel- ‘effortless breath: an alluring tale’

p.s. i still think “woman within” is the worst name for a plus size clothing company ever in history. there’s a WOMAN within all that fat ! an honest to god WOMAN !


The 2015/16 FC Barcelona Night Rising kit will debut on-pitch against AS Roma on September 16 and will be available from and in stores starting October 1.

Barça proudly unveils its latest uniform design, which evolves the club’s famous blau, instantly identifiable in the traditional home colors, into an electric shade of the blue. The addition to its kit line-up is befitting of a club steeped in rich heritage yet renowned for forward-thinking and innovative football. A black ombré graphic accentuates the striking blue, blending from the cuffs of the short and shirt. This striking blue forms a powerful block of color across the shirt and shorts, with a black stripe running along both sides of the kit from underneath the armpit down to the hem of the shorts. During night games, this effect accentuates the players’ physical presence underneath the floodlights. Black socks with dark grey chevrons on the calf further this powerful framing of the body, with socks in the kit’s bold blue also available in cases of color clashes.

Homage to Club’s culture

Fine detailing on the shirt honors the culture of the club. Inside the lightweight crafted collar is FC Barcelona’s renowned motto Més Que Un Club (“More Than A Club”) – also imprinted in large letters on the seats at the Camp Nou. The Senyera, the Catalan flag, sits on the right sleeve and signals FC Barcelona’s pride in and deep connection to the region. Names and numbers are in a unique typeface for FC Barcelona, informed by the sentinel chimneys of Antoni Gaudí’s modernist masterpiece La Pedrera – an architectural icon synonymous with the city of Barcelona. This kit represents visually powerful football apparel designed with style, the culture of the club and performance in mind.