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hi guys so my girlfriend’s name is blue sargent and this is why i love her

  • she accidentally became a vegetarian she just isn’t fond of meat so she eats so much yogurt and salads and totally packs fruit kebobs for lunch,,, what a nerd
  • she has an emergency sewing kit
    • henrietta high school legend says if you say “blue sargent” and spin around three times in the girls bathroom she’ll walk out of the stall and have the exact right button to replace the one that got ripped off your sweater
  • literal embodiment of “aesthetic or die”, she’d choose overheating in the middle of a virginia summer over ruining her look
    • “blue you look like you’re gonna pass out”
    • "i’m sorry, i misheard, i think you meant i look fucking great”
  • her guilty pleasure is 90′s boy bands she loves *nsync and backstreet boys and totally knows all the bad dance moves from the music videos
  • she’s tone deaf though can’t carry a tune to save her life but sings loud and proud anyway
  • she has a gap in her teeth just big enough to be noticeable, it whistles when she’s trying not to laugh
  • she’s a mug hoarder that brings tea up to her room but has like twelve mugs on her window sill from forgetting to bring them back down
  • her dad’s a fuckin woodland nymph so she’s ridiculously good with plants and her vegetable garden is the envy of the neighborhood
  • she’s a dog person she walks dogs as a job because she gets paid!!! to spend time with dogs!!! she loves it so much
  • once whipped out her switch on a boy twice her size for catcalling and scared the living daylights out of him,, attitude makes up for height and this girl’s got plenty of it
  • she’s not a bad student but she does get asked to leave class for sassing her teacher’s or telling them theyre wrong
    • “[insert historical figure] was gay”
    • “ms. sargent please don’t”
    • “history is so fucking gay you don’t understand-”
    • “please sit outside for the remainder of class” 
    • *cue deep dramatic sigh from blue*
    • the teacher called maura, who laughed her ass off and hung up the phone
  • she was riding her bike home one day and was late because she got distracted talking to a homeless guy while waiting at an intersection and she bought him some mcdonalds and played cards with him
  • LOVES stargazing so much, persephone taught her the constellations when she was little
    • when she misses her she goes and sits under the stars with smelly tea, wearing a pair of persephone’s socks. she feels closer to her that way and it hurts a little less.
  • the gray man didn’t teach her how to fight, calla did.
    • by the time calla is done with her blue can flip ronan on his back
  • speaking of ronan him and blue are best friends i don’t make the rules these are just facts
    • she has dream hair clips that change color
    • she sewed pockets into all his jackets for chainsaw
    • theyre combat boot buddies
    • she is Tiny and rides on ronan’s back or shoulders
    • she has literally taken a running leap and jumped on his back while he was in the middle of a conversation and he didn’t falter in the slightest
    • he rips up clothes for her so she can get that Punk Aesthetic
  • she gives the best hugs on the planet she is a tiny lady but will pull you in so tight and you can rest your head on her soft hair,,, wow
  • her nail polish is always chipped it lasts like an hour tops
  • there’s always kids running around the house and she is so good with them, playing tag, teaching them crafts and cool friendship bracelet patterns and she wears all the ones they make for her
  • you think ronan cusses up a storm? blue could give him a run for his money the girl’s got a mouth like a sailor
  • loves yoga but only knows like 6 poses that she does over and over, calla judges her
    • “blue why are you laying on the ground”
    • “im doing yoga. its called corpse pose. leave me alone youre fucking up my zen.”
    • corpse pose is a lie it’s literally laying on the ground 
  • that’s about it
  • my girl is a dorky feminist hippy and i love her
  • she deserved better
  • :))))

Hello everybody!
Some of you may know that I’m struggling a lot right now, I’m facing eviction and homelessness, my food stamps have gone way down, and I need gas money to get to and from class. I lost to my job due to cutbacks and where I live it’s really hard for a young person to find work. However being the person I am I hate asking for handouts or donations or any sort of help with out giving anything in return, so I’m trying to sell most of things (I’ll have to get rid of it if we lose the house anyways) as well as some of my handmade things that I’ve sewn/knitted/crocheted, including my hand woven bracelets. If you can help me at all, a quarter, a dollar or two, I’ll send you a bracelet, and if you want a different color or pattern then just ask and I’ll oblige! I hate doing this because I hate asking for help but I don’t have a lot of other options currently. If you can’t help then please reblog and signal boost. Message me for my PayPal and to give me your address and let me know if you’d like to see anything else I’ve made, thank you for the support and I love all you guys 💗


Wavy Leaf & Blueberry Bracelet Tutorial > 


Colorful Rainbow Bracelet Tutorial >
This bracelet looks good from both sides and its easy to make.


DIY Macrame Fishbone Bracelet with Beads >

DIY Easy Twisted Friendship Bracelet

Make the easiest friendship bracelet ever by tying one knot over and over again. The button closure makes this a cheap and easy summer DIY for every age group.

My friend Hannah loves to make friendship bracelets of all kinds. She made this really short video for my readers, showing how to make this colorful twisty friendship bracelet.

For more friendship bracelets of all kinds go here or see these roundups below. 

Lucky Charm Bracelet

When you were a kid you may have worn a charm bracelet with tiny symbols that represented you interests or achievements. The symbols on the magick charm bracelet you make in this spell, however, represent your desires and intentions. keeping these symbols in your immediate energy field makes the bracelet work, well, like a charm.


  • A silver or gold link bracelet.
  • Small charms that can be attached to the bracelet.

Best Time to Perform the Spell:

  • Any time

Choose a bracelet that appeals to you and that can hold as many charms as you have wishes. you might want to wear a metal that relates to your goal. Silver embodies feminine qualities and corresponds to the moon. Its energy is receptive, intuitive, emotional, creative, and works through the power of attraction. Gold signified masculine qualities and relates to the sun. its energy is assertive, direct, logical, and works through the power of action.

Select charms that hold meaning for you and that depict your objectives. If your goal is to attract a lover, a heart is a apt symbol. A car or airplane might represent travel. Wear as many charms as you like. Add or remove them over time as your intentions change. Remember to wash your charms before wearing them, to get rid of any lingering energies left behind by other people who may have touched them.

“The Modern Guide To Witchcraft: Your Complete Guide to Witches, Covens, & Spells,” by Skye Alexander


Since the finale of Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans season 2, I was feeling emotional and it is indeed a tearjerker. I do love the series so far and it leads me to have the itchy feeling of ideas to make Atra Mixta’s woven bracelets. I did use the materials i have and be creative on it. I only made two which are Mikazuki Augus’ blue bracelet and Kudelia Aina Bernstein’s white bracelet.

I took pictures of my masterpiece of them including my plushie of Chibiterasu from Okamiden wearing not only one but two. Again I love Iron Blooded Orphans and I was happy to make the bracelets based off the anime series.

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