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If you walk down to the highstreet today you're sure of a nice surprise...

There are plenty of little highstreets around where we live, some looking a bit shabby, outdated or even vacant. Yet when you look closer there are such a wealth of industrious little communities actively engaging with their built environment. Such was the case when we turned up on market day to New Milton and discovered guerrilla knitters had been hard at work during the night. Craft ninjas indeed given the quality of the pieces! 

We’ve previously lived in Bristol so are no stranger to seeing creatives reinterpret the visual landscape but things have moved on a bit since the days of Banksy and spates of initial yarn bombing. This was Craft Bombing from creative locals ‘wanting to spread a bit of handmade love’ (BBC NEWS

There were plenty of surprises to discover to include sandcastles, bucket & spades, pebbles, pompoms (with an obligatory seagull or two) looping their way across the high street. These pieces were created from a group from an independent local craft shop called 'Handmade New Forest’. It highlights how effective 'grass root’ campaigns can be in brightening up public spaces and getting the public to engage with their daily environment. A personal favourite had to be the bike with its oversized butterfly!

Other work to be discovered included bees in trees, pom pom hats for letterboxes and lighthouse bollards. The results of this work was that people were smiling in surprise as they milled around the market and conversations were sparked with unknowns similarly appreciating the work.  Surely it shows how public art and creativity has its place in making up the places we inhabit so they aren’t just impersonal repetitions up and down the land?

I made lemon shower fizzes yesterday!
1/4c corn starch
1/2c baking soda
Water-a few tbs to help mix
1tsp lemon extract
Yellow food coloring
1/4c water
1/4c corn starch

Add these all into a bowl in this order,combing as you go and then press into molds and let sit for 12 hours. For my molds I used snack plastic bowls that I found in the 1 dollar section of target.

I keep seeing that post about gathering plants in open world RPGs and you know, it would actually be pretty cool if there was a game with that premise. 

  • You play as a botanomancer and set out on an adventure to find and catalog the rarest plants in the world. Like a plant Pokemon master.
  • Some NPCs require your help, “My daughter is sick and this flower in the swamp can cure her! Can you find it?”, but you wouldn’t need to do side quests to progress in the game. It’s mostly just about exploration. 
  • You  choose a specialization like poultice and potion making or necrobotany or crafting toxic bombs and poisons or just good ol’ nature magic to help you defeat some enemies or some of the more unruly sentient flora. 
  • Later in the game you get a familiar who can help you in your search for plants. Dogs have evenly balanced stats and find almost all types of plants with average success, cats are better at finding herbs, birds find seed and fruit with greater success, the truffle pig is particularly adept at rooting out mushrooms.
  • You could create a little shack with a garden that would let you grow your favourite plants.
  • Maybe end game could be to find some lost greenhouse at the farthest reaches of the world that houses plants believed to have went extinct thousands of years ago.
  • Botanomancy RPG 2k15.

In the few hours of spare time I have these days I’m making a sword out of cardboard and papier-mâché, hand-painting a T-shirt for a friend’s Ellis (Left 4 Dead 2) cosplay and turning an old bottle into a bile bomb (L4D2 as well)…

and holy shit do I love it!

I haven’t been that productive in months and I really need this rn. Crafting has this awesome ability of calming me down even when I had the shittiest day of them all!

I don’t find much time to do these things atm but when I do I’m probably the most content person on this planet ^_^

These hand crafted bath bombs are lightly scented with real lavender essential oil and made with no artificial colors or scents. A real rosebud is nestled in each one, to be released as the bomb dissolves into your bath.

Each box contains two bombs- enough for one luxurious bath, or two restful foot-baths.

Just add them to your hot water after the bath has finished drawing, and let them fizz and bubble and fill the water and your spirit with soothing lavender and rose scent. They also leave the skin feeling soft and smooth, nourished and hydrated. Each bomb is made with all natural ingredients and are hand crafted in small batches- please excuse some irregularity in the surface!

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Want To Make Pom Poms For #CraftBomb (As Part of #‎VolArtsWeek‬ )? We Sell The Clover Pom Pom Maker!

If you are wanting to get involved in the ‪#‎CraftBomb‬ events for ‪#‎VolArtsWeek‬ and you fancy making lots of ‪pom poms‬ to hang around the place then we have just the thing you need….a Pom Pom maker by Clover. It is just £6.62! 

You can read more about the Voluntary Arts Week Craft Bomb event by visiting their website -

Sewing-Online is based in Nottingham, if you are too, you may like to pop down to Burton Joyce Library between 2pm and 4pm on the 6th May as they are holding a free pom pom making event, ready for the pompoms to be displayed in their library from the 17th May as part of Voluntary Arts Week.

There are CraftBomb and Voluntary Arts Events going on throughout the country and you can see all the event listings here.

Everyone loves pom poms as they are quick, easy and fun to make. Plus it is a fantastic way of using up left over balls of yarn from your previous knitting or crochet projects. Us crafters are all the same, we never like to waste anything!

Back in January 2013 I wrote a blog post dedicated to Pom Pom Projects so if you are looking for a bit of inspiration about what to do with your pom poms once you’ve made them, please have a read of my post.

Of course you could just string them up and they will look beautiful and cheerful but maybe you could try turning them into a wreath or fashioning them into a bouquet of flowers?

If you do decide to buy our useful pom pom making gadget…the Clover Pom Pom Maker you might be needing some yarn to use with it. No worries…we sell that here

Voluntary Arts Week runs from Friday May 15th which is Craft Bomb day up until 24th May.

Click here to order your pom pom maker from our online sewing shop,

Tyler, The Creator Speaks On Lil Wayne & Kanye West Collaboration "Smuckers"

Tyler also discusses working with Charlie Wilson. Tyler, the Creator recently conducted his second interview since releasing his latest album, Cherry Bomb, on Los Angeles radio station 92.3 with Big Boy. Coming off of two weekend performances at Coachella, Tyler says that his show caught the attention of Rihanna at the Indio, California music and arts festival. After doing a comedic interpretation of the pop star, Tyler says he told her, “I thought the show sucked, but I’m happy you and your friends liked it.” Later in the interview, Tyler talks about crafting Cherry Bomb. “I will never make a song better than Stevie Wonder’s ‘Where Were You When I Need You,’” he says. “I have to make something good like that and that’s what pushes me. The fact that in my head that I will never make a song as good as that, that’s what pushes me. I always push myself harder. I’m trying things and trying to be better.” As for working with Lil Wayne and Kanye West, who are both featured on “Smuckers,” Tyler says teaming up with the two veterans was “cool.” “It was tight,” he says. “They know what era of them I appreciate, so they brought that onto the song that I have with them. It was just crazy to hear me go back-and-forth with Wayne…When I went in with Charlie Wilson, that was dope. For him to trust my melodies, and my runs.. and for him to nail them was crazy.” Watch the full interview below:

For more Tyler, the Creator coverage, watch the following DX Daily:

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