craft beverages

Day Twenty-One

-A baby challenged me to a staring contest. Not only did the baby win, but I did not see the baby blink a single time for the entire three minutes he was at my register. I hope one day to have that resilience. More than that, I hope it wasn’t actually a doll.

-A little girl rolled through with her parents. She had on cat ears, a cat tail, and cat paws, all of which she had taken from the Halloween aisle. She repeatedly told me, “I’m a kitty!” and meowed. This is, without a doubt, the sweetest child on Earth. 

-I handed a woman a coupon for a discounted Starbucks drink. She looked at me, visibly confused and distraught. “How do you hand-craft a beverage?” she asked me. I had no answer for her. “Guess I’d better go find out,” she whispered, mystified, walking towards Starbucks. I hope she found the answers she was looking for.

-The other cashier and I both had only one guest in line. A woman walked down my lane, took a look at me, and decided that she would be done quicker if she went to the other lane. Unfortunately, the guest in the other lane had been there for quite a while and was not leaving any time soon. I rang up four guests before the woman was able to be helped. She made eye contact with me from the next lane and, with a look of deep shame on her face, picked up her items and came to my lane. 

-A woman came through my lane. She had on an unrealistic wig and repeatedly let out a laugh as fake and unsettling as her hair, and she bought nothing but a large amount of makeup. It is now official. The lizard people are among us, and they use debit cards.

-I met a man with the most immaculate mustache I have ever seen. It extended from his face at the ends, and I fully believe that with mustache-wings that pristine, he could take flight at any moment. 

-A mother asked her son who was barely old enough to speak if he would hold her keys. He clutched the keys in his small hand and whispered, “Got it.” This is a man who I would trust with anything.

-A woman in a purple felt jumpsuit and a cape walked in the store and went directly to guest services, then left. All I want in life is to know her story.

-An elderly woman was shocked by the card reader. “Machines that tell you what to do,” she mused. “Who would ever have thought?” I did not have the heart to tell her that I learned the majority of my life skills from WikiHow. I only hope she is better prepared by the time the robot uprising begins. 

-The sweetest little girl in history initiated a game of peekaboo with me. She was so happy to be playing. I teared up as her mother wheeled her away, and immediately began planning a family of at least eighty children because I have never felt happier in my life.

-A woman wore a shirt with the caption “Ain’t No Place I’d Rather Be” within an outline of the state of Tennessee. I could not find it in myself to tell her that, as of seven miles ago, she is no longer in Tennessee. 

-Three transactions in a row rang up at $45.00, $23.23, and $15.15. Today, I am truly blessed.

-A woman told me in great detail of her scheme to purchase $100 of Cards Against Humanity decks without her husband knowing. She has clearly been planning this for a while and I am glad that I was able to be a part of this.