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I have two  cleansing bags currently available in my shop!, getting some more up in the next few days but go grab these ones while they’re available! i’ll be running out of this spacey fabric soon! 


IT’S FINISHED! And not a moment too soon. Today was the last day I was able to work on it.

My sister’s getting married this Saturday, not to mention her birthday and Christmas are coming up soon too. She’s briefly in town from North Carolina for the wedding, so I thought I’d roll up a combination present for her! We both like the Hobbit so I decided to make her a miniature to decorate her new house with <3

This was so much fun to make!! It came out smaller than I meant it to, which is why the door, steps, and gate are all slightly wrong sizes… but I know she’ll love it anyway. The dimensions (without the tree’s height) is about 6″x4″x4″!

This is my first miniature scene and I think I did great! Let me know what y’all think!!!


5 DIY Emoji Projects You NEED To Try!


The beginning of my huge ass Grimoire

I call it… THE BAG SHOT.

Which is a pretty awful name for it to be perfectly honest. 

Super fun weekend craft project - The Brute Shot weapon from Microsoft’s Halo games as a huge canvas bag. I learnt to sew zippers and linings and straps! You have no idea how many times I almost got that strap wrong…

Made with: thick black canvas with acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium for the face. Large plastic double zipper. 50mm thick black webbing. Orange satin lining with interior pockets. Interior stiffening made of thin fibreglass poles and heatshrink. Black sharpie signatures on the blade courtesy of Matt Hullum, Burnie Burns and Geoff Ramsey (they thought the bag was wonderful XD )


My other craft projects:

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5.11 Rush 72 Bushcraft/Bugout Bag, with Westen Bundeswehr Klappspaten (West German Army Folding Shovel), Council Tools Wood-Craft Pack Axe in Maxpedition Universal Baton/Flashlight Sheath.