craft and folk art

Wreath of Flowers with lithograph of Jenny Lind
Artist unidentified
United States, c. 1850
“Tinsel Painting”:Reverse painting and foil on glass and paper collage
28 ½ x 24 ½"

Tinsel paintings are reverse paintings on glass with smooth or crumpled metallic foil applied behind translucent and transparent areas; when viewed in candlelight or gaslight, the effect was one of shimmering highlights. In the first half of the 19th century, tinsel painting was taught and practiced by young women.

OK! I’m in total awe!
Take a closer look! Are you seeing the detail in this stitching?
Courtesy of Brenda’s Needlepoint Studio

Design by Susan Hoekstra, called Feuilles d'Ananas (Pineapple Leaves), is a study in values requiring 11 different threads from dark to light.“ Brenda chose a different pallet for her block. Rather than the yellows of a pineapple, she worked with this incredible combinations of blues.