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Candy + Crafts = Awesome

When Japanese Twitter user Overtime Queen noticed the resemblance between Ultra-string Q gummy candy and yarn, she decided to postpone eating it and try knitting with it instead. Each piece of the citrus and soda flavored candy measures 126 cm (50 in) long, so she bought 15 packages - amassing roughly 18.9 meters (62 feet) of gummy candy and set to work knitting with a pair of chopsticks, using a standard stocking stitch (18 stitches across), resulting in a lovely scarf that’s 100% edible.

There’s no word on whether or not Overtime Queen ate her crafty confection, but she did resport that the process of knitting the gummy scarf made her hands smell delicious:

“My hands smell like citrus soda and cola! They smell so good!”

After working on it for three hours, the completed scarf measured 25 cm x 15 cm (9.8 in x 5.9 in), and weighed 450 grams (1 lb). It may not be a long scarf, but it’s still completely awesome. We’d like nothing better than the opportunity to take a big bite out of it.

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The Color Thesaurus for Writers and Designers from Ingrid’s Notes. The color blocks represent white, tan, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, green, brown, gray and black. Really interesting blog I’m going to pass onto writer friends. In her short bio she writes,

I have an MFA in writing for children and young adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts, and an MFA in screenwriting from Chapman University. I created this blog to share what I’ve been learning about the writing and publishing industry.

Here are more infographics writers have found useful:

Cross Stitch Pegboards | Craft & Creativity

No matter what you call them - hama beads, ironing beads or perler beads, these boards are incredibly fun. Not just for kids, you can make your patterns and create your own art. I adore the bottom patterns - very Cath Kidston - and I think they’d make great coasters. Look for the beads in the kids section of your craft store, and make sure to pick up a pegboard too!


If you’re looking to make a Harry Potter-themed Christmas tree, one of the trickiest yet most important details to nail are the floating candles that so spectacularly decorate the Great Hall of Hogwarts. Jen Yates, creator of EPBOT (previously featured here) and her husband John have come up with an awesome way to replicate those enchanted candles and they created a step-by-step tutorial so that you can do it too.

The candles are battery-operated with the top and bottoms removed. Faux wax drips were added using hot glue and then the candles were painted and artificially aged. The magical floating effect is achieved by attaching the candles to the ceiling with lengths of clear fishing line.

Click here for the complete tutorial.

For even more Harry Potter-themed DIY Christmas goodness, check out the beautiful Golden Snitch Ornaments that Jen made last year.

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This awesome four-legged costume is called a “Stilt Spirit” and it’s the haunting handmade creation of Indiana-based artist Melissa Irwin and her husband Garen. Inspired by the Land Striders from The Dark Crystal as well as the anime films of Hayao Miyazaki, they built a pair of these phenomenal costumes for Halloween back in 2010. Irwin’s stilt suit costume was created using extra-large medical crutches for the arms and circus peg stilts for the legs. They used upholstery foam and fabric to pad and decorate the costumes. The impressively creepy white mask was the perfect finishing touch:

We tried different faces and masks, but nothing seemed to creep out people more than the blank and expressionless human face. On Halloween we stand in yards to pretend like we are decorations then follow families down the street. FREAKS THEM OUT!!! We also walk in our town on random days in the year just to surprise people. : )

Click here to watch a short video that includes both a time-lapse creation process as well as fantastic footage of Melissa and Garen walking around in their stunning costumes.

Irwin didn’t follow any sort of pattern when designing her Stilt Spirit. But the response to her creation has been so overwhelmingly positive that she’s since put together  a set of downloadable instructions and a tutorial for creating your very own Stilt Spirit, currently available via Melissa Irwin’s Etsy shop.

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Last year we shared a tentacularly awesome Octopus Hairpiece created by Australian artist Kirstie Williams (deviantARTist Deeed). Williams received such an enthusiastic response to her creation that she began taking custom orders and has since opened an Etsy shop called CuriousCephalopods where she sells custom Octopus Fascinators with luxurious ringlet tentacles that use a wig clip to securely attach to either a wig or your own hair.

CuriousCephalopods has just a couple color options in stock at the moment, but don’t fret. Williams reports that she’s got all sorts of materials on order and will soon be making more Octopus Facinators in a variety of colors. She’ll be taking specific color commissions as well.

For now you can check out previous versions Williams has made over at her DeviantArt gallery.

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