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Some thoughts on being a fanfiction writer

1) Never let anyone tell you that being a fanfiction writer is bad. The Bronte sisters wrote fanfiction about the Duke of Wellington and they just happened to also release beautiful books like Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights - it’s not a new art form, and it’s not a bad quality one either. 

2) Fanfiction is a great way to write when you don’t have your own characters yet. Simply being able to say ‘what if this happened’ and then write it gives you a real understanding of plot, and more flexibility when it eventually comes to the world you will create. 

3) Fanfiction allows you to write lots and lots of words without even realising what you’re doing. Did you know the first Harry Potter book was 76, 944 words? If you can write near that amount, imagine what you could do if you created your own universe. 

4) You have been practising your craft all along. Even if you started recently, you’ve been practising and improving your writing. Read the first thing you ever put up and read what you’ve most recently written - I bet you’ve improved. 

5) However, you are not limited to writing fanfiction, no matter how hard it can seem to break free from the limits you have put on yourself. You want your own world to play with, but you feel like you don’t have the creativity to do so. Sound familiar? Well you’re wrong when you say you don’t have the creativity to create your own world. 

6) You’re comfortable with characters you are familiar with, right? Well, become familiar with your own characters. Start simple - what do they look like? What’s their name, what age are they, what’s their job? Imagine what they’d do in situations you’re in. With a little bit of work, you’ll be as familiar with them as you are with your fanfiction characters. 

7) Maybe making a world is harder, but you don’t need to begin with your own Hogwarts or Middle Earth. Set it where you live, and if you get bored of that, then set your sights higher. The only limit you have is your confidence. 

8) Let other people read it. The chances are, with your fanfiction, you’ve posted it somewhere and people have read it and given you feedback. There’s no reason to stop that now - show a friend, put it on a blog, send it in here, or you can even send it in to literary magazines and journals. But spread your work so you can get feedback. 

9) You don’t need to write a novel. Start with a bit of flash fiction, a short story, or in fanfiction terms, a one-shot. But if you want to write some original fiction, starting with a novel can be daunting, so start small and increase to that. 

10) You can still write fanfiction. Writing isn’t black and white between fanfiction and original work, and it hasn’t been for years. Did anyone else watch Death Comes to Pemberley or Dickensian? Just because it’s on tv doesn’t mean it’s not fanfiction, and just because you have the capability to write your own stuff doesn’t mean you can’t write about other worlds any more. As they say, the only limit is your imagination. 


Some of the sweetest, smallest pups at Pheasant Fest + my PF haul! (Minus the Whisky and coke I drank there bc of course there’s a bar that opens at noon at a hunter convention lmao)

Craft charms are fun (Craftsman needs no tools is in my top 5 of most fun charms, but it’s not relevant here). Even more so when you combine it with the impatience of the young.

So Wen’s been tasked with leading the construction efforts of a castle for the nearby city, since the local nobles and the citizens and countryside in general has been feeling unsafe lately, so everybody wanted to just get some sort of visible defensive presence. And she recently ended up leading efforts to make a bathhouse for everyone in the city which proved popular enough so why not ask her to build a castle too I guess. 

After about a season’s worth of constructing, by which I mean initial work like clearing the area and lay some foundations (and rolling 26 successes on 23 dice), and despite the roll interval being 1 year, thanks to charms she can cut that down to a week. Meaning that she could feasibly be done in maybe 3 weeks after laying the foundations with a target number of 40.

Apparently this raises a lot of eyebrows however.

Doesn’t stop Wen from wanting to do it since it’s clearly better the faster it’s built for everybody involved and really who wouldn’t want a local castle with fancy towers and lights to admire during the evenings?

Sidenote: Since Wen’s house outside of the city has been dubbed “Stardew Valley” from taking in various people the group rescue or reform from their criminal ways and become farmers and Wen’s own venture at farming and now making a garden out of it along with a workshop disguised as a barn. The castle’s name will be “Stardew Hold” methinks.


‘York Way’ photo series by Jim Eyre for Minimalzine.

‘Everyday, these beautifully crafted machines park themselves along York Way patiently waiting to collect and deposit their passengers. Everyone of these coaches proudly and confidently displays their team colours for all to see. Sadly, the vast majority of us choose to ignore these public exhibitions in favour of punching in on time. This is a real shame because when these bold and unique patterns work in unison with the vehicle structure, they create a fascinating visual spectacle, which has become a piece of daily inspiration for me.

Because I am moved to Photograph them daily, I wanted to share these public displays of colour and pattern with you in the hope they inspire you like they do me.’ - Jim Eyre

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Pairing: Keith/Lance

Keith’s not the healthiest guy on the planet. Sure, he forgets to eat a few meals here and there. And the meals he does eat aren’t the best. Although, he never forgets about coffee.

He loves the bitter drink more than anything else and Shiro’s breathing down his neck to cut back. Keith hadn’t listened to Shiro’s warning when he had said he’d get him banned from the Starbucks conveniently across the street from his apartment.

So now he has to walk a couple of blocks to get coffee, from a small shop he’s never even seen before. The thing he notices when he walks in is that it smells the opposite way coffee tastes: sweet.

The shop is homey. It’s small, but has a cozy feel to it. He takes in the hand made crafts along the walls, the mismatching chairs and tables. Everything about this place screams family and Keith pulls at his shirt uncomfortably.

There’s a small thump and Keith turns. A boy about his age is at the display by the window, his back to Keith as he bends down to pick up a box.

Keith’s eyes unintentionally find the guys ass and he clears his throat, cheeks burning red.

The guy turns, a steak of white running across his cheek. He smiles and Keith tries to fight the blush back under.

“Hi! You ready to order?”

“Um,” Keith nods lamely. “Yeah. Just uh, a large coffee. Black.”

“Ooh, tough guy.”


The guy, who’s pegged as Lance from the pin on his apron, shakes his head as he heads for the cash register. “Nothing, don’t worry about it.”

Keith pays and waits for his coffee, watching as Lance pours it into a small cup. He seals it with a lid and hands it to Keith with a smile.


“You too.”

Keith sucks in a breath and Lance laughs. Humiliated, he ducks his head and makes a beeline for the door.

Keith’s dying. Not actually dying, but he hasn’t had coffee for a week. He could’ve bought some from the store and made his own, but he’s terrible at making coffee.

So he goes back to the small cafe. Lance is there again and he greets him upon arrival. Keith nods, mumbling his order: a large black coffee.

Keith pays, Lance pours his coffee. And when he hands it to Keith, he takes the cup and Lance grins playfully.


Keith’s not going to say it. He’s not- “You too.”

Lance, one again, laughs. Keith, once again, ducks his head and rushed for the door.

Keith’s back the next day determined not to embarrass himself in front of the cute cashier again. He knows how it’ll go down once he’s inside.

He’ll order his coffee, pay, watching Lance pour him a cup. He’ll hand it to him with an adorable grin and tell him to enjoy, and Keith will say thank you, and not you too.

Keith pushes open the door a little too hard and it slams against the wall. Lance jumps from the counter, head whirling around at the sudden noise.

Lance watches as Keith grabs the door with both hands, carefully closing it and turns. When he meets Lance’s eyes he burns brighter than he had been before.

Great, Keith thinks to himself as he hesitantly approaches Lance. So much for not embarrassing myself.

“Let me guess,” Lance says when Keith gets to the register. “Large black coffee?”

Keith nods and hands him the money mutely. His plan had failed and he’s barley on step four.

Lance pours him the coffee, seals it, and places the cup onto the counter.

Keith knows what he’s going to say, because he’s said it those times before. And he’ll be cool about his reply. He’ll make sure that he won’t humiliate himself.

“You’re blushing.”

Keith’s mouth moves before he processes Lances words. “Thanks.”


“I-I mean,” Keith sputters, taking the coffee and bites his lip. “Um, I’m.. sorry?”

“Sorry?” Lance says. “Dude, the only reason you should be sorry is for not texting me.”

Keith blinks. “What?”

“I wrote my number on the coffee cup the last time you came in. And the time before that. Right now, too.”

Keith looks at the cup and squints. Lance’s chicken scratch shows on the side. “Oh. I thought that was a part of the cups design. I mean, they don’t even look like numbers because of how messy they are.”

Keith hears himself swallow as he looks at Lance, who’s struggling to stop himself from smiling.

“Well, how about this. You give me your number then?”

Keith nods as Lance pulls out his phone. He nervously takes it, praying that he won’t drop the thing as he taps in his number. God, he hopes he’s getting the numbers right.

“Your names Keith?” Lance takes his phone back and Keith nods. “I like it.”

“Thanks,” Keith backs away to the door. “I’ll, uh, see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah. See you tomor-”

Keith’s already out of the door, cringing when it slams shut behind him.

June 5 pt. 2 // Draco Malfoy

Request: Can you write another draco imagine?? Can it be a dirty with his pureblood girlfriend?!? Thanks!! PS I really love reading all your stories don’t ever stop love!

Aww Ilysm, I mixed two different request because who doesn’t like birthday sex ;)



You dragged Draco along with you to your dorms and you noticed the nobody’s in the common room at the moment. There was always this red couch and you always wanted to make love there, but since it’s Draco’s birthday, you needed his approval of it first.

“Wanna make out on the couch?” You asked. He didn’t reply, but all he did was pull you close one more time and started kissing you. Moans echoed around. You were moving backwards until you fell on the couch. He was kissing you as if there was no tomorrow. He licked your bottom lips and inserted his tongue in your mouth.

It was yet another tongue fight. He put his hand up your skirt and inserted a finger in you. You moaned from the pleasure he was giving you. “Want another one in?” He whispered. You nodded and he slid another finger in you. Your moans were everywhere and you were scared that someone might go in.

“Hmm… You’re so wet Y/N” he whispered.

“D-Draco, someone might c-catch us” You tried to speak straight but the pleasure was too good for you. His fingers left and deep inside, you were begging him not to stop.

“You’re right Y/N. My room?” He asked

“Whatever suits the birthday boy”

With that, you ran straight up to his room and he locked the door when you got in. He pushed you against the door with a thud and kissed you again. “Jump” He said in between kisses and you wrapped your legs around his wait while your arms were around his neck. He took advantage and fingered you again.

You were moaning again and you felt something hard. “Don’t come yet babe” he whispered. He pulled his fingers out again and you were back on the ground. A tent a forming in his pants and you dropped down to your knees.

“I need help?” You asked with a smirk. You didn’t wait for an answer anymore, you just undid his pants and pulled it down together with his boxer. His dick sprang free and it was a nice shade red. You licked the head and wrapped your hands on the remaining length. You gave butterfly kisses and he started moaning.

“Please Y/N” He begged and you gave in. Your mouth was on him and you started sucking. You bobbed your cheeks and he was moaning. “Y/N, ah shit” He said and came in your mouth. You swallowed as much as you can, he was thick and warm and taste really good. You licked the remainder off and went up to kiss him on the lips.

“You can taste yourself now huh?” You whispered in between kisses and you had another tongue fight with him. He spun you and you walked backwards until the back of your knees touched the bed. He pushed you down and he was on top.

“Do what you want Draco, it’s your birthday after all” You panted when his lips left yours. He started kissing on your neck and sucked. It was sure to leave hickeys, and you were totally fine with it. His hands travelled to your back and unclasped your bra. He then tugged your shirt and removed it.

You were now topless and he kisses your breasts. He was kissing and sucking hard and left a few more hickeys. “You’re so beautiful Y/N, I love you so fucking much” He whispered. As he travelled down, you felt a bit of anxiety, which he sensed immediately.

“Don’t be scared Y/N. Wait, are you sure about giving me your virginity?” He asked. You nodded, you wanted this anyway and you were ready for it. But the most you’ve ever reached was only second base. He pulled your skirt down and you were left with your underwear right now. But he pulled it down too.

“It will hurt a bit. Tell me when I can move” He said and you nodded. He inched in you and you grabbed his forearm and he kissed your forehead.

“Its okay if you wanna stop” He said.

“No, it’s your birthday anyway” You cracked a smile and another inch was in you. Your nails were digging in his arm and another inch came then it was everything. You winced and he had a small look of guilt. You adjusted in his size. You used to finger yourself but this hurts more than two fingers in you.

You nodded your head so that he could start moving. He was moving slowly and was kissing you. You moaned in his mouth and he was picking up a pace. “Oh my God- argh!” You moaned out and you were reaching your climax. You scratched his back which will leave marks later on.

You both came at the same time and it felt really good. He flopped down right beside you and you turned, looking at his grey eyes. His hands were caressing a small part of your back and you were smiling at him and you yawned.

“Tired?” He asked you with a small chuckle. You nodded and closed your eyes. He pulled you close and his other hand was playing with your hair. His chin was resting on your head and gave it a quick kiss. “I love you Y/N”

Step 10: Putting Eyeballs in Your Doll

Materials: Glass eyes (usually 8 or 10MM), sticky tack, tweezers.

Your doll has been fully painted, and she’s looking good… except that she continues to stare into the abyss of your soul with horrifically creepy empty eye sockets that make your darling little doll look like something from a M. Night Shyamalan film. Let’s fix that, shall we?

Start by taking your sticky tack and rolling it into a long little snake.

Once you have done this, wrap it around the eye. Make sure that it’s on there good and tight (so you may have to squish it around some).

Note: Yes, you can see where my fake nails were attached. They were cute, but I’m happy to have them off! Art is hard with them on. :/

Now, using your tweezers grasp the eye/sticky tack combo and put it inside the dolls head. Be careful not to get hung up on the head pin. You’ll want to watch your doll’s face as you do this, so you can be sure to line up your eyes correctly.

Note: My camera had a very difficult time focusing on the inside of the doll head. This was the best I could do, I hope it’s clear enough.

Once they’re in the head, use the end of a paint brush, your tweezers, or even your finger to squish down the tack against the interior of the dolls head. This will stick the eyeball inside where you want it.

Now that both eyeballs are inside the head, you can wiggle them around a bit to have them looking how you like!

Voila. Emily now how eyeballs in her eye holes. Everyone is a little more comfortable with this development.

Stay tuned for Step 10: Final Touches and Step 7.5: Making a Wig

As always, you can find all the steps to my monster high tutorial under #monster high tutorial in my blog. I welcome any and all comments, questions and concerns!

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Gif source:  Anakin

Imagine being able to fly a fighter better than Anakin and he’s impressed.

——– Request for xocaii ———

“Who knew you were so good behind the controls?”

“Try and keep up,” you laugh into the headset, whizzing past Anakin’s fighter and taking out several enemy crafts along the way. You hear his chuckle on the other end as he zooms low behind you, pushing up speed to come to the side, avoiding the enemies shooting at you.

“Nice shot! Now to just work on your manners,” he teases, and you roll your eyes as you take out the enemy that had been on his ass for the last five minutes.

“You’re welcome,” you smirk glancing out the window to meet his wide grin, “See? I have manners.”

@what-muses those sound very relaxing things to do. - he sips on the juice that was brought over to them then sets it to the side- I like working on my music and doing arts and crafts along with hanging out with my kiddos. But most of all I love being lazy.- laughs some- my brother used to do photography. What do you take pictures of?

Different nights shed different lights on Brand New Day, and Damon wasn’t always behind the bar. Hell, he usually wasn’t. But there was never a lack of bartenders happy to serve the waves of people that crowded around them.

On this night, one of the most popular bartenders - a tan-skinned young man with gelled black hair and tribal upper-arm tattoos - slid along behind the counter, slinging impressively-crafted drinks along to thirsty patrons, hovering in front of beautiful women with a flirt upon his lips. His eyes caught a blonde girl, waiting for a drink, and he quickly materialized before her, flashing a charming smile before anyone else could get to her. “Buenas noches, chica,” he said smoothly. “What can I get for you, bonita?”


This month on Craftversations my guest is the wonderful maxwellglick! Craft along with us as we make Tangled lanterns and talk about Disney, Muzzled, and our very first roles. Hope you enjoy! And stay tuned for part two on Friday.

Idea (not really original to me, just throwing it on Tumblr):

Pokemon GO players, through any kind of meetup whether player-run or official, exchanging small objects or crafts, along the lines of artist trading cards, that represent them as a trainer. Relatively flat trading-card-sized cards come to mind first because they’re easily stored in a binder with standardized pockets. The exchanging of trainer cards already has precedence in franchise lore, and personalized trainer cards are a pretty popular institution in online Pokemon fandom (who here remembers making one for their Serebii/Bulbagarden/PokeCommunity/etc signature?). GO cards/trinkets could feature personal insignias, usernames, favorite Pokemon, inspirational messages, or any other elements the creator wants to leave as a memento of their encounter. Could range from the simple to the extravagant, but every one represents a person met through the Journey.

I’m really sentimental about Pokemon.

Thoughts? And a reblog if you’d like to see something like this happen too, to spread the idea?


Using Sunlight to Propel Spaceships

When scientists are planning missions, they sometimes have to take into account the fact that the light from the Sun pushes on the spacecraft. But with solar sails, they can also use that pressure to propel the craft along.