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Is there anything more perfect though than knowing Aaron and Robert have kept their own surnames as far as the rest of the world is concerned.

But that they’ll spend the rest of their lives referring to each other as Mr Sugden and Mr Dingle behind closed doors?

9 Merciless Serial Killer Movies That Every Hardcore Horror Fan Needs to See

1. Snowtown (2011)

Why you should watch: Snowtown (also known as The Snowtown Murders) presents Australia’s most notorious killing spree with grim realism and a no-holds-barred display of graphic violence. This movie will reach into your mind and …

When you’re in the mood for: A bleak and psychologically disturbing true story with an all-consuming sense of dread that will leave you rattled for days.

2. Dahmer (2002)

Why you should watch: A creepily mesmerizing Jeremy Renner delivers an unforgettable performance as one of the most brutal serial killers of all time.

When you’re in the mood for: The chills and unsettling terror that comes from seeing inside the mind of a psychotic killer (but without all the gore).

3. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986)

Why you should watch: Simply put, it’s the movie that caused the MPAA to famously tell filmmakers that absolutely no recut of the footage could lead to an R rating. The terror comes from more than just the graphic scenes, it’s in the movie’s blood.

When you’re in the mood for: A low-budget but impressively realistic depiction of a deranged serial killer that aims to shock and disturb.

4. Martyrs (2008)

Why you should watch: Martyrs is a brutal and relentless film about abduction, torture and revenge that leaves most viewers divided. However you end up feeling, you won’t escape Martyrs without an opinion.

When you’re in the mood for: An unconventionally mind-bendy and gruesome tale that covers many subgenres of horror and always keeps you guessing.

5. Peeping Tom (1960)

Why you should watch: Everyone knows about Psycho, but far fewer have seen the cinematic masterpiece of voyeurism known as Peeping Tom. Originally, the fact that it was told from the perspective of the killer scandalized the entire United Kingdom and destroyed the career of the previously revered director. These days, it’s considered a must-see predecessor to the slasher genre.

When you’re in the mood for: An influential classic that pioneered the kind of psychological horror and voyeuristic camera work we’ve become so used to today.

6. Maniac (2012)

Why you should watch: Maniac compellingly features first-person point of view filming that, like Peeping Tom, forces you to see through the eyes of a killer. It’s the kind of gruesomely violent movie you put on when you’re trying to add some style to your stomach-churning experience.

When you’re in the mood for: A remake that exceeds the original with a commitment to more experimental filming and a seemingly never-ending supply of gore.

7. Chained (2012)

Why you should watch: Chained explores what happens when a kidnapped little boy follows the instructions of a serial killer in order to survive. It has a strong (but hard to swallow) message about violence that will definitely end up causing conversation.

When you’re in the mood for: A movie that will disturb you with the human side of a serial killer and a claustrophobic environment of abuse.

8. The Midnight Meat Train (2008)

Why you should watch: With the same in-your-face tone as its title suggests,The Midnight Meat Train makes for a tense, bloody, and surprisingly well-crafted ride-along with a psycho killer. Some people have hated the ending, but even the critics found enough excitement along the way to make this a worthwhile trip.

When you’re in the mood for: A visually sophisticated and straight-forward thriller with over-the-top kills and a maddening pace.

9. M (1931)

Why you should watch: Without M, there would be no Psycho or Silence of the Lambs. Even for those who don’t care about its influence, M is an engrossing and deeply unsettling film that creates one of the most tense atmospheres ever on screen. For history buffs who see horror as a window into the social dynamics of a time period, M is also a fascinating dissection of mass hysteria in pre-World War II Germany.

Midnight Luxe (Part 3)

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(Part 1) (Part 2)  (Part 4)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: University AU/ Angst / Smut

Summary: Your life was nothing but a drag until you met Jeon Jungkook. The alluring and beautiful fashion design student who asked you to model for his upcoming runway show, the man who turned your life upside down. Soon you find yourself pulled into his eccentric group of friends and their enticing world of fashion, sex and music, a world that may ultimately leave your heart in pieces. 

Inspired by the anime/manga Paradise Kiss :)

Light poured in from the library window as you sat hunched over a large pile of books. You’d only been studying for an hour and already your focus was wavering. Your staying power while working used to be impeccable, it wasn’t like you to be so easily distracted.

You tried so desperately to carefully read the words written down in front of you, yet your mind wouldn’t stop wondering.

Of course, you knew whose fault it was: Jeon Jungkook’s. Lately he was all you could think about. Every large and small detail about him was haunting you, from the sound of his laughter, to his arrogant smirk and surprisingly hardworking nature, he seemed to refuse to get out of your head.

You sighed heavily and slammed your head against the book laid out before you, an older woman sat at an adjacent table gave you a funny look before returning to what she was reading. You couldn’t bring yourself to care about how odd you must have looked. The only thing you cared about was Jungkook and his friends.  

How had your priorities changed so quickly? A few weeks ago your only goal had been to get into your top choice of university, and now that dream seemed so irrelevant it was almost laughable. You’d never wanted it that much in the first place you supposed.

Three days. That’s what he’d told you last night. He’d asked you so earnestly, and as he had spoken, behind the look of determination in his eyes there had been something more, a softness to them that hadn’t been present before, almost like he was pleading.  Every time you thought about that look, you could feel your heart going wild in your chest, beating so quickly it felt as if it could burst out at any second.

You realised you’d completely lost focus again and did your best to bring yourself back, staring intently at the large unappealing blocks of black text. The words just seemed to merge together.

About five minutes later you heard the sound of a chair dragging against the wooden flooring. You glanced briefly upwards to see a man sitting down opposite you at the table, however you quickly looked down in disinterest. He had a baseball cap and sunglasses on which you couldn’t help but find odd, why would you need all that on indoors? Without giving it too much more thought you tried to focus back onto the book in front of you, you had been staring so intently you didn’t even notice the man take off his hat and sunglasses.

When you looked up and caught his eye, you swear you felt chills running down your spine. Deep brown eyes interlocked with yours, his gaze as fiercely intense as ever.

“Oh” you both said in unison, he raised his eyebrows in shock and gave a half smile.

“Jungkook….what are you doing here?” you mumbled quietly, the library was so silent you didn’t dare raise your voice any higher.

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Sign of The Times Review

Okay, so, here it is. My academic writing is really different from what you’re used to reading from me, but I’m interested to see what y’all think. The assignment was an opinion based column, so, that being said- it’s really honest. x 

Styles: Sign of a Solo Artist

Two days have passed since his debut as a solo artist, and Harry Styles has broken records. 19 minutes after it’s 8am release time, “Sign of The Times” reached the number one spot on iTunes, and effectively beat Adele’s “Hello” for the fastest song to reach the top of the charts. The single is now number one in 119 countries, the audio video on Youtube has 10 million views, and numerous music critics and magazines have given the single raving reviews. It’s safe to say that Styles’ work has the world awestruck, yet again.

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Hyde Park, London. 1968

“You can’t catch me, Da!” shouted Davie as he ran past me. Jamie snatched him up and tossed him over his shoulder with a playful growl, making our five-year-old son shriek with delight.

The afternoon was warm, almost unbearably so, but there was a slight breeze here in the shade. I shifted in my seat, trying to find a more comfortable position. The pressure of the hard, wooden slats of the park bench combined my perspiration adhered the fabric of my sundress to my skin. I peeled the damp cotton away from my lower back, looking out at the idyllic scene in front of me. I smiled to myself, perfectly content. It was a splendid afternoon for a romp in Hyde Park.

Not only was the weather fine, but I also had all twelve of my children together at the same time. The eldest three Frasers, having begun their adventure as independent adults, had come home to celebrate their father’s birthday.

The birthday boy had one son over his shoulder, another with his arms wrapped around his waist, and a daughter clinging to his left leg. He was in his element. Feigning injury, he carefully collapsed to the ground with a dramatic groan. A cheer went up from all of the children, making Jamie laugh.

Out on the pond, the boys were in one boat, the girls in another. Julia and Brianna sat at the oars, younger sisters in the bow, guiding the craft along the peaceful shoreline. Their brothers, on the other hand, were far more interested in the family of frogs living among the reeds and had managed to get themselves stuck for a third time. A loud splash told me Gavin had decided to get out and push the boat free.

I looked down just in time to see two-year-old Neil try to feed a leaf to his sister.

“Babies don’t eat leaves, darling,” I bent, and moved his hand away from Abigail’s face. Trading him the leaf for a toy, I continued, “And neither should you.”

Becoming bored with the shaded tranquility and his infant sister, the towheaded toddler waddled towards the wrestling match on the grass. I picked Abigail up and, draping a cloth over my shoulder, began to feed her.

It was a wonderful experiment in genetics and heredity, I thought: six of our twelve children had Jamie’s red hair and ten inherited his blue eyes. They ranged from average height to tall, unsurprisingly. Alexander, at eighteen, was a solid inch taller than Jamie, and Robert, at fourteen, was showing signs of outgrowing them both. Julia and Maisie had been cursed with my unruly curls, although neither seemed to mind. All twelve managed to simultaneously resemble each other and look completely different.

Jamie had given me a set of Apostles’ spoons when we found out we were expecting Julia. We had joked then about having a child for each spoon, never dreaming that we would someday. My minds eye saw the spoons, nestled safely in blue velvet, and I mentally paired each child with an Apostle as I listened to them the brood chatter and giggle.

St Andrew.

Julia: my first born, child of my heart. At nearly twenty-four, she showed no outward signs of her childhood illnesses. Her auburn curls were vibrant, her skin healthy and lively. She was the same height as me, with rich brown eyes that held great depths of emotion. She preferred to let her sister Brianna take charge when the situation warranted, but was fiercely protective of her eleven younger siblings.

St Peter.

Brianna: the rock on which I stand. So like her father in both looks and temperament, she was the leader of the pack. She was my right hand man, so to speak, in many ways. I missed her terribly while she was away at University and always looked forward to her detailed, weekly letters.

St Matthias.

Alexander Brian: our philosopher and eldest son. Ever the brilliant mind, Alex was following in my medical footsteps. His dark brown hair and clear, blue eyes made him a favorite with the girls at University, but I had it on good authority that he had no time for that sort of thing. Yet.

St Jude.

Janet Helene: our peacemaker and comforter. Jenny, seventeen, was the glue that held our unruly brood together. In her own pragmatic way, she was able to discern what was at the heart of her siblings’ many quarrels and often had the conflict resolved before it came to a head. I’m sure I would have gone insane without her.

St James, the greater.

Robert Ian: my comedienne. Four years younger than knight-in-shining-armor Alex and only twenty months older than troublemaker Gavin, Rabbie was often stuck in the middle. He chose to find the humor in life and could always find a way to make me smile.

St James, the lesser.

Gavin Murtagh: my headstrong instigator. Born right on the heels of his brother Rabbie, he was a sweethearted scalawag from the start. He had good intentions but somehow his plans always went awry.  For example, just last week he got Maisie to help him smuggle home a squirrel in his coat pocket. The poor thing had injured its tail, but before they could carefully confine it, it escaped and spent the next six hours loose in the house.

St John.

Anne Elizabeth: our old soul. Annie was ten going on sixty-nine. She loved nothing more than a good book and a quiet room, something that was hard to find in the Fraser household. Annie loved her siblings with abandon and somehow always knew exactly what was needed in a moment of emotional crisis. She was also my resident baby whisperer.

St Mathew.

Stephen James: our champion. Loyal to a fault, Stephen was a best friend to everyone. He was the encourager of the flock and the only one who could convince Maisie to do something she didn’t want to do, which was often.

St Bartholomew.

Margaret Clara: my spitfire. At six years old, Maisie was something of a character. She could sell ice to the Eskimos and walk away with them thinking it was their idea. Oh, that girl could talk. She had an abundance of auburn ringlets that could never be tamed and a personality to match. Heaven help anyone who stood in her way.

St Simon.

David Michael: our engineer. Everything was new and exciting to Davie. He was constantly taking things apart to see how they worked and seldom managed to get them back together again. He’d learned the hard way not to experiment on any of Maisie’s toys.

St Thomas.

Neil Thomas: the toddler. Almost two and a half years old, we were still discovering new things about Neil’s personality. He still had the chubby cheeks and fine hair of babyhood, but liked to remind us he could do things himself, thank you very much.

St Philip.

Abigail Marie: the baby. It had taken her only a week to have each and every one of us wrapped around her little fingers. She was now six months old and completely spoiled. She had a fake cry down pat, making her siblings run to her in hopes of cheering her up. It was always comical to me to watch her older brothers carry her. Having no hips to speak of, they awkwardly carried her in various positions against their chest or shoulders.

As if she knew I as thinking about her, Abigail stirred against me. I peeked under the cloth to find her smiling up at me, milk spilling from the corner of her mouth.

A perfect dozen of my very own, I thought.

“Are you done, baby girl?” I asked in a sing-song voice. She kicked her arms and legs, cooing, in response.

Suddenly, a sharp, piercing pain shot down my arm. I cried out, making Abigail cry with me. Jamie stopped playing with the boys and was instantly by my side.

“What is it, Sassenach?” He asked, looking worried.

“I don’t know,” I answered and tried to brush at my shoulder. “I think I’ve been stung by something.

I pulled my hand away and saw that it was covered in blood. A warm, tickling sensation told me I was bleeding but I had no idea why or how. I stared at my hand, trying to process what on earth was going on.

When I looked up from my hand, I found that we were no longer sitting in a park but standing in the middle of a battlefield.

Jamie pulled me by my good arm and we ran for our very lives. The sounds of mortar shells exploding above us made me go deaf, leaving me with an eerie ringing in my ears. The sun went behind a cloud and I started to shiver with cold.

We were hiding in some sort of bunker now, crouched low against cold bricks. Jamie wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. He said something to me, but I couldn’t understand him.

“What?” I cried out to be heard above the ringing.

His voice was garbled and muddy as he repeated himself.

“I can’t hear you!” I tried again.

A torrential downpour came out of nowhere, leaving us soaked to the skin. I could hear distant thunder rumble over the constant ringing and lightning danced around us. Jamie’s hand was as cold and clammy as I was and I squeezed it, desperately needing his reassurance.

He brushed the wet hair out of my eyes and said, “Are ye awake, Sassenach?”

I blinked at him stupidly. His voice was quiet and yet I could hear him above the roar of the storm and ringing of my ears.

Awake? Of course I was awake, how could someone sleep thru this?

He slowly started to move away from me and I panicked. I tried to grab hold of him, but he kept slipping out of my hands. The water was pushing us apart and I wasn’t strong enough to fight against it.

“Jamie!” I screamed, trying to keep my head above the water.

Something, or someone, was holding me down. I closed my eyes and thrashed and kicked. Shockwaves of pain reverberated with each movement, but I fought against it.

“Claire!” came Jamie’s voice, closer this time. “Wake up!”

I opened my eyes to see the anxious face of my husband two inches from mine, his hand gripping my good shoulder.

In a sudden bolt of clarity, I realized it had all been a dream. Every bit of it.

My body felt hot and heavy as I lay in Jamie’s arms, sobbing and unable to speak.

I wept for what might have been, but could never be. The children we might have created, the love I knew we could give.

I wept for Julia and Brianna, the daughters I had carried within me but would never see again. Never to tell them just once more how much I loved them, never again to hold them in my arms.

I wept for Jamie, who I had lost but to whom I had now returned. The man I had so deeply loved was once again mine until death do us part.

Somehow, in the depths of my heart, I knew he was enough.

Now that I had him by my side, I could begin to live again.

Step 6: Preparing The Doll Head for Glass or Acrylic Eyes

Materials: Exacto knife, pencil, tweezers, course sanding needles, googly eyes, Goof Off, Q-tips

I like adding glass eyes to my monster high dolls, because I feel like they add a certain level of detail in their 3-dimensional aspect that you can’t get with paint. You don’t have to do this, and if you want to just paint or draw on eyes, that’s okay too! You can completely skip this step and go on to Step 7.

Note: I would also like to mention here, that because I am doing glass eyes in this tutorial, I will not be re-rooting the doll- but doing a wig instead. While it is possible to re-root a doll that you’ve done eyes in, it can be extremely difficult and it doesn’t usually take well.  If you guys really want a re-rooting tutorial, let me know and I’ll be happy to make one for drawn/painted eyes and re-rooting.

Using a pencil or pen, draw on the shape of the eyes you want. You’ll want to make them a little smaller then your end goal so that you have room to trim and sand them.

(You can see some discoloration on Frankie’s head. I’m not sure what causes this, but it does happen frequently, especially with used dolls as she was. It’s totally normal, don’t panic. You won’t see it at all once the painting is done.)

Next, take your exacto knife and perforate around the edges of the lines you drew. Do this using only the very tip of your knife; you don’t want to try going straight to cutting out the eye holes because you risk the straight edge of the knife giving you odd, geometric eyes. Unless you want weird box eyes.. then, by all means, cut away. Once I have carefully perforated all the way around my eyes, I carefully start connecting them, again using just the tip of my knife. Repeat this step until you can remove your eye holes.

Try to make them as even as you can as you use your knife to round them out. Carve thin sheers of vinyl and use the tweezers to remove stubborn pieces.

Never try to remove too much at once. Once you have them the general shape you like, use the fine sanding needles to smooth out your eye hole edges. Be careful and gentle that they don’t get away from you and get too big! I have found that the soft vinyl doesn’t take well to sanding. You’ll want to squeeze the head to make it a little easier.

Once you’re happy with the shape of your eyes, you’re going to cut a hole in the doll’s head that you’ll use later to insert the eyes. On monster high dolls, there’s usually already a circle around the top of the head, and I usually use that as a guideline.

I notch my doll scalps when I cut them out- I do this because it makes lining them back up and putting them back on easier, in my opinion.

You’ll notice when you’ve cut open your doll head, that inside might still have glue and bits of hair in it. Use your tweezers, Q-tips, and Goof Off to clean that out so the inside of your doll head is clean.

Now, I like to use 8MM doll eyes for my Monster High Dolls, but I’ve heard a lot of people prefer the 10MM- this is all based entirely on preference, I have bought a pack of 8MM and 10MM cheap googily eyes that I use to get the size right before ordering the more expensive glass eyes (There’s no worse feeling then ordering your special eyes and getting them in the wrong size! Save yourself the headache with this simple test.)

Now that you’ve tested it, you can go ahead and order your doll eyes, by the time you’re ready to put them in, they’ll probably have arrived! (I like glass eyes over acrylics, and I’ve found ebay to be the best place to find them).

Stay tuned for Step 7: Base Painting Your Doll!
This step is currently on hold as I await the arrival of the paint in the mail, thanks for your patience!
Note: I am uploading as I work on this doll- which is not every day! I will try to keeps posts coming at least once a week, but please be patient – this is something I do for fun.


EDIT: Recently unrepentantly-weird​ and I opened our own shop. Check us out HERE and our blog HERE.

RETHG Chapter 1
  • My bow is a rarity, crafted by my father along with a few others that I keep well hidden in the woods, carefully wrapped in waterproof covers. My father could have made good money selling them, but if the officials found out he would have been publicly executed for inciting a rebellion. - Hunger Games Chapter  1 (page 4)

Never  picked up on this there was more than one bow! Why would her father need more than one bow?

Thoughts on Katniss’ father

Almost from his first appearance in the book, Mr. Everdeen is associated with rebellion. Katniss first mentions him on the third page: “But there’s also food if you know how to find it. My father knew and he taught me some before he was blown to bits in a mine explosion.” More significantly, in the next paragraph she tells us:

My bow is a rarity, crafted by my father along with a few others…. My father could have made good money selling them, but if the officials found out he would’ve been publicly executed for inciting a rebellion…. [T]he idea that someone might be arming the Seam would never have been allowed.” (emphasis added) 

This is the first explicit mention of rebellion in the trilogy (and only three pages in — Suzanne Collins wastes little time), and it’s a bit jarring at first. Inciting a rebellion? Really? If a reader weren’t aware that this is the first chapter of a dystopian novel, one might suspect that the narrator is exaggerating. We’ve gotten a few hints that the book is set in a grim and authoritarian universe, but so far, we’re still just talking about hunting here. Right? Well, maybe not. 

Collins plants a lot of seeds in the first chapter of The Hunger Games. Hunting and trespassing in the woods are illegal and subversive activities, but this passage could also give the reader the idea that Katniss’ father might have been involved in an organized rebellion. This time through the chapter, the phrase “arming the Seam” struck me as an overt reference to class warfare. Hmmm… Much later, we’ll get back to K’s memory of learning the forbidden Hanging Tree song from her father — and her mother’s anger about it.

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*slides you a twenty dollar bill* Valdangelo headcannons

Hi friend! Thanks for the cash (let’s pretend it won’t all go towards Starbucks)

- Leo and Nico finding comfort in each other, because they know how it feels to be the odd one out

- Leo and Nico being each other’s family because theirs are just so broken

- Leo pulling Nico out of his shell, making him smile, making him belly laugh, making him joke around, making him happy

- Nico pranking Leo and getting away with it because the way his eyes shine while he giggles is Leo’s favorite thing in the entire world

- Nico hitting a growth spurt and shooting up past six foot. Now he has to lean down to kiss Leo. Leo standing on his tiptoes to kiss back

- Leo running up and kissing Nico’s cheek while he’s talking to people before running away. At first people thought Nico would send skeletons after him, but his face lights up instead

- Nico’s hugs are the best. He’s warm and completely envelopes Leo in his arms; Leo can’t help but feel completely safe for once

- Leo getting him a shirt that says Leo’s Fan Club Founder

- Nico loves his crazy hair. It’s super soft and he runs his fingers through it. Leo turns into putty

- Sometimes Leo hides Nico’s razors so he has stubble

- Sword practice ending in lying on the ground, laughing

- Leo nearly fainting at how cute Nico is with the kids during his shift of arts and craft

- Nico softly singing along at the campfires in Italian as he leans into Leo

- Leo and Nico going to the beach. They start a bonfire and Leo sings in Spanish while he plays the guitar. Nico falling hopelessly in love with him

- Nico and Leo thinking the other is their entire world, wondering how they were so lucky to have each other

They’re so cute together! Thank you

Mod Isabel

Some thoughts on being a fanfiction writer

1) Never let anyone tell you that being a fanfiction writer is bad. The Bronte sisters wrote fanfiction about the Duke of Wellington and they just happened to also release beautiful books like Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights - it’s not a new art form, and it’s not a bad quality one either. 

2) Fanfiction is a great way to write when you don’t have your own characters yet. Simply being able to say ‘what if this happened’ and then write it gives you a real understanding of plot, and more flexibility when it eventually comes to the world you will create. 

3) Fanfiction allows you to write lots and lots of words without even realising what you’re doing. Did you know the first Harry Potter book was 76, 944 words? If you can write near that amount, imagine what you could do if you created your own universe. 

4) You have been practising your craft all along. Even if you started recently, you’ve been practising and improving your writing. Read the first thing you ever put up and read what you’ve most recently written - I bet you’ve improved. 

5) However, you are not limited to writing fanfiction, no matter how hard it can seem to break free from the limits you have put on yourself. You want your own world to play with, but you feel like you don’t have the creativity to do so. Sound familiar? Well you’re wrong when you say you don’t have the creativity to create your own world. 

6) You’re comfortable with characters you are familiar with, right? Well, become familiar with your own characters. Start simple - what do they look like? What’s their name, what age are they, what’s their job? Imagine what they’d do in situations you’re in. With a little bit of work, you’ll be as familiar with them as you are with your fanfiction characters. 

7) Maybe making a world is harder, but you don’t need to begin with your own Hogwarts or Middle Earth. Set it where you live, and if you get bored of that, then set your sights higher. The only limit you have is your confidence. 

8) Let other people read it. The chances are, with your fanfiction, you’ve posted it somewhere and people have read it and given you feedback. There’s no reason to stop that now - show a friend, put it on a blog, send it in here, or you can even send it in to literary magazines and journals. But spread your work so you can get feedback. 

9) You don’t need to write a novel. Start with a bit of flash fiction, a short story, or in fanfiction terms, a one-shot. But if you want to write some original fiction, starting with a novel can be daunting, so start small and increase to that. 

10) You can still write fanfiction. Writing isn’t black and white between fanfiction and original work, and it hasn’t been for years. Did anyone else watch Death Comes to Pemberley or Dickensian? Just because it’s on tv doesn’t mean it’s not fanfiction, and just because you have the capability to write your own stuff doesn’t mean you can’t write about other worlds any more. As they say, the only limit is your imagination. 

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Hello! I currently run a visual novel review page and I just felt compelled to send you all a message regarding Cinderella Phenomenon. I've played a lot of VNs in my life, but never have I played one so sophisticated, creative, and beautiful as CP. Lucette breaks the boundaries of standard main characters and each one of the characters is well thought out and crafted along with an amazing story. This game is truly a work of art. Thank you so much for it's creation! <3

Oh my. Thank you so much for taking the time to write us a wonderful comment. We really appreciate it and we’re glad that you enjoyed the game!

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Hi! Would you be willing to send me a PDF or a copy of that white people stay colonizing presentation you did? It looks interesting and I want to know more. It's totally fine if you don't want to though. I wouldn't be copying it or anything haha obviously it's summer now so it's not for a class, I'm just curious

Hi! To learn more about the presentation, you can search it by the title on Youtube and watch it there. For the transcript of the entire presentation plus the educational material I crafted to go along with it, that actually costs money for white folks and cishet men.

Whispered Words - Inquisitor/Iron Bull

Iron Bull’s mouth is as dirty as his mind. 

Luckily for him, the Inquisitor’s is too.

(Also available over on AO3)

The Inquisitor was a woman who wasn’t afraid to made demands to fulfill her needs. If the Inquisition needed elfroot, a scouting party would be on their way to the Hinterlands by sunrise. If she required a stronger sword before venturing into the barren Hissing Wastes, Harritt would be at the forge posthaste, sweat pouring from his brow as he crafted her the finest sword they could afford.

Yet when faced with making a demand to one particular qunari, she found herself trembling and nervous, like a child asking their parent for another slice of pie when they had already eaten three.

With Bull, she was becoming greedy.

She doubted that he was bothered by this.

In his usual chair she spotted him, tankard of ale in hand, posture wide and relaxed. He had that way of appearing comfortable regardless of his surroundings. It was part of what made him both imposing and attractive.

For a fraction of a moment, she slipped into the shadows to watch him. In his element he was even more confident, yet his eye darted around his surroundings; comfortable, but not unwary.

Through the shadows his eye fixed on her, and the fire that passed between them caused moisture to pool between her legs.

Slowly, calculating his every move, he placed his tankard on the table, lifted himself with the power in his broad shoulders, and approached her, his sharp eye never leaving hers.

He stepped before her, blocking out all light from the tavern, and, with his wide hands on her narrow wrists, pushed her against the wall behind her, his breath hot on her neck.

Into her ear he whispered, “Meet me in the undercroft at midnight.” He bit her earlobe playfully before pulling away, giving her no more words or signs of affection.

She was positively soaked with anticipation.

(Really NSFW below the cut)

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Which Junjou Romantica/Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Character Are You?
  • These horoscopes and personality summaries MAY NOT correlate with the actual birthdays of the characters. (Ex. Misaki is actually a Leo, but his personality reflects more of a Virgo rather than a Leo.)
  • I DO NOT OWN any of the GIFS or images used
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Aries (March 19 – April 20): Onodera Ritsu


Leader and Worker

Element: Fire

At first glance, others can definitely sense that you are the working type. You like getting things done, and you don’t like to mess around when it comes to your professional life, as well as your personal one. You are an enigma when it comes to emotion – you feel things so passionately, it’s hard to give up on something once you’ve created a tight bond with someone (or, especially, with someone else). You are more of a leader than a follower, and you like to make your own decisions. 

You can be extremely independent, even at times pushing away others for the sake of maintaining your own reputation. When it comes to romance, you like taking the first move, however from time to time, you can get easily flustered when it comes to love in general. You are definitely the type to show, not tell, and you would rather allow your loved one to see your feelings through your actions rather than just through words. You can get angered easily, and it would be a shame for another to run into those horns of yours, but at other times, you can be flexible and understanding. You have a wide range of friends, and your lovable personality makes it hard for others to say no. What can you say, you live to please.

Taurus (April 21 – May 20): Miyagi Yoh


Practical and Level-Headed

Element: Earth

Out of all of the signs, you can definitely be considered the friendliest. Your aura is enough for others to remain at ease, and your smile can make anyone’s day brighter. You are very flexible, and you enjoy your time to be relaxing and not too stressful. You are a hopeless romantic – you enjoy the materialistic things that life has to offer, and you enjoy giving and giving to those who you love. Because you’re an earth sign, you are incredibly sensual, and you often bring more heat to the bedroom than others can handle. 

Taureans are also known to be protective and possessive, and they put their lives on the line for anyone they feel emotional bonding with. Those born of this sign are attracted by prestige and good taste. They won’t allow anyone to come into their lives if they act like slobs, or if they give off the impression that they just don’t care about their goals or dreams. In order for a Taurus to be impressed, you have to give it your whole shot, or else it just won’t cut it. Taureans enjoy spending time with friends, but they mainly enjoy just cutting loose with a friend or their partner, eating the best food, drinking the best wine, and just living the life.

Gemini (May 21 – June 22): Hatori Yoshiyuki

Talkative/ Extroverted

Intellectual and Communicative

Element: Air

Air signs in astrology tend to be more open-minded and intellectual than other signs, and Geminis are certainly no exception. As a Gemini, you are the more talkative of the signs. You express your opinions and thoughts clearly to others, and in turn, your communicative skills are far beyond impressive for anyone. Once you fall in love with someone else, it doesn’t take much for the confession jar to loosen, and you end up spilling your secrets with others easily, once you’ve gained their trust, of course. Others can come to you for advice, because you are very loyal. 

You enjoy making friends, and spending time socially with others. Your love is strong because even though you are easily a flirt, you know when someone is the right person for you, and once that bond is created, nothing can break it. You are more prone to be controlling in the relationship, but you are able to compromise easily. You handle emotional turmoil well, not being nearly as emotionally invested as other signs. You feel emotions, of course, but they aren’t drawn out or made overly dramatic. You are content with either being in the spotlight or spending time alone, just as long as you have someone to be with you for the ride.

Cancer:  (June 23 – July 24) Kusama Nowaki

Emotional/ Introverted

Empathetic and Observant

Element: Water

You are in touch with your emotions more than any other sign. You are known as the observer – someone who watches what is going on without getting too involved in any of the details. You can sense how others are feeling without them telling you – it is a complete sixth sense for you. If someone is feeling poorly or unwell, you will be the first to recognize that. You are held strongly by romantic feeling for others – it will be very hard for you to let go of someone if they ever betray you. However, once someone stabs you in the back, it will be harder for them to gain back your trust. 

You are open to having many friends, but only so many you will be there for all the way, because you don’t believe in giving yourself away so easily. You are better than artificial, and you know that. You are also creative and intelligent, often incorporating these abilities in an artistic format. You are not the type of person to go out and socialize with others for the sake of doing so – you would rather stay home. You have a maternal instinct, which means you care deeply for your family. Your loving and doting personality can rub off on others, and you have a soft spot for children. You also enjoy pets and you love the entire element that families can provide.

Leo (July 25 – August 22): Ryuuichiro Isaka

Energetic/ Extroverted

Confidant and Leading

Element: Fire

You tend to be more confidant rather than hiding behind the backround and waiting for others to make a move. In fact, you are a deck of cards. You can be extremely extroverted and lead the pack, but you can also be sensitive and emotional. You enjoy sports and athletic activities, and even if you don’t like playing the sports, you can be rather competitive. 

You love the pump of adrenaline and you are a good team player. You are known to be physically attractive, and you soak up as many compliments as you can take. Like a magnet, all of your friends come to you, and before too long you are the center of the party. Some even consider you the entire party itself! You like socializing, but at the same time, you wouldn’t mind spending some time alone as well. You especially love making others happy, even sacrificing your own happiness for the sake of others. Whenever your friends need someone, they can always count on you in the end.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22): Misaki Takahashi

Wise/ Introverted

Independent and Analytical

Element: Earth

You are definitely the more organized of all the signs, and you are a hardcore perfectionist. You never stop something at the halfway point – it is all or nothing! You are more introverted than others, but that’s okay. You don’t need to engage in meaningless jibber jabber, and you spend time with others who share your intellectual pursuits. 

You are attracted to those who have common sense in what they are doing, and you always looks for reason and actuality when it comes to others. You are rather creative, and you like doing arts and crafts, along with cooking and other homely activities. You don’t give away your love easily, but once someone has gotten into your heart and soul, you fall harder than anyone could possibly imagine. You practically live and breathe to make your loved one feel happy. You are down to earth, practical, reasonable, and even sensual.

Libra (September 23 – October 22): Yukina Kou

Peaceful/ Extroverted

Charming and Witty

Element: Air

Charming, witty, a hopeless romantic. These are all characteristics that make up the sign distinguished by the balance. You have a killer smile, and an absorbing personality to match. You make others feel at ease when they are around you, and mainly because you are such a friendly individual. You play and tease with others, but only because you enjoy spending time with them, rather than doing it to be rude. 

You are a thinker, and you constantly wonder how you can make the world a better place. You enjoy looking after your physical appearance, and you have incredible fashion skills. You also enjoy art and literature, and you would prefer to have a conversation regarding these things rather than just something trivial. You often appear hard to get, only because you have the aura that you are higher above others. You can be emotional, but it is hard for others to see your vulnerable side. It will take someone of great meaning to you in order for them to see your exposed counterparts. You are practically all that and a bag of chips, and you are already aware of it. What can you say? You were born that way.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 22): Kamijou Hiroki


Selfless and Honest

Element: Water

A Scorpio is many, many things, but a pushover they certainly are not. A person born of this sign is known for their incredible sense of passion, and anything they set their mind to gets done. They have high respect for those who keep their word. Scorpios are rather emotional, and their deep understanding of the world can be hard for them, sometimes. Others might find it hard to fully comprehend the scorpion, but once a Scorpio finds friends, it will certainly be hard to leave them. A bond with a Scorpio is precious because they don’t tolerate liars, and they can suspect when you are lying right away. Scorpios are very sexual, and they enjoy being dominant just as much as submissive. They like to create pleasure for their partner, and they will do whatever it can to make their partner satisfied. 

They enjoy families, and they also enjoy to work. More than likely, if a Scorpio finds something they are truly passionate about, they will want to encourage more of it in the world. Therefore, Scorpios are good for being teachers, since they will want to address knowledge to the rest of the world. Definitely one of the more emotional signs, but they are just as caring and patient as strong.

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 20): Shinobu Takasuki

Adventurous/ Extroverted

Comical and Flirtatious

Element: Fire

You are best described as an adventurer. You like the chase – and you enjoy chasing, as well. As a fire sign, you are more likely to start something than just watch and follow. You don’t really follow the idea of romance that often but once you fall in love with something, it will certainly be an interesting ride! You are not the type to play games with others, although you easily have the best sense of humor of the zodiac signs. 

You take the initiative, and when others are struggling, you give them all of your help. Sometimes people can be thrown off by your brash personality, but you know who you are truly, and it doesn’t bother you when you get criticism. You shake it off and get back into the game, since that is just the person you are. You are the definition of larger than life, and you plan to keep it that way – no matter what it takes.

Capricorn (December 21 – January 21): Masamune Takano

Ambitious/ Introverted

Quiet and Professional

Element: Earth

Ambitious and career-oriented, a Capricorn (especially a male) is focused on what it means to build a strong foundation. Down-to-earth and relatively simple-minded, a person born of this sign tends to focus more on their professional status and reputation than frilly events of life that they can, and will, do without. Once a Capricorn develops feelings for someone else, they tend to feel attracted to those who are attracted to them first, and they also love the idea of someone who knows what they are doing to take the reins. 

They like people who make an effort in presenting themselves, and they are especially turned on by independence. They are not emotional – in fact, it will be rather hard to crack their barrier to see their deepest feelings. Not to worry however, for a Capricorn is waiting for the right person to come along, someone who can break that barrier in no time at all. Until then, you can find a Capricorn, the most ambitious of the signs, to be down the road of success.

Aquarius (January 22 – February 23): Kisa Shouta

Free-Spirited/ Extroverted

Individualistic and Risk-Taking

Element: Air

An Aquarius doesn’t like to conform with the rest of society. In fact, these water bearers have their own things going on for them, and they enjoy being individuals. They like the idea of sticking to what makes you, well, you. Therefore, don’t pass on ideals to them that are too cliche – they will ditch ‘em in a heartbeat. 

This air sign is attracted to intelligence, especially, and they like when people are knowledgeable about the world around them. Extroverted and crazy, an Aquarius doesn’t like traditional, and they will do whatever it takes to shake things up and make life more than just passing days. This is what makes an Aquarius interesting, for while they are not interested too much in romance, they will save themselves for someone who is clearly worth their time. They will not involve themselves into something unless they know it is for the best. They like to keep on their own path, and even with all of the twists,and tribulations, they know they will be able to make a life for their own, no matter what.

Pisces (February 24 – March 20): Usami Akihiko “Usagi-San”

Dreamy/ Introverted

Daydreamer and Romantic

Element: Water

Dreamy, whimsical, and poetic, a Pisces is known to be creative and intriguing. A water sign such as this one wears their emotions on their sleeves, and they enjoy the intimacy and close bond that a romantic relationship can bring. Pisces are also known to be very funny, and they have their own way of comedy that is different than everyone else. 

They can be rather blunt and honest, and they can sometimes be manipulative, but you will forget all of that once you see their smile. It is practically the greatest thing you can acquire from a Pisces. Those born under this sign are known to be good sexually, as well as the most kindest and aware. You can sense when someone is upset or angry, and once you realize it, you immediately help whoever needs your help. You are everything a girl or guy could dream for – you just need to make sure that your head is out of the clouds, one time or another.

anonymous asked:

So this guy recently expressed his interest in me, and I don't know how to tell him that I don't do the romance thing. I'm really bad with words, and I'm a little ball of anxiety, and I don't want to make him feel bad. What do I do?? This is the first time anyone's actually expressed interest in me, how do I deal with this?? It's slightly uncomfortable

first of all, as a fellow bad-with-words ball-of-anxiety type person, i recommend using text. or like facebook messenger or whatever. it might feel insensitive to not turn him down in person, but you’re probably gonna do a better job if you can read what you’re saying before you send it.

next you wanna figure out if you’re ok coming out to him. if you are, then craft a message along the lines of “hey, i think you’re a really nice guy and [whatever other nice things you feel like saying], but i’m aromantic. this means [your definition of aro here]. sorry”. then if he wants he can even go do research into aromanticism.

if you’re not ok coming out to him, you could either write the same message but leave out the “i’m aro” part and just have the “i don’t date” part, or you could make something up about not wanting to date until [graduation/college/etc] or you want to put school first or something. 

either way you can emphasize that it’s not personal, it’s not cuz you’re not into him, it’s cuz ur not into anyone.

On Writing: Secondary Characters

Secondary (and tertiary and further) characters are every bit as important as your main character.  Where the main character has to be the vehicle for her or his personal story – and more often than not it’s a story of exceptions – the secondary characters are going to carry your world.  By having a wide and diverse cast of bit characters, you show your world as being rich and fully-formed.  Characters will accomplish this impression of a ‘full world’ far more evocatively than any amount of trivia you might come up with.  But, seeing as secondary characters by nature get less page-time than main characters, it can sometimes be hard to really express them as being vivid and fully-developed.

  • Less is more - It feels hard to give your secondary characters as much development as your main characters because it is hard.  It’s nigh-on impossible.  And frankly, books that try it run the risk of getting too cluttered.  So don’t.  While your characters should be fully-formed to you, the audience should only get glimpses of them when they’re on the page.  If they have their own character arc but we only get to see the start and the end of it, that’s fine.  The impression that they’ve got off-page stuff we don’t get to see is going to make them feel more real anyway.

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