If you bought a candle and it came in a jar and you’ve burned the candle but there’s still waxy clumps on the sides. But you want to keep the jar, then try this! (Just be careful and be smart about it)

Boil some water and then pour it into the jar, the wax should rise to the top. Let is sit for an hour or two and by the time you come back the solid wax should be floating at he top!
FFXIV - Little crafting help

This post is not about rotation, meld or how to XP as a crafter as there are tons of websites around this theme. This post is about how to make it a bit easier (or less of a pain depending on the point of view).

As I don’t want to bother the people who don’t want a huge post on their dash, I’ll post the rest under the cut ♥ .

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Rose Quartz necklace is now listed on my shop! 

This is a collaboration piece done between me and adriedraws! She did all the lovely painting and I just supplied the blank piece and turned it into jewelry! The profit will be split between the two of us. 

More pieces to come!

Rose Quartz Necklace


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