Willow Baby Afghan - free over at Knit Picks.

Willow is crocheted in a simple Ripple stitch, sandwiched with soft, springy puff stitches. Puff stitches are worked on the wrong side of the work and pushed to the right side, however both sides of the puff are equally pretty. You can easily adapt the dimensions by adding or subtracting chart repeats to make this afghan into a small washcloth or a large bedspread.

anonymous asked:

Do you buy or collect things for your altar? If you buy things, would you kind letting me know how you get money since you're 14? Do you get allowance? Sorry to ask this. I'm a teenager too and I want to get some things for my altar. 😀💜💜💜

I slowly collect things, yes ^_^

I don’t have any money, so that answers that haha.

I make a lot of the things on my altar, and whenever I babysit for money, I try to spend a lot of it on altar decor.

But I only babysit once in a blue moon, so I acquire most things from friends or around the house. Crafting stuff from clay and random bits and bobs is a good skill to have, especially for altar making :)