kierstensiko asked:

Can you do more sock art?

How about right here?

DIY Pusheen Sock Plush

Our favourite chubby cutie cat.

DIY Sock Maymax

Our favourite chubby cutie personal healthcare companion.

DIY Sock Sloth

Or sew yourself a sock sloth to hang out in your room.

DIY Sock Donuts

Or if characters aren’t your thing and donuts totally are, you can try your hand at some sock donuts. Don’t eat ‘em!

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DIY Harry Potter Mandrake Root Bouquet for Valentine’s Day Tutorial from EPBOT.

Why give a dozen roses when you can give a magical DIY Harry Potter Mandrake Root Bouquet for Valentine’s Day? 

The mandrake is made from air dry clay, and the flowers are artificial. 

For over 300 of the best unique Valentine’s Day DIYs, go here.

etsyfindoftheday 3 | 2.10.16

handmade papier mâché geodes by fieldguidedesign

GAHHHH these sparklicious faux papier mâché geodes are JUST SO AWESOME! they’re made with gold leaf and german glass glitter for an extra-glimmery look. want want want!

During the First World War every British girl and woman that could hold a pair of knitting needles enthusiastically set about producing prodigious quantities of balaclavas, socks, gloves, and mittens for the troops. Despite recommended standard patterns occasionally the actual product varied somewhat.

(Source book: Mr Punch in War Time)

  • IN 2033:
  • Dan:Phil pass me that sharpie
  • Phil:*Reaches over and grabs it*
  • Dan:You think the internet will be ready?
  • Phil:I'm sure Dan, don't worry :)
  • *Turns on Camera*
  • Dan:Hello Internet,
  • Phil:Hey my fellow whiskered children!
  • Dan And Phil:So we have to break this to you, congrats. You've waited many years. But there's less "good" news
  • Dan and Phil:*Look at each other, nod silently*
  • *Vid plays*
  • -2010-
  • *Two men dressed in suits*
  • Dan:I will
  • Phil:I will
  • -Lips Collide-
  • *Pictures flash vividly*
  • *Clip of Phil in Dan's Room*
  • Phil:Dan, if you live to be a hundred, I'd live to be a hundred minus one, so i'd never have to live in a world without you.
  • Dan:I love you phil, you know that?
  • *First Tackle Hug, and Hand heart shapes from PINOF 1*
  • "Thank you Internet"
  • -2033-
  • Dan and Phil:Thank you, internet, this video is our last.
  • Dan:Every Book has it's last page
  • Phil:Every ice cream has its last scoop,
  • Dan And Phil:And every youtuber has a last video. These were the greatest years of our lives. Thank You.
  • -Hug, Kiss, and a single cinematic tear-

Reposts from @michaelbarbering
This s/o goes out to @michaelbarbering. He has a great Instagram blog. There are pictures of his work and him working which made putting this collection together a true pleasure. Being able to see a barber at work sheds light on him, his work, his dedication and his passion. @michaelbarbering puts his craft in the forefront posting individual haircuts in between. This selection is just a small look at him and his world. Great work by @michaelbarbering! 💈✂️💈 #craft #trade #visualart #pomp #quiff #taper #fade #sidepart #beard #sideburns #slick #pomade #barber #michaelbarbering #razorbacksbarbershop

Source (Instagram): @michaelbarbering
Shop: Razorbacks Barber Shop
Location: Long Beach/CA - US
Montage: @flatmax