Make a Quilt Block From Repurposed Steel and Wood
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A dozen participants, eleven women and one man, gathered together on a beautiful Saturday morning at Lura Campbell’s quilting studio in Helena, Alabama, for a four-hour workshop offered by Nathan Winkler of the Steel Quilt Company on how to make a quilt block with wood, steel, and tacks.

Nathan’s steel quilts are made by using hand-cut recycled steel, arranged in patterns on painted plywood backgrounds, and framed with recycled barn wood strips. Depending on how he prepares the materials, these pieces may hang indoors or out. I could even see them topped with glass and used as tabletops.

Detailed how-to with lots of pictures, here.

— rw


According to Harry today is a ROCK N ROLL FRIDAY! 

Today and yesterday at daycare were “slumber party” days. The kids wear pj’s and bring in their lovies and bedtime books and they do circle time on their nap mats with their blankies. Harry loved it yesterday. 

He brought home this kick-ass pillow case craft. It’s my favorite thing ever. I am in love with that photo. 

We listened to his favorite song on the drive to daycare this morning (Thunderstuck). He’s a big fan of ACDC. I’m really glad I made the cookies and brought the daycare peeps plants and cards because the daycare owner bought Harry a gift (Melissa and Doug transportation sticker book and a pompom craft kit) and made him a photo collage of him and his friends. 

She hugged me and thanked me and told me to visit with him. She said she’s going to miss him and that he’s a really fun kid. She’s not the warmest lady with the parents, but I could tell she was really sincere and it was coming from the heart. It was a really good way to end his time at the daycare. 

He’s super psyched to start at preschool on Monday! 


I made a thing as a birthday present for a friend.