Handcrafted Fairytale Clay Journals by Mandarin Duck

Jewelry designer Aniko Kolesnikova, (previously featured here) best known as Mandarin Duck is recognized for her whimsical, sophisticated, ornate work featuring mystical and exotic creatures, such as owls and dragons, as well as other natural elements like floral aesthetics. An expert at working with polymer clay, Mandarin Duck on YouTube was created for the purpose to teach people how to make beautiful handmade things.

Now, also a book sculptor, Kolesnikova wishes to teach people how to construct their own handmade journals, which resemble imaginative covers and creatures from a fairytale. She confesses: “I truly believe in what I do and I have a great mission in this world to inspire other artists to never give up, stay creative and strong on this absolutely beautiful, but sometimes a bit tough journey of being an artist.”

You can find more of her creations in her Etsy shop.

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