Horned Serpent Common Room

A home away from home, Horned Serpent’s common room combines the coziness of Isolt’s cottage back in Ireland, Ilvermorny, with an the grand feeling of imagination and wonder that comes from the thirst grow and learn. The greens of Ireland’s fields and the forests of the American Northeast flow together with the blues of Ravenclaw and the deep pool of the Horned Serpent itself from whom the house draws its name. Beautiful swirls, Celtic knots and flourishes decorate halls of open white walls, river rock, like that found in the serpent’s home, its shape both well-rounded and changed by time, yet strong like Isolt against the many obstacles that stood in her way, and birch, known in Isolt’s homeland for growth, and in the new world, new beginnings, both places Isolt learned the magic needed to found the school.

Much of the original house was built in collaboration with James, his skill combined with her ideas bringing so much more than one mind alone could accomplish. Jame’s woodwork and masonry crafted cozy bedrooms and study nooks for Horned Serpent’s students, as well as the larger halls born of Isolt’s imagination, offering plenty of open space for open minds. From those beginnings, the house continues to grow and evolve, ensuring students are always able to draw on more influences and resources to expand their views and minds. As a result, Horned Serpent’s common room is in places the most up-to-date space in the castle, and holds both magical and no-maj resources alike for students to study, ancient books of knowledge found side by side with modern robotics, lab supplies, and even computers.

Horned serpents are not simply scholars of books, they are scholars of the world. Isolt traveled far and spoke to many, always open to learn from whoever she met, their culture, their knowledge, their magic. With this in mind, the Horned Serpent common room holds numerous opportunities to push the boundaries of knowledge and forge new paths, perhaps the most impressive of which is a giant map room, which functions much like a magical data center. From here students can use the enchanted maps to see current and past events, and even contact wizards from around the world to exchange experiences and ask questions. Other study spaces range from the tranquil pond outside, the sound and smell of water helping to clear the mind and focus, its waters often drawing magical creatures which students might observe and speak with, to large rooms with plenty of space for discussion with other house members to work collaboratively, share ideas, and push the boundaries of knowledge and the mind.