But if you stick around, I’ll sing you pretty sounds & we’ll make money selling painted shoes.

When I was painting this bag, I used a canvas to stretch the bag out which left behind a light layer of paint. Instead of covering up the unintended writing, I added some Blurryface patterns to make the accidental painting into something of it’s own.

Regarding the previous art post!

As hard & difficult as it was (sarcasm), has answered the question about my piece I posted yesterday!

Yesterday’s piece, is called Bottled Up Inside Me.

I plan on making this a sculpture by having my step-dad weld a metal frame of the word ‘me’ with glass on the sides, then I will fill it with bottles! :)

Pretty cool, eh? :)

Thanks for checking out cRAEtions!!

& a special thanks to Robbie C. Byerly for figuring out what the title is!

This was for my Spanish class, it was for the Spanish holiday, Day of The Dead AKA Día de los Muertos. We had to either make an alter, concoct up a Spanish recipe, or sculpt/paint something related to the holiday.

I chose to paint obviously, and I painted this on a piece of glass. I don’t know why but that’s we had to do; couldn’t use a canvas.

Painted with acrylics, I didn’t use a paint brush; I used a toothpick & a Q-tip. Bahaha. Real simple piece. Hope you like it! :) I kinda like it, it’s just that I have a fear of skeletons/skulls. LDKSJFOSIUDF, gives me the heeby jeebys.


Would you like to join me for a cup of tea? :)

This is my Queen Of Hearts teaset that I based off of the wonderful Alice In Wonderland.

Made it in pottery I think in 2009, or early 2010. There’s a teapot, 2 white cups with red hearts, 2 crown cups, 4 crown forks, 4 heart spoons, & 4 white plates with red hearts. Took a long time to make, the most difficult piece was the teapot.

I could actually use this for a tea party :) but the teapot has little holes in the bottom that I didn’t know of til I filled it & it leaked, bahaha. I first made all the pieces out of pottery clay then I painted them with acrylic paint & put a gloss on them so they can be used.

I’d love to hear what your thoughts are :) Don’t be shy, I don’t bite ;)

This S is for my pretty-much-sister, Shelby. It describes her in many, many ways :)

Shelby loves Superman, she lives in a yellow house, she likes old fancy cars, her middle name starts with an L, she drives a Jeep, is fascinated by dinosaurs, is obsessed with barbeque sauce, has a big heart, loves Cookie Monster, loves summer time, likes flowers, has an amazing personality, likes turtles, is obsessed with shoes, & gets distracted by shiney things!

The other things on there that don’t stand for anything are just there cuz I put them there :P Try to put the information I just gave you along with the pieces on the S. & the S is evidentally for Shelby, bahaha :)

Another weird piece.

There’s some whack branches that look like they’re from that scene in The Lion King where Simba and Nala are running from the hyenas in the elephant graveyard. One branch even forms into a tigers eye. What the hell. Then a wild dalmatian appears in this whack background made of colorless rainbows and a cross-stitch pattern along with some weird looking thing that reminds me of a huge staircase. Oh look, the dalmatian is accompanied by a panda. I wonder if that’s that one panda from that kung-fu movie with a noodle making goose. Then what is that? Some cow or giraffe spots in the corner then a weird ear looking thing with a hidden peace sign that goes to this zebra’s mane? What.