“Dangerously In Love” By Jackie Hill 


“I’m sorry for giving something you created away to someone you created believing they would do better with it than you”

CRÆTION - tmrrw.

CRÆTION or Craetion’s “tmrrw” is an ode to the chill and ambient trap genre, and it’s the perfect late night track to keep you going! Nothing better than a smooth and simple build-up using a filtered vocal sample, inserted systematically but with precise timing. Just enough to provide a solid foundation and drive up to the drama. Call it a prelude, call it an interlude, call it an idea; we…

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Tips to self.


Am just here; writing this right now cuz i reached a point where i need to get these things off my mind, get these words out of my chest, so just pointing tips to self out.

- I quit my job.

it took me couple of hours to decide. so that makes me decisive ?! but i have to admit that doesn’t happen all the time, as per my horoscope sign we are the worst decision makers, we take long time to…

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Once upon a time I was bored in my geometry class in the 11th grade, yes I was in geometry my junior year because I absolutely SUCK at math! Anyway, there were these posters of people hanging around the classroom (lol that sounds odd, people hanging. But you get what I mean!). Instead of paying attention to what nonsense we were learning, I decided to draw the people on the posters! My favorite is the dude that looks like a fisherman, he’s wearing a hat and has a beard.