cradling his princess

A Fathers Love

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Summary: New Parents Sasuke and Sakura Uchiha leave the safety of Karin’s hideout to venture home to Konoha. The couple face an opponent that threatens the life of both Sarada and Sakura; and well, Sasuke just won’t have that…
Rated: K


Sasuke sat protectively behind his wife on the worlds most uncomfortable futon mat {which really was no better than the floor aside from sanitary precautions}. Sakura leaned back on his chest with her head craned comfortably on his right shoulder. His arm wrapped around her lower torso and his head peaking out of shoulder as he observed his -their- daughters small lips, dainty lashes, and jet black baby hair.

Karin had since stepped outside of the hide out to watch for anyone (or thing) out of the ordinary; mainly to give the new family their space.

A ghost of a smile danced across his face as he watched his wife nurse their newborn child. He was overcome with love and affection and even when Karin was around he didn’t bother to hide his soft and loving gestures for his wife. Sakura had a slightly difficult birth and was evidently exhausted from it. Sasuke on the other hand was more than ready to stay awake and keep watch for many nights to come to oversee their safety and delicate bond grow.

Sakura pulled her shirt back over her chest and snuggled Sarada close. Being careful to support her delicate neck.
“I’ve never seen something so…beautiful” Sakura said in a hushed whisper, as if trying not to disturb the drifting baby.

Although he was a man of few words, in that moment, he had every single word he ever wanted to say come to mind. He was overcome with joy. The scene of his princess cradled in his queens [shanarro!] arms was almost to much for his heart to handle. He affectionately nuzzled under Sakura’s ear and jawline and hummed a lullaby he recalled his own mother singing to him.

He broke from his humming to look at his family in his arm once more; “Thank you. For all that you have done, and for all that you have given me,” he continued, “for shinning a light in the dark and being the glue of Team 7,”. From his view he could perfectly see the beaming smile and the shine of tears threatening to spill in the corner of her eyes. He watched Sarada scrunch her nose and wiggle slightly before opening her eyes to stare at the man with voice of silk and velvet.

He grinned. Removing his hand from Sakura’s waist he gentle raised his hand to Sarada’s head and spoke softly to Sakura again, and thank you, for giving me an heir,” he tapped her fairly large forehead clearly from her mother;

“and thank you Sarada, for being the blessing I probably do not deserve, I will protect you and your mama until my last hour” as he gently removed his fingers from her forehead to only have her grip at them, holding her obsidian gaze until her lids slowly slipped close into a deep sleep.

“I love you Sasuke-kun,” he heard before watching his beloved wife also slip into a deep sleep. It wasn’t long before he peeled away from behind his wife and carefully placed his daughter beside his wife -who now curled into a fetus position with a protective hand over her newborn-.
He smiled softly before examining the hideout for the nth time for threats. Even during his softest moments he knew to be aware of everything around him. Even Sakura’s bone crushing hold on his hand during labor didn’t diverge his keen awareness of the leaves rustling outside and the owls taking flight towards their prey. He was hyper aware of everything. Everything.

Two days passed before the trio left the safety of Karins hideout to head off to Konoha to show their friends and Sakura’s family their new addition. It had been a few months before they had been home, and Sakura was itching to get moving as soon as possible.
He has disagreed leaving so soon. She was still weak and very low on her chakra reserves. She was truly in no situation to be walking so far either; two days walking a matter of a fact. Begrudgingly, he gave up fighting with his stubborn wife.

After hearing things like “I have you, there is nothing to worry about” and “it’s not like we’re that far from home; I bet Naruto and Hinata will meet us half way!” he didn’t have the energy or patience to argue with it. Shortly after the delivery, Sasuke sent a raven to his friend who then wrote back about sending aid for assurance for the new family’s protection. However damaging it felt to his pride he didn’t argue it. He wasn’t going to let a hair on either of their heads be moved out of place.

Sakura cradled Sarada in her protective embrace under a massive dark cloak provided by her husband. The less attention the better she reckoned. They walked side by side the first day without a hitch before settling down at a local inn.
They were making better time than expected; Sarada rarely fussed about much ~except the smell of tomatoes her papa ate on the road~, fueled up relatively fast, and slept the majority of the first day.

Once they reached the inn Sakura handed him Sarada and a bottle before stepping into the bathroom for a much needed hot shower. This was a rare moment of true alone time he had with her yet. He quietly propped himself up against a back wall and held her in his right arm. It took some toying around with before he lightly leaned her against his left nub and bottle fed her and with his right hand. It was certainly a challenge but not one that would stop him from caring for his beloved daughter.

He continued to burp her and lay her down beside him on the futon mat, pulling the covers up as he laid her in the middle. He played with her chubby cheeks, kissed her wideish forehead, bopped her nose, and tickled her feet. Sakura silently watched him from the bathroom, watching the delicate bonding between him and Sarada.

His smile made Sarada giggle and when he gave a low rumble in response she would kick her feet and wave her arms all the while giggling harder. He really couldn’t get enough of her joyful personality.

“She looks so much like you Sasuke-Kun,” he heard Sakura say as she crawled under the covers with them.
He smirked in return, “yes but she has your forehead” he said before looking up at her semi annoyed and playful eyes. He let out another low rumble of laughter, prompting another tired giggle from his princess.
“She also has your personality…” he smiled softly at the now drifting child. He pecked her cheek and watched as Sakura soon followed before pecking a chaste kiss to his own lips.

“Goodnight Sakura,” he softly whispered watching her snuggle up to Sarada and himself. He watched their in sync chests rise and fall in slumber for an hour or two before he too gave way to sleep.

The family rose with the sun and embarked on the last leg of their trip. If they made as good as the time they made yesterday, they would be home by eight at the latest.

Sakura once again carried Sarada under the dark cloak as they traveled through an unbeaten path in the woods to avoid passerbyers on the main road. Being so close to home and expecting Konoha nin for protection led Sakura to believe their was no reason to stay off the main road. However, she didn’t argue with him. He believed she enjoyed his overprotective side.

Sasuke didn’t voice it but he began to worry. The Konoha nin should have met them by now seeing it was past noon. He pushed it aside and continued to survey their surroundings. Looking slightly over his shoulder, he saw a very tired Sakura and a fussy black haired princess. “Let’s rest for a few minutes” he said calmly.

Reaching a nearby tree he gently took the cloak of his wife and child before lying it down in the grass. Gently taking Sarada from her arms he leaned against the tree and handed her his canteen of water and some energy pills he made (unlike hers, his were actually tasteful). They rested under the shaded tree for awhile, enjoying each other’s silent company and the soft cool breeze. He watched Sakura feed Sarada one last time before burping her and gathering up her cloak once again. Taking her hand he scooped her up and held onto it as they resumed their walk.

Caught up in a moment of pure relaxation he failed to realize the wind had stopped blowing, the birds stopped singing, but the leaves were still rustling. The hair on the back of his neck suddenly stood up as he surveyed for chakra and low and behold, caught four signatures of unknown nin. Swiftly he stopped and stood in front of Sakura, summoning a clone to stand directly behind her. How could he have failed to sense them coming before?!

Needles came from above and multiple sides and angles, skillfully deflecting them all he readied for any defensive up close battles. Drawing out kunais with paper bombs and sending them in the directions the needles came from.

At this point the four signatures appeared. Sharingun Activated and rinnagon at the ready if needed. Three males and one female, all with smug looks that made his blood boil. The leader, he supposed, was skronny as hell with black lines painted on his neck all the way up to his eyes.

“Well well, you move fast for a family of three!” He grinned smugly. Already analyzing their status as rogues from the Mist that had been MIA for numerous years; successfully making ANBU Bingo books and currently on Sasuke Uchihas death list.

Eyebrows drawn together with a look half murderous and half taunting; he stared them all down, almost daring them to try. No need for that.

“Your kind are not welcome any more. Your sins are to great to ignore and therefor we have been sent by the gods to punish you,”

‘Oh great’ he though. Not some Jashin lovers.
“Your punishment is death to your your your child. But not before we grace our god with their gifts of excellence.” the leader said with a smirk.

Dead. Dead as dead could be. “Sasuke!” He heard Sakura scream from behind him, the ground was turning muddy and sticky. Realizing he had seconds before it became practical concrete he scooped up Sakura in his arms -quickly summoning a susanoo arm- and dashing over head to a clearing.
Gritting his teeth he took a deep breath in and released his mastery level fire ball jutsu towards the two approaching nin. Naturally his susanoo engulfed the two as Sakura clutched Sarada close to her.

Peering over his shoulder her saw his wife covering his daughters ears bent on the ground. Why the hell was she on the gro-blood. He saw just the faint trace of blood trace Sakura’s cheek from a lone needle. Hadn’t he blocked ever single one?!

“It’s alright Sasuke. We’re fine. It wasn’t laced with anything” Sakura said assuringly. He nodded once more before dashing off to continue his attacks on the enemies. The susanoo continued to radiate around Sakura and Sarada. Blocking any and all attacks of paper bombs and several water type jutus’.

After trapping two -who impressively countered his fire ball jutsu- into a world of pain inflicted by his sharingun he then directed his attention to the leader and the women by his side. The screams eventually died down from behind him where the other two were slowly dying from his visual kekkei genki. The leader still had that smug look graced on his face and the women looked just as murderous as he.

“Come now, you can procreate more and find a better looking wife after this; it’s not your life being taken…” the man motioned to Sakura and Sarada, still engulfed in his susanoo. He could taste the metallic blood from his cheek he was biting so hard on. The women preformed some unfamiliar hand signs before dissolving into the ground. Using his sharingun he located her moving under ground towards the susanoo’s weakest point; using the rinnagon he summoned the earth to divulge and crack right where she was, trapping her before he shot a bolt of lightning under the ground.

Her signature began fading and then was completely gone. He turned to where the leader was and blanked at what he saw. It was a distraction. He held Sakura roughly by her pink threads. But where was Sarada!? He turned to look back at the susanoo and saw her bundled in the cloak screaming; clearly due to the lack of her beloved mother. He didn’t notice his mangekyou sharingan had activated but damn was he going to let shit really hit the fan now.

How did he break into it?! He was livid. His Susanoo was unrivaled to his brothers, how could he have let this happen. Despite his insides flipping the fuck out, outwardly he carried his defensive stance as he glared at the enemy. “Please, don’t make this harder than it should be. Jashin judges not between age and genders.” He grinned wickedly. Using his speed to his advantage he bolted as fast as he could towards them, already signing his next attack. But before he could get there, Sakura had taken matters into her own hands….‘damn woman’ he couldn’t help but think.

She spiraled back, slamming her chakra infused elbow right to his esophagus. It was almost funny watching his wife send the threat hurdling hundreds of yards back. Jumping to her side he looked down at the panting women clutching her stomach. It had only been four days since she gave birth, and not an easy birth either. “You have underestimated my wife, she is not a weak women” he said Cooley, surprised he wasnt more annoyed with her. Summoning a clone to take her back into the protection of the susanoo and to the upset sarada he made his way towards the enemy climbing out from the splintered tree he was hailed into.

The sound of screeching birds was the last thing he heard and a bright light was the last thing he saw.

He turned around, briskly making his way to his family and calling off the Susanne once the coast was clear. Worriedly he looked her over, then he turned his attention to the child shrieking and clutching Sakura’s shirt. His heart fell. How scared she was and how he had let Sakura be pulled from the susanoo.
“Can you stand?” He questioned. They needed to retreat from the area as soon as possible. She nodded and even though she managed to get to her feet with a still crying Sarada, she couldn’t simply run out of the area.

Sighing he summoned back his susanoo arm and scooped the two up and bolted from the area. Once they were a good eight miles from the area he sat her down on a large tree branch where she leaned back against it. Dusk was already falling. Luckily they couldn’t have been more than three hours from the village and could easily make it there by midnight.

He sat down in front of Sakura, watching her try to console the crying child with little luck. Sarada gazed over at her papa and shrieked and screamed. His heart fell again. She must think him a monster. Sakura began tearing up and when he stood to give them space (also to move away from a now fearful-of-her-own-papa child) she wailed louder and threw her hands towards her papa. Wiggling with all her new born might. Seeing the act in front of him almost melted his heart once more. He sat down and took Sarada gently from Sakura. Holding her close; she tightly gripped her papas cloak and wailed into his shoulder. Soon, she quieted down and happily rested against his shoulder as he cooed and soothed the child. Patting and rubbing he back rhythmically.

Sakura was the one to tell him about upcoming signatures, one very familiar. Seconds later Naruto stood upside down from the branch above the family.

Of all the things to say first, the knuckle head said the worst; “Wow Sakura you look like shit.”
Before either had a chance to punch him Ino was already on the job. After a good scolding Ino was all over her friend, complaining about Sasukes lack of care and inability to be lovey dovey or something along those lines. Sakura rolled her eyes and smiled gingerly at Sasuke, who held Sarada sweetly and gave a ghost of a smile back.

“MY TURN TO HOLD MY GOD DAUGHTER!” Naruto exclaimed before a chorus of no’s beat him to the action. Sasuke protectively held his daughter closer and even placed a kiss to the top of her jet black hair.


Princess (Jungkook X Reader)

Hey @harrysdimples00 , I had so much fun writing your request! Hope you liked the story. I tried to make it extra fluffy because this is my dream every girls dream.

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1030

Aga - Baby 

“I don’t wanna go.”

Jungkook looked at you sadly at the door. You had your hands around your growing belly. You pat it gently still in wonder how was it possible that a life was growing inside of you.

“Just a week, jagi. One week then we’ll be together again.” you smiled at him.

Jungkook got on his knees and placed his head at your bulging belly.

“Aga-ah, appa won’t be around for a while. Make sure you be a good girl and listen to eomma ok?”

“Ye appa.” you replied in a child-like voice as you pat his head with one hand still on your belly. 

Jungkook stood up and picked up his luggage. 

“Bye, jagi. Take care okay? I’ll FaceTime you every night. Ughh… I miss you already.” he said as he leaned in to give you a kiss.

You kissed him on the lips pushed him out of the door. 

“You’re gonna miss the plane at this rate. Love you, have a safe flight.”

“Annyeong aga, annyeong jagi. Saranghaeyo.” he said as he waved goodbye.

You shut the door and sat down to eat your breakfast. Two eggs and a glass of milk was a must in your morning meal. Your baby girl needed all the sufficient nutrition to grow healthily. Your third trimester of pregnancy was coming to an end and you were thrilled to welcome her into the world. It was unfortunate that BTS’ Japan concert happened to fall nearly at the end of your pregnancy, but on the bright side you could have some mother-daughter bonding time alone with your baby girl.


You looked at your phone, counting down the days until you could see your husband.

“Two more days. Two more days aga.” you smiled as you pat your baby bump.

You were in your baby girl’s fully furnished nursery. You were folding some baby clothing that you and Jungkook had previously picked out together. You stood up to keep them in a drawer.

Then, you felt some liquid trickle down your legs. You thought you had peed yourself when suddenly more fluid flowed down, creating a small puddle beneath you. A sharp pain was felt after that, making you grip onto your belly. 

“Oh My God, the baby is coming.” you thought to yourself.

You tried to compose yourself while dealing with this new found pain you were feeling. You grabbed your phone and called your best friend.

“Hey, y/n whats-

“____ listen, the baby is coming. Can you come get me to the hospital now?”

“Oh My God, okay I’m coming now. Just hold on babe.”

While waiting for ____ to arrive, you took your overnight bag that you had prepared for your trip to the hospital and started packing some things that you would need at the hospital. ____ arrived in a while and helped you into her car. You tried to remain calm and did some breathing exercises that would supposedly lessen the pain you were feeling. Your contractions lasted for 40 seconds, 3 minutes apart.

 Upon reaching the hospital, you went into labor. 

“Call my parents and tell Jungkook to come back.”

____ nodded and reached for your phone as you went into the delivery room.

Jungkook POV :

He was rehearsing for BTS’ concert that night. He had been so worried about you. He felt so bad leaving you during the last few weeks of your pregnancy. 

“Jungkook, your phone keeps on ringing. Its y/n, I think.” Namjoon said as he passed him his phone.

“Hello, Jungkook? Its ____. Y/n has just gone into labor!”

“Oh My God, okay I’ll be on the next flight back. Please take care of her for me for the time being. I’ll try to get back as soon as possible.”

His mind spun upon hearing such shocking news. He briefly explained the situation to his manager hyungs and his members. They were all aware of your impending delivery and told him to hurry to the airport. He rushed to the nearest counter at the airport and obtained a ticket on the next flight back to Seoul.

On the plane, his mind couldn’t shut off. He was worried about you and his baby girl. If something were to happen to either of you, he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself for not being present. After a restless journey of two and a half hours, the plane touched down on Korean soil. He ran as fast as he could and got into a taxi to take him to the hospital.


He searched frantically for the delivery room in the hospital, upon reaching. Then, he saw some familiar faces sitting down outside the delivery room.

“Eomma, how is y/n? I came as fast as-

“AARRRGHHH” a loud scream was heard from inside

Jungkook paced around frantically trying not to think of the worst.

In the midst of all silence, a baby’s cries was heard. The doors of the delivery room opened. Everyone’s attention was diverted to the doctor. 

“Congratulations Mr Jeon, your wife has given birth to a healthy baby girl.”

Jungkook had never felt more relieved and happy in his life. He saw you as the nurses wheeled you into the allocated ward. He walked with the nurses, wiping your sweaty forehead. He saw your face, flushed red and eyes struggling to keep open due the lack of energy. 

“Just rest jagi.” he said as he gave you a peck on your forehead.


“Sir, would you like to carry your daughter?”

Jungkook held out his arm and gently cradled his little princess against his chest. His daughter’s eyes were closed, sleeping peacefully with her thumb in her mouth. He couldn’t hold back his tears any longer. He was too overwhelmed with happiness. The love of his life has given him a beautiful daughter. 

You opened your eyes and awoke to a beautiful sight. You saw the man you loved carrying the baby that you had together. He had tears in his eyes and was smiling widely.

“What should we name her?” you asked weakly, still tired from labor. 

He's My Storybook

Anonymous request for an MGGxReader in which the reader is a well known author in a long term relationship with Matthew and is playing his love interest in an episode of Criminal Minds, but the cast and crew are all in on the idea of using the filming as a cover up for Matthew to propose to the reader.

I turned and found Matthew, looking excited as he cradled his Disney princess mug between his hands. I smiled at him.
“Hey,” I replied. “You look awfully happy about something.” He laughed and I couldn’t help but smile a little at the melodic sound. I love the way he laughs.
“I’m just glad you’re here,” He said. I was glad to be there, too. I know that my boyfriend is an actor, so I know that sometimes, other women are going to have to play his love interest in various filmmaking adventures. Usually, I am a behind the scenes kind of girl. I’m an author under a pen name because the spotlight isn’t really my favorite place. But when it comes to Matthew, I have a soft spot, and he can get just about anything he wants out of me. So this time, after all his begging and pleading and those puppy dog eyes that I can’t resist, I get to be the one playing his love interest, opposite his long standing role of Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds. As the make up artist finished adding final touches to my face, I caught Matthew smiling in the mirror. There was something off about him today. Nothing bad, just…different. I shook it off and stood up, taking his hand as we headed over to film our scene.

I knew how the script went. We’d already filmed a couple of short scenes, and this was to be the final scene with the two of us for this episode.
“Spencer?” I said, as my character Amelia.
“What do you think would happen between us if you didn’t live in Virginia?”
Matthew put down the prop folder he was holding and turned to face me, per the script.
“I’m not sure,” he said slowly. “Although, this doesn’t have to end just because I don’t live here.”
“I don’t know…” I said, trailing off like I was supposed to, averting my gaze away from Matthew. “It’s just that…long distance relationships don’t have a history of working out very well.”
“But they could,” he whispered.
“Since when are you such an optimist?” I asked, glancing back up at him. That’s when I noticed it.
His hand, in his pocket. It wouldn’t seem strange to anyone else, but it did to me. As a writer, I notice things about everyone, but especially Matthew. His unique mannerisms are what drew me to him in the first place. When Matthew is playing Spencer, he makes a point to keep his hands free because Spencer often gestures when he talks, and it looks awkward on film to be pulling your hands out of tight pockets. So why was he keeping his hand in his pocket?
“I’m not sure,” he said. “But I don’t want to watch you walk away.” Shaking off my distraction, I forced myself back into character and smiled sadly.
“I don’t think we have a choice, Spencer.” As the script read, I turned my back on him. There was supposed to be a moment of silence here, and I waited for my cue to turn back. But what I heard was a low murmur, a hum of excited chatter off camera. That wasn’t supposed to happen. It would screw with the audio.
“Actually,” I heard Matthew begin, and, knowing him as well as I do, I caught the change in his voice. That was Matthew, not Spencer. “You have a choice.” I whirled around, confused by his sudden and drastic variation from the script, and found him on one knee, a ring box open in his hand.
“Matthew,” I began, but he just smiled.
“You have a choice, (Y/N),” he said. I glanced around and found the cast and crew gathered behind the still-rolling cameras. It was all clicking into place now; his excitement, the hand in his pocket which I was now sure was closed around a ring box, the excited chatter. It all made sense and I realized, quite suddenly, that Matthew Gray Gubler was proposing to me.
“I love you,” he said. “And Spencer and Amelia might not have a choice, but you do. I want to have you beside me every single day, I want you to be the person I read to and I want to dance with you and see that beautiful smile of your a every day for the rest of my life. So, will you marry me?” I stared at him for a moment, struggling to catch my breath, and then I nodded.
“Yes,” I breathed. “Of course I’ll marry you.” That smile that could light up the world appeared on his face as he slid the ring onto my finger and hugged me, picking me up and twirling me around as the crowd applauded. He kissed me passionately and then turned to the camera.
“We’re getting married!” He announced loudly and I laughed.
Maybe there would be others playing characters like Amelia or Maeve, but in the end, I knew that Matthew would always be my storybook ending.