cradling his princess

He's My Storybook

Anonymous request for an MGGxReader in which the reader is a well known author in a long term relationship with Matthew and is playing his love interest in an episode of Criminal Minds, but the cast and crew are all in on the idea of using the filming as a cover up for Matthew to propose to the reader.

I turned and found Matthew, looking excited as he cradled his Disney princess mug between his hands. I smiled at him.
“Hey,” I replied. “You look awfully happy about something.” He laughed and I couldn’t help but smile a little at the melodic sound. I love the way he laughs.
“I’m just glad you’re here,” He said. I was glad to be there, too. I know that my boyfriend is an actor, so I know that sometimes, other women are going to have to play his love interest in various filmmaking adventures. Usually, I am a behind the scenes kind of girl. I’m an author under a pen name because the spotlight isn’t really my favorite place. But when it comes to Matthew, I have a soft spot, and he can get just about anything he wants out of me. So this time, after all his begging and pleading and those puppy dog eyes that I can’t resist, I get to be the one playing his love interest, opposite his long standing role of Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds. As the make up artist finished adding final touches to my face, I caught Matthew smiling in the mirror. There was something off about him today. Nothing bad, just…different. I shook it off and stood up, taking his hand as we headed over to film our scene.

I knew how the script went. We’d already filmed a couple of short scenes, and this was to be the final scene with the two of us for this episode.
“Spencer?” I said, as my character Amelia.
“What do you think would happen between us if you didn’t live in Virginia?”
Matthew put down the prop folder he was holding and turned to face me, per the script.
“I’m not sure,” he said slowly. “Although, this doesn’t have to end just because I don’t live here.”
“I don’t know…” I said, trailing off like I was supposed to, averting my gaze away from Matthew. “It’s just that…long distance relationships don’t have a history of working out very well.”
“But they could,” he whispered.
“Since when are you such an optimist?” I asked, glancing back up at him. That’s when I noticed it.
His hand, in his pocket. It wouldn’t seem strange to anyone else, but it did to me. As a writer, I notice things about everyone, but especially Matthew. His unique mannerisms are what drew me to him in the first place. When Matthew is playing Spencer, he makes a point to keep his hands free because Spencer often gestures when he talks, and it looks awkward on film to be pulling your hands out of tight pockets. So why was he keeping his hand in his pocket?
“I’m not sure,” he said. “But I don’t want to watch you walk away.” Shaking off my distraction, I forced myself back into character and smiled sadly.
“I don’t think we have a choice, Spencer.” As the script read, I turned my back on him. There was supposed to be a moment of silence here, and I waited for my cue to turn back. But what I heard was a low murmur, a hum of excited chatter off camera. That wasn’t supposed to happen. It would screw with the audio.
“Actually,” I heard Matthew begin, and, knowing him as well as I do, I caught the change in his voice. That was Matthew, not Spencer. “You have a choice.” I whirled around, confused by his sudden and drastic variation from the script, and found him on one knee, a ring box open in his hand.
“Matthew,” I began, but he just smiled.
“You have a choice, (Y/N),” he said. I glanced around and found the cast and crew gathered behind the still-rolling cameras. It was all clicking into place now; his excitement, the hand in his pocket which I was now sure was closed around a ring box, the excited chatter. It all made sense and I realized, quite suddenly, that Matthew Gray Gubler was proposing to me.
“I love you,” he said. “And Spencer and Amelia might not have a choice, but you do. I want to have you beside me every single day, I want you to be the person I read to and I want to dance with you and see that beautiful smile of your a every day for the rest of my life. So, will you marry me?” I stared at him for a moment, struggling to catch my breath, and then I nodded.
“Yes,” I breathed. “Of course I’ll marry you.” That smile that could light up the world appeared on his face as he slid the ring onto my finger and hugged me, picking me up and twirling me around as the crowd applauded. He kissed me passionately and then turned to the camera.
“We’re getting married!” He announced loudly and I laughed.
Maybe there would be others playing characters like Amelia or Maeve, but in the end, I knew that Matthew would always be my storybook ending.