cradle valley

Immortal Pt. 1

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Pt.1// Pt.2

{!} Contains Violence, Language, Smut


Genre: Angst, Smut

Kim Taehyung x Reader (Featuring: Members of BTS) Vampire AU

Summary: {You would have much rather been a human, but you weren’t giving much of a choice when it was the only solution Taehyung could come up with at the moment. Now you found yourself in a community crawling with vampires and at the brink of war.} 

[I’ve decided to make them more human-like so things like the sun can’t hurt them, garlic…please. I gave them hearts so don’t mistake them for those old vampire stories. They’re my own kind of vampire.]

Throwing the last bit of twigs on the fire, Kim Taehyung plopped down on the fallen tree that had conveniently found itself around the lake. The sun had long set behind the hills surrounding the small valley that cradled the town of Grim Hallow. The sky began to blacken, only lit by the twinkling stars and a moon that engulfed the dark, clear canopy.

Stick in hand, Taehyung poked at the flames watching them leap up as if they were performing. So far this get together was a bust. All the usual suspects were there. Kim Seokjin, making rounds around the perimeter as if he was expecting someone to ambush them. Park Jimin trekked back toward the fire with a bucket of water. Jeon Jungkook lost in thought as he watched the dancing embers in the flames. Last, but not least, was Min Yoongi, scrolling through recent gossip on whatever social network he found interesting at the time on his cell phone. �

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Dark hills against a hollow crocus sky
Scarfed with its crimson pennons, and below
The dome of sunset long, hushed valleys lie
Cradling the twilight, where the lone winds blow
And wake among the harps of leafless trees
Fantastic runes and mournful melodies.
—  L.M. Montgomery