cradle toss


You once knew a boy who lived next to the water.

He was there every summer, maybe all year long. You only saw him in the summers when the beach was just the perfect temperature for frolicking and sandcastles and light-hearted water fights in rolling waves of aquamarine. 

He lived in the old wooden beach house by the side of the beach. It hung off a cliff with half of it on land and the other half supported by a whole infrastructure of bolts and driftwood. You used to play between the scaffolding, weaving in and out of the beams like a fish through coral. He didn’t come out often. But when you squinted hard enough, you could catch him standing behind the large glass window, peeking through drawn curtains with a frown deep enough to gift him permanent wrinkles.

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They took a few steps toward the car, then Gus flipped open the egg carton and handed Isaac an egg. Isaac tossed it, missing the car by a solid forty feet. “A little to the left,” Gus said. “My throw was a little to the left or I need to aim a little to the left?” “Aim left.” Isaac swiveled his shoulders. “Lefter,” Gus said. Isaac swiveled again. “Yes. Excellent. And throw hard.” Gus handed him another egg, and Isaac hurled it, the egg arcing over the car and smashing against the slow-sloping roof of the house. “Bull’s-eye!” Gus said. “Really?” Isaac asked excitedly. “No, you threw it like twenty feet over the car. Just, throw hard, but keep it low. And a little right of where you were last time.” Isaac reached over and found an egg himself from the carton Gus cradled. He tossed it, hitting a taillight. “Yes!” Gus said. “Yes! TAILLIGHT!” Isaac reached for another egg, missed wide right, then another, missing low, then another, hitting the back windshield. He then nailed three in a row against the trunk.


Gus turned his head around slowly to look at Isaac.

“Who cares where she is? This is not about her. This is about you.”

Gus gripped the egg carton in his lap, then opened the

door and pulled his legs out onto the street. He opened the door for Isaac, and I watched

through the mirror as Gus helped Isaac out of the car, the two of them leaning on each

other at the shoulder then tapering away, like praying hands that don’t quite meet at the


I rolled down the windows and watched from the car, because vandalism made me

nervous. They took a few steps toward the car, then Gus flipped open the egg carton and

handed Isaac an egg. Isaac tossed it, missing the car by a solid forty feet.

“A little to the left,” Gus said.

“My throw was a little to the left or I need to aim a little to the left?”

“Aim left.” Isaac swiveled his shoulders. “Lefter,” Gus said. Isaac swiveled again.

“Yes. Excellent. And throw hard.” Gus handed him another egg, and Isaac hurled it, the

egg arcing over the car and smashing against the slow-sloping roof of the house. “Bull’seye!”

Gus said.

“Really?” Isaac asked excitedly.

“No, you threw it like twenty feet over the car. Just, throw hard, but keep it low. And

a little right of where you were last time.” Isaac reached over and found an egg himself

from the carton Gus cradled. He tossed it, hitting a taillight. “Yes!” Gus said. “Yes!



“Ma’am,” Augustus said, nodding toward her, “your daughter’s car has just been

deservedly egged by a blind man. Please close the door and go back inside or we’ll be

forced to call the police.”

deservedly EGGED.

how come we rarely talk about hoW TOUCHING ISAAC AND GUS FRIENDSHIP



Crush - Luke Hemmings Smut - Personal

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I’m sorry this took so long. I really am. I’m also sorry about how crap it is. It isn’t edited at all as I wanted it to be asap, but yeah…..



“WAKEY WAKEY,RISE AND SHINEEEE!” You groaned loudly and slammed a pillow over your ear, before turning away from the voice. “C'mon, Arianna. Time to get up.” The familiar voice spoke softly in your ear and when you snuggled into the quilt covers to get warmer, it spoke again. “Right that’s it.” Two hands situated themselves under your armpits and hoisted you out of bed. “BEN! WHAT THE FUCK?!” You struggled in your best friend’s iron grip. “Not so fast, Arianna.” He said smugly, carrying you out of your bedroom and towards the bathroom. “What are you doing?” You questioned, scared for the answer. Ben chuckled and kicked open the bathroom door. “I think you need a shower.” Your eyes widened and you screamed and thrashed around but Ben didn’t let go. Within seconds you were lying flat in the bathtub and before you could react, freezing cold water soaked you.

“Are you still giving me the silent treatment?” The brown haired boy spoke, poking your cheek with his calloused finger. “I’ll call you later then. I have something to tell you.” You continued walking down the school hallway, not speaking a word to the boy who’d been following you around all day, asking for your forgiveness. He hated it when you gave him the silent treatment. You were too good at it. Well you weren’t good, you were just stubborn. Keeping your head high, you continued to ignore the boy and turned off towards your last lesson of the day; history.

Walking into the history room, you realised that everything was set out differently. Instead of having three tables pushed together in a rectangle that sat six students, the tables had been pushed into four long rows. This could only mean one thing; a new seating plan. You would no longer be sat next to the blonde girl that was always smiling and helped you with your work, you would  probably end up sitting next to some miserable cow.

“Arianna!” The teacher called from the front. “Go find your seat. Your name should be on a piece of paper on a table somewhere.” She scanned the desks as if she was looking for your spot, but you could tell she wasn’t really looking at all. You found your seat at the back of the classroom on the very end of the row. Curious to see who was sat next to you, you looked at the paper in the seat next to you.

Luke Hemmings.

Oh no no no no no NO! This could not be happening. That sex God could not sit next to you, you’d be drooling all lesson and he’d think you were a complete weirdo. Oh shit, this was not good. You’d had a crush on Luke since you were fourteen years old and you hadn’t told a single soul about your feelings for him. Not even Ben, which was quite odd considering you told Ben everything. But something about the situation made you think that telling Ben wasn’t a good idea. Knowing Ben, he’d probably give you a lecture on how you couldn’t have feelings for a boy you’d never spoken to properly, to which you’d argue that you had spoken to him once when a football was kicked at your face and he asked if you were okay and took you to first aid. Other than that, that was the only time you’d spoken to Luke. So, trying not to overthink the situation, you pulled out your stationary from your bag and set it all out nicely on the desk in front of you.

Luke was the last one to enter the classroom. You watched as he looked around the room, taking in the new layout. He shrugged to himself and searched for his seat. When he finally did find it you kept your head down as he sat beside you. Mrs Parker walked into the classroom seconds later with a pile of books cradled in her arms. Tossing out the books, she informed the class about why she’d rearranged the classroom, something about people being to chatty for her liking. You weren’t listening, you were to busy trying to focus on something other than the smell of Luke’s cologne. Jesus he smelled good.

You looked at the clock on the wall and begged for it to be almost time to go home. Luke’s cologne was making your brain slow and the heat of the room was beginning to make you dizzy. You just wanted to go home and watch some Netflix with a nice hot chocolate and some digestive biscuits. Thankfully you only had ten minutes left before you could go home and do as you planned. Now was the time when Mrs Parker gave out homework for you to do over the weekend. It was usually an exam question from a past paper, it only took a few minutes to complete so no one complained. Only today, it looked as if she had a different idea in mind.

“Right! Considering your exams aren’t too far away, I’ve decided to pair you up and give you and your partner a topic that you will have to create a presentation on. This presentation has to be detailed and clear as it will be used a learning resource for others in the class and students that choose to do this subject next year. So your partner is the person sat next to you and I will give you both a sheet of paper that states the topic you will be researching. The two of you must work together, I don’t want the work to be done by just one person in the pair. This is due on Monday, you have the whole of the weekend and tonight to get this done. Okay? Good.”

You had stopped breathing when she said you’d be paired with the person next to you. You were partners with Luke, meaning you had to meet up and actually socialise with him while you completed the presentation. Fuck. How on earth were you going to think properly with him around? You’d probably make yourself look like a right idiot, you’d barely managed to not drool over him this lesson so how were you going to handle multiple hours of being with him and actually talking?

Luke picked up the piece of paper that Mrs Parker had placed in front of you. “Looks like we’re doing our presentation about Americas’ economic boom nineteen twenties.” He turned to you, holding out the piece of paper that held the words: 1920s America: The economic boom. Luke and Arianna.

You nodded staring at your shoes, not daring to look up. You knew you’d have to  look up soon, you needed to arrange a meet up so you could work on the project. The air between you was awkward as you stood before his tall frame quietly. Realising that he’d have to encourage you to talk, he pressed a finger under your chin and forced you to look up at him. He stared into your bright green eyes and smiled gently. “We could meet at mine later tonight if you’d like.” He suggested and your eyes immediately widened. The Luke Hemmings was inviting you round to his house. “Yeah, sure. That’s fine!” You blushed as you spoke, something Luke took notice of. “Great. I’ll text you the address over facebook. Is six o'clock okay?” He backed away while raising an eyebrow in question. “Yeah, six is fine.” You breathed out while nodding in response.

You ran a hand through your brown hair and took deep breaths, composing yourself. It struck you that you were the last one in the classroom and you rushed to pack up your stuff. “Bye Arianna!” Mrs Parker called cheerfully as you left the classroom. “Bye!” You gave her a small wave as you walked away. “Oh, and Arianna!” She shouted after you and you turned to her. “He was totally checking you out when you wouldn’t look at him. You should go for it.” She winked at you and went back into the classroom, leaving you stood frozen in the middle of the empty corridor.


“So, would you like a drink?” Luke asked as you sat on a stool at the table. “Errr…what have you got?” He bent down to look in the cupboards and you took the chance to check out his arse. “We have water, vimto, orange juice, coke, tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Take your pick.” You though for a moment before choosing hot chocolate. You wanted some hot chocolate earlier but you didn’t have the time to make one when you were at home. “Thanks.” You smiled at him gratefully as he placed it down in front of you. “Your welcome, princess.” The two of you froze as the pet name passed his lips. “Princess?” You squeaked. Luke gulped loudly, searching for an excuse as to why the name had passed his lips. “Yeah, princess. I mean you’re very well mannered, so why not?” He shrugged and almost cringed at the awful excuse. “So, lets get started.” He slammed a few history textbooks onto the table, not giving you a chance to think over his shitty excuse.

It had only been an hour and Luke had lost focus and interest in the work. Instead of searching the internet for a few extra pieces of information, he was staring at you intently, smiling when you tucked a piece of your silky hair behind your ear. He liked you. He liked you a lot. He liked how you blushed when you spoke to him. He liked how your eyebrows furrowed together when you were concentrating hard on something and he loved it when you laughed. The way your eyes lit up when you laughed made butterflies swirl in his stomach.

“What are you staring at?” You looked behind you to see what had his attention. Luke shrugged before he spoke. “I’m staring at you.” You looked at him in disbelief. “Why?” He leaned forwards and grabbed your hand in his. “Because I like looking at you. You make my stomach flutter with butterflies and I like it.” Not knowing how to take his compliment you looked down at the textbook and started rambling on about what it said and what you should write down. Luke knew you had a crush on him. He could tell by the way you blushed when you looked at him and how you stared at him a little too long sometimes. He knew it and it made him happy that his crush had a crush on him.

You were so lost in your own rambling that you didn’t notice that Luke was no longer facing you but sat in the seat next to you. “Hi.” He whispered in your ear. You jumped slightly, your heart racing and your eyes wide. “Luke! You scared me!” Luke was about to apologise but his words faded before they even left his lips when you turned your head towards him and your breath tickled his face. Luke’s eyes looked at your lips before flicking back up you your eyes. You nodded at the silent question, ‘can I kiss you?.’ He leaned in and pressed his slightly chapped lips against your soft ones. The kiss was innocent, simply just lips on lips, nothing else.

He pulled away from you, giving you a cheeky smile, pulling the textbook and laptop towards him. You watched him with a slack jaw as he concentrated on the work. It was as if he was ignoring what had just happened. “Warren Harding introduced the Fordney-McCumber Tarrif Act in 1922, right?” You fumbled for your words before choking out an answer, “yeah. 1922.” Your crush had just kissed you and now he was ignoring it. Did he immediately regret what he’d done as soon as he broke away from you? Was it as awful kiss? Whatever it was it worried you and you flushed with embarrassment as he continued to type. You pulled another textbook towards you, pretending to read the pages when you were actually thinking how much you’d like to kiss Luke again, but at this present moment, it didn’t look like that was going to happen.

You jumped slightly when you felt a large, warm hand on your thigh. You felt him about to take his hand away, so you placed one of your hands on top of his and pushed it further up your thigh. Removing your hand from his, you turned the page of the textbook and kept your head down as if you were reading, ignoring the feel of Luke’s burning stare. His fingers trailed up and down your thigh, getting closer to your knickers each time. You gasped loudly when he pinched at the material of your underwear and tugging slightly.

You felt him shift closer and lean in to whisper in your ear. “Can I touch you, Arianna?” It was a nervous whisper. As if he was worried you would say no and ruin his chances with the only girl that made his stomach flutter. You nodded eagerly and turned your head towards his, pressing your lips to his. He slipped his tongue into your mouth as he rubbed a finger around your clit causing a moan to elicit from your throat. His free hand tangled itself into your hair and pushed you closer to him, wanting to feel more friction.

He removed all touch from you to push his chair away from the table slightly. With a confused look on your face, you tried to figure out why he had pulled away. Again. He readjusted himself and then motioned for you to straddle his lap. That’s what he was doing. You quickly kicked a leg over his lap and grabbed the back of the chair to keep yourself steady and as soon as you were comfortable, his lips met yours and his hand moved to pull your knickers down slightly. He smirked into your mouth when he began tapping your bundle of nerves which caused you to hiss in pleasure. You moved your hips against his hand and moved one of your hands downwards to feel his crotch. His hips bucked slightly when you applied a small bit of pressure to his quickly hardening cock.

You fisted the material of his shirt when he entered a single finger into your centre and pushed yourself closer to him so that your chests met. He pushed his tongue back into your mouth and as the kiss got deeper, so did his finger. As soon as you were slick enough, he pushed in another two fingers and you felt your orgasm quickly approaching. You felt your walls stretching around his long fingers as he increased the speed. When your orgasm finally hit, you whipped your head back, squeezed your eyes shut and whimpered. Luke prolonged your orgasm by pumping his fingers into you slower and sucking dark red-purple marks into your sensitive skin.

If your mother saw those she’d be pissed.

Luke removed his fingers from you and watched as you attempted to catch your breath. By the time you had managed to somewhat collect yourself, Luke had decided he was bored of the location and stood up with your legs wrapped around his waist. He walked out of the dining room and entered the kitchen, setting you down on the counter. You squeaked quietly when the bare skin of your bum made contact with the cold top, making Luke chuckle lightly. You slid your hands down his t-shirt covered chest, feeling the firmness of it. His chest wasn’t muscled, he didn’t have abs but it was clear that he worked out and that they were on their way.

You fumbled with the button on his tight jeans and pushed them down his thighs with the help of your feet. The two of you knew that you’d have to be quick as his mum was due home soon, meaning that this couldn’t be a slow, passionate thing. You yanked him towards you by the collar of his shirt and kissed him roughly on the lips as he concentrated on pushing your skirt up above your waist. Your green eyes stared into his blue ones as the two of you kissed, sending him the wordless message of “you can fuck me.”

As soon as your lips feathered kisses down the boy’s thick neck, he lost all of the self control he had. He ripped his boxers down his legs and tugged a little too hard at the shirt you were wearing, causing the collar to tear, revealing the pink and blue striped bra that you were wearing. His fingers dug into your hips as he lined himself up outside of your entrance. You nipped at the skin on his neck with your teeth as he pressed is shaft against your wetness very lightly. You groaned roughly at the contact while Luke moaned your name. “Arianna….”

With your legs wrapped around his waist, you pushed your feet into his lower back. Understanding the meaning of your actions, Luke pushed into you very slowly, closing his eyes at the feel of your walls hugging him. You let out breathy moan and muttered encouraging words into his ears. He began to move, slowly at first as if to let you get used to his size, then faster and faster until he was pounding you into the counter. You could barely support yourself as he rammed himself inside of you repeatedly, so you unwrapped your arms from his neck and lied flat of the counter.

Loud noises of pleasure bounced off the walls and your back arched as Luke adjusted your position, to one where your feet dangled over his shoulders. His skillful movements brought you closer and closer to your high and you could no longer focus on anything but the feel of him inside you and the sound of your name leaving his lips in throaty groans. “Arianna…I’m gonna…I’m gonna come.” He whimpered as his thrust became sloppy due to the fact that his legs were about to give way because of the pleasure shooting through his body. Your legs began to tremble and your body shook as your orgasm rocketed through you. Luke followed a few thrusts later, joining you on the counter after he’d finished.

You looked at the blonde haired boy beside you and began laughing out of happiness. “I can’t believe we just did that on your kitchen counter!” You shrieked. “That was really unhygienic.” Your voice serious as you spoke. “I don’t care.” He yawned. “I’ve been wanting to do that for a while.” He closed his eyes and smiled as you looked at him with a look of shock on your face. “I’m sorry, what?” You didn’t believe the words that had just left his mouth. Was he fucking with you?

“I said, I’ve  been wanting to do that for a while. A long while actually.” He shrugged as if it was nothing before sitting up and turning to you, pressing a chaste kiss to your lips. “I’ve had a crush on you for a very, very, very long time, Arianna.” He smirked at you, chewing on his lip ring as he pressed his thumb to your lips. He looked as if he was about to kiss you, so you pushed yourself up using your elbows an just as your lips were about to meet, the door opened.

“Luke? Are you in?” A woman’s voice called out.