cradle beach

And because I'm thinking of Cradle Beach, I just need to express my feelings on something.

“Retarded” is NOT another word for stupid. Every time you want to call your friend a retard because they screwed up or are acting foolish, think of this boy:

This is Nick. He has Down Syndrome, but was very smooth with the ladies. Or how about him:

This is Andre. I had to feed him at every meal because he was unable to do it himself. And there’s always

External image

Kalifa. She is seriously one of the funniest campers I’ve had the pleasure of spending part of my summer with.

So, next time you want to be like, “Oh my godzz I’m lyke such a r3tard! LOLZ,” kindly shut the fuck up and THINK before you SPEAK. You may be acting funny, but to these kids, the disabilities they have aren’t funny at all. They struggle daily, so don’t be a prick and mock them for it. A lot of people think “gay” isn’t appropriate to use when something is stupid, but will drop the R-word around like it’s nothing. Let’s not be hypocrites, kids.

I’m done ranting now. Just don’t say that word. Okay?