Thousands of women in black went on strike across Poland on Monday, closing down restaurants, government offices and university classes, and blocking access to the ruling party headquarters in Warsaw to protest against plans for a total ban on abortion.

Polish gothic - Cracow edition
  • There is more pigeons than humans. Do not feed them, your parents taught you. What happened to those who did not obey the rule? And why no one has ever seen the young ones? Where did they come from? Don’t ask. Keep going. Don’t ask.
  • There was a dragon once, living under the hill, ruling over the city. They slayed him, and he’s gone now. His dead eyes are watching you.
  • City tour! Join us! We will make you see.
  • There are strangers everywhere. Tourists, people say. Or so they believe. But who are they, really? Their faces are empty. Their eyes dead. Staggering through the streets, watching. What are they looking for? You know it’s you.
  • “Beer!”, “coffee!”, “pierogis!”, barkers are shouting, day after day. Remember this shy girl from high school, the one you did not heard of since graduation? She is one of them now. Do not look. Do not change your pace.
  • Unfinished building towers over the city, empty and deserted. But the shadows are there. Are they moving? Did you blink?
  • Black clouds above the city like the sign of impending doom. Suffocating fingers made of smoke and despair. There’s no hope. There’s no hope.
  • Why there is a church on every street? What do they guard? Who built them? The bells wake you up. Your dream is fading. You knew, for a moment, what was the meaning of this.
  • Do not listen to the Butterfly man. Do not approach the Butterfly man.
  • You are trying to run, but you are losing your breath, smog damages your lungs. There is no escape. You will stay here forever.

Krakow, Poland


Kraków by Bartek Rozanski