((Shipping a huge bug horse who’s got no knowledge about the pony culture and a small cheery teacher who’s got the task to teach her about the subject
I never knew I’d love a crackship this intensely, but now I do~
Chrysalis loves her smol fluffy pony waif, yes she does yes she does~ She Smells like candy and flowers it’s amazing
Shoutout to @cheerdalee for getting me into this one~~~~))


more sketch dump

these are all older by now
and i included a redraw comic thing from sonic 06 that i never got around to finish(but i liked how the first panel amy turned out)

some DK/Silver sketches due to @spamalika commenting on my ooolllldddd silver and DK picture in which Dk had heart eyes for bananas that silver made float x,D

some shadamy here and there~
and boomamy + regular amy (but boomamys hand is messed up xD thats why i never got around to do more with that sketch)

charas © SEGA //besides DK; DK © Nintendo