Top 10 Reasons We Love Cracker Barrel


Aside from the fact it’s a down home Southern institution, in descending order, the Top Ten Reasons We Love Cracker Barrel are…

10.  The Apple Butter (heaven on toast.)

9.    C.B. Turnip Greens – we’re dreaming about ‘em right now!

8.    IQ Table Games (with the little pegs…)

7.    They’re Tennessee Vols Fans – what can we say?

6.    Friendliest staff around!

5.    Those iconic rocking chairs

4.    Ahh, the hash brown casserole

3.    The Old Country Store (best chotchkis ever!)

2.    Mama’s Country Breakfast (and the real maple syrup that comes with it!)

1.    It’s a homegrown Tennessee Business

My love for cute shit is never ending.

I found these by accident at Cracker Barrel for only $6! I think I’ll start shopping for seasonal things at Cracker Barrel on a more normal basis. Maybe I’ll be able to get Jake to go with me since there is food. I couldn’t get him to go to into a Fads and Frames to save my life. And now that I’m thinking about it, he could probably get me to go anywhere with the promise of delicious home made breakfast served anytime during the day.