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What makes Lena Dunham white feminist devil?

According to yourfaveisproblematic:

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I feel like I should elaborate. Having a blog just about PoC isn't racist, but saying all messages from white people will be ignored and/or deleted without a second thought is. My apologies for the confusion.

Ugh, you again……This blog is a safe space for women of color, not for white women or white people. It wouldn’t be a safe space if we accepted questions from white people, that’s invading our space. It’s not that difficult to understand, it’s not fucking rocket science. We don’t accept your apology since you called us “cunts”. -G

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(FYI, I am a colored Hispanic woman) This blog is full of pure racism, and hippocracy. You want to stop racism, but you make a "white free" blog? Lol. Way to go back to segregation. And don't say some stupid shit like that you have the right to turn the tables on white people because of past history. This blog and all others like it, generalize the shit out of white people, and cops, and you all have a pugnacious demeanor, and won't listen to any sense but your own. Get a grip.

You know using the term “colored” to describe poc is racist right? It’s a racial slur. If you’re a Hispanic woman, why are you anonymous? Why are you hiding your identity? What are you scared? Oh wait…you’re white.

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You know you're using the term "women OF COLOR" in your blog title, right? And since all you seem to care about is coloration, and have a severe case of being a hypocrite and a racist toward people NOT OF COLOR, I felt the need to include that so you would even read my message, about how fucking retarded you are. And I'm hiding my identity to prevent you and all your groupies from harrassing me on my blog, you stupid, ignorant, simpleminded fucking twit.

Nice try. The term “colored” should not be confused with the term people of color, which generally refers to all non-white people. You’re the ignorant asshole who confused “colored” (a racial slur) to “person of color” (a term used to describe non-white people). How ironic, do your fucking research. This proves that you’re not a person of color. Hiding your identity to prevent us and our groupies from harrassing you on your blog is a pathetic excuse. You’re hiding because you’re a white person. Oh, I’m disgusted at your use of ableism. 

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"this blog is not racist positive" ... "THIS BLOG IS NOT CRACKER POSITIVE" - are you kidding? you do realize that "cracker" is a racial slur, right? just like "nigger", or "spic". you can't give other people shit for saying racial slurs, and then do it yourself. you're not special, nor do you have some idiotic, self-entitled, privilege to say that. you literally say and do everything you don't want white people to do. where is your logic? you want to stop racism... but you're being racist?

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you will change nothing by spewing constant negative shit about white people, racial slurs, and generalizing literally all of them, as a matter of fact, you could have the largest campaign in the world to end racism, and it would still never work, because you can't change it. there will ALWAYS be people who dislike POC, just like there will always be people who dislike gay people, trans people, etc. this is a hateful world we live in and you can't change it. you even participate in it.

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exactly, stay fucking quiet. because you know you're wrong. your voice WON'T be heard, because you won't speak up for shit once someone calls you out. you'll address something someone says wrong, but once there's nothing there you shut the fuck up. sit down, and rethink your life, because you're a fucking racist, just like all the white people you hate so much.

Awwwwww, are your feelings hurt? BTW, I only use the term “cracker” to describe racist white people. You can check our “cracker hall fame“ tag. Keep on crying, I’m actually laughing.