Standards of Cleanliness

XSTJ: Everything must be perfectly in order, and my folders must be alphabetized and color coded. And there will be absoultely no germs left after I fumigate this room with Lysol…(etc.)

XNTP: No cockroaches are allowed in any of my piles of random sh*t, except for Jimmy and his friends. You guys can stay for as long as you need…It is so amusing to observe you. *places a cracker near Jimmy*


MERRY CHRISTMAS LAP DANCE! This week Rosie and I give each other the sexiest lap dances ever! VOTE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW who you think gave the sexier performance because I strongly believe it to be me. Now go jingle that bell button to join the notification squad!

Fun fact: the amount I had to cut out of this video that constituted pure pornography on Rosie’s part is unreal. Saving that footage for when we’re dezzy for views m8.

One Piece ワンピース [Yonkō Saga / Totland Arc] : Sir “Thousand Arms” Cracker vs Captain "Strawhat” Luffy 

TBH I’m kind of disappointed how this fight turned out. After seeing Captain Jack “the Drought” I had certain expectations of the Yonkō Commander Captains, but Cracker’s fight quickly turned into a Usopp-esque joke match. Especially after he crawled out of his armor the hype was real!! Only to end in salt. Well I’m sure Oda-sensei has many more exciting fights planned for this arc so w/e let’s move it along! 

“Yes, Sanji is a kind man, that’s why I suspected that he would never return to us.I have no idea what kind of trap you all may have waiting for us all, but because of how incredibly kind-hearted he is…  HE WILL REFUSE TO BUDGE ONCE HE’S DECIDED TO SACRIFICE HIMSELF FOR THE SAKE OF OTHERS…

On the other hand,  we also have a captain who breaks through any and all walls in order to persue his beliefs and ambitions. How things end up with Sanji… wil be decided solely among these two!

Young Lady… What kind of fool… WOULD EVER PLAN TO DIE?!”

Some white slurs and why they're actually harmful

First: This post is not meant to equate racial slurs against white people with racial slurs against any other people. In the western world, white people are not oppressed, we never have been (as far as I’m aware), and I absolutely recognize that. 

Second: I am not using this post to justify using racial slurs against people who throw slurs at you first. I did make a post about that before, but I’ve come to realize it’s a pointless endeavor. Using that sort of language just escalates racial tension. From here on out, I’m basically done using racial slurs against anyone.

This post was made purely to explore the kind of racial prejudice against whites that people justify by dehumanizing white people. By thinking of white people as the oppressors, white people become the enemy. After awhile. white people are viewed as monsters. 

Hatred towards white people begins to seem justified, as white people are seen as inherently morally inferior. Even those who contribute nothing to racism are seen as beneficiaries to something that their race is directly responsible for. Many even believe that white people created racism specifically to put racist systems into place.

Here is a list of racial slurs that I have personally experienced being used against white people with explanations as to why they are harmful and not simply rude comments.

  • Cracker: A shortened version of whip cracker. It implies that the person in question is an oppressor. This can be used to easily dehumanize white people by recalling slavery in the west.
  • Mayo: A slight against white people’s pale complexion. Also used to imply that white people are bland, boring, and have no culture. This can also apply to various other food related slurs including cracker (food), white bread, whipped tub of butter, and just about any other white food/condiment. This one is harmful because it justifies attacking white people for participating in any various cultural activities.
  • Honkey: A shortened version of honkey tonk, a musical genre. This one is meant to imply that white people are all unsophisticated, country hicks. Possibly inbred. A way of making whites seem inferior, similar to the slurs whites used against blacks during slavery.
  • Peckerwood: This one is used less often. Specifically refers to red headed white people and their resemblance to woodpeckers. The rarity of this one and the fact it mostly refers to appearance probably makes it one of the least harmful, but still worth noting due to Irish and Scottish people commonly having red hair.
  • White devil / demon: Used to imply that white people are evil or of the devil. Probably the most convenient way to dehumanize white people.
  • Pasty: This one is purely a comment on white people’s complexion. I could see this one being more harmful towards white-passing people who are non-whites. 
  • Crusty: Unwashed, trashy, dirty. This one is not necessarily reserved for whites only, but I’ve seen it a lot. Similar to honkey, it’s used to make white people seem lesser, inferior. 
  • Becky or “stereotypical white person name”: This one is seemingly the most harmless, but is deceptively harmful. Similar to when a white person calls a black guy “Tyrone”. It’s meant to enforce stereotypes about white people. All white girls are “Becky” because they are spoiled, uncultured, preppy bitches. I’m sure a feminist shouldn’t have a problem seeing why this one is harmful.

I know a lot of people are going to disagree that these are slurs. That’s okay! I’d just like an explanation as to why. Also, if they are not slurs, are they somehow justified to use by that measure? Is it justifiable to use specific racially charged words against white people because of past events that current millennial whites had nothing to do with?

Also, I’d imagine many people will object to this because they do believe even millennial whites to be oppressors of their people. I’m just wondering if it’s really fair to call someone an oppressor who is not only not actively participating in your oppression, but also very often is directly opposed to benefiting from your oppression.

To close, I know I’ve made mistakes. I honestly don’t think my old post about white slurs was wrong, but it was written in an inflammatory way. Part of me wanted a negative reaction and I got it. Hopefully we can put that behind us and move on to what I actually intended to say as outlined in this post.

Maybe this time we can find some common ground. There’s no reason whites and blacks can’t live together in today’s liberal society.