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IN PERSON INTERVIEWS: Let’s say you’re coming to CTN to show you storyborads or you got a physical interview at a studio!

PLAN. AHEAD. Everyone I know (myself included) prefers reviewing PHYSICAL PAPER PORTFOLIOS over digital! (note: this is for storyboard specificially. Obviously animation needs to go digital–good luck friendos) I volunteer at the CTN DreamWorks booth reviewing story portfolios and boy howdy, the digital portfolios had some problems. First off, you can’t rely on the con internet AT ALL to view a website.  Second, unless you lug a laptop around for the whole con, you’ll just be showing on a tablet or smartphone.  (worst impression last year goes to the person who showed their portfolio on a shattered iphone)

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SO MUCH. CAN GO WRONG. SHOWING STUFF DIGITALLY!  Your site may crash. Your images could load slowly.  The reviewer hits one button wrong (very likely if it’s me) and you’re back to the home screen.  Batteries die. You get texts in the middle of the review.  The reviewer (hello, me again) can’t get back to a specific board they wanted to give feedback on

“But Megan!” You cry, “I did all this work setting up a great portfolio website! We live in a DIGITAL WORLD?! And now I can’t show it?”

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Listen friendo, here’s what you do. Have your website on your business card FOR SURE.  And make sure to tell your reviewer that there’s more content (animatics etc) on your website if they are interested. BUT BRING A PAPER PORTFOLIOOOOO.

  Layout your boards in what are called CONTACT SHEETS. 3x4 boards, or 3x3, 4x4, but not more than that cuz it’s too small.

Go to your school’s copy room, or kinkos or office max.  Print those suckers out on 11x17 pages! Nice and big!  AND THEN BUY ONE OF THESE SUCKERS:

It’s like, 7 or 8 bucks!  You can fit all your pages in that!

A paper portfolio is always the most professional in-person solution.  It shows YOU PLANNED AHEAD.  Remember that cracked iphone person I mentioned earlier?  The fact they didn’t even borrow their friend’s phone just for our interview showed me they just decided last minute to get a DreamWorks review. Or maybe they didn’t and they dropped their phone in line.

Also back in my CTN atendee days before I got a job, I had someone point out pages in my portfolio that weren’t as strong as the others. Easy fix? I JUST PULLED THEM OUT before I showed them to the next person!


If you want to contact this person again, the email can go something like this,

Hello (name of reviewer!)

We met at (place) and you reviewed my portfolio!  Since then, I’ve reworked (this particular sequence) and took your advice on (this bit and this other story part).  Also, you suggested (this change here) but I thought it over and made (this other change instead). Let me know what you think!

Thanks again!

(your name)

See in that e-mail how that person made their own change?  Reviewers are not the end-all be all law makers of story, and you may get conflicting notes from different people.  But a suggested note means that board needs SOMETHING more, even if the review can’t put their finger on it.  When a problem is pointed out, FIX THAT PROBLEM, even if it’s not the exact patch your reviewer suggested.

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Other bonus advice:

Always be working on something new.  Make a new short sequence every few months, and replace an older sequence on your website. Study the sort of shows you want to work on, and make those kind of boards!  

And don’t despair if you get studio rejections.  I had stacked up fifty four job rejections before I finally got my start at DreamWorks. Keep going!  I BELIEVE IN YOU!

You can ask me any more portfolio questions here.  I will tag such answers as thirdchildstory.


Dick-stractions (M) – Namjoon

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Summary: In which Namjoon breaks the stove and has an… interesting plan to keep you from finding out.

Member: Namjoon

Word Count: 2.4k

Warning: Smut

A/N: Yeah, so my mom kinda broke our stove… basically in the same way Namjoon does here. Also this was supposed to be fluff, but I got carried away…whoops. Also shout out to @taesjawline for helping me come up with this wonderfully punny title.

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Mercury Retrograde in Aries
 Cerebral Valium

Most misunderstandings in the world could be avoided if people would simply take the time to ask, “What else could this mean?” - Shannon Alder

What a way to welcome the fresh and bright Aries equinox than with a cosmic event that paralyses everything, people may be suffering headaches, allergies, and restless sleep.
The event of Mercury retrograding is an illusion in the sky. An illusion we seem to make all to real. The author inside our minds keeps backspacing our thoughts, we can really stumble over our words. Like the wire that attaches the brain to the mouth is tangled. The clever and the chaos becomes a flatline hum. Cerebral valium, necessary but frustrating. What if the Mercury retrograde effected us so much we got confused about it being Mercury retrogade? For people very in tune with quick and acute mental faculties, they can feel lost in life without the mind. Mercury is already debilitated in Sagittarius, so the experience can be very surreal.

♡♡ Is this information valid?
♡♡ Do my thoughts match up with my inner values?Is this the right occasion to share my thoughts?
♡♡Do I need to be alone to figure this out?
♡♡Do I need to gather more information?

How can you be restless but tired at the same time? Aries is an energetic and volatile sign and enjoys keeping up with the quick speed of Mercury, so both players can be uncomfortable and agitated during retrograde. The normal acuity we have in conversation, writing, and learning seems inhibited, but not seemingly for the whole retrograde. We usually adjust after only a few days, Mercury is very flexible. The old rhetoric around not signing contracts and reduced punctuality is basically highlighting that you may not be applying your usual attention to detail and therefore may overlook important details or forget the train schedule.
Can Mercury send a lightning bolt and make a train stop? No way. But the person managing the line can drift off into cerebral dream and make an error, just like you misread the schedule. It doesn’t imply that every circumstance around communication, transport, business, and paperwork is inherently ill fated. It just means that you may need to apply more care and discrimination around these matters. Because Mercury rules the hands and dexterity, we can become more clumsy, i’ve already cracked my iphone screen lol.

Just breathe now. you won’t miss out on anything - no one is talking sense anyway! Take time to breathe. Mercury rules the lungs. It will clear your mind immensely. If you managed to read this all the way, you can see that Mercury retrograde is okay, you may actually find you have a better focus for reading and comprehending large volumes of material 


the signs as aesthetics
  • aries: cracked iphone
  • taurus: sweat highlighter
  • gemini: wearing glasses with perfect eyesight
  • cancer: stabbed by cactus
  • leo: electricity bill after fairy lights
  • virgo: glitter roots that never wash out of your hair
  • libra: owns nothing #minimalist
  • scorpio: temporarily blinded by a flying fidget spinner
  • sagittarius: drowning in water
  • capricorn: chokes to death wearing a choker
  • aquarius: burning samsung
  • pisces: bleached brow look via no makeup
making my heart beat again

so, thanks to @startofamoment for the absolutely amazing prompt (this and all the others, which you should check out here!) and to @elsaclack for all her help - hope y’all like it!! (title from stuck like glue, by sugarland)

He’s still chuckling at her screaming sheep prank as he walks out of the break room. He’s ten paces away when he turns back, ready to stick his tongue out at her and yell one last comeback. Except that’s when he sees it: the Double Tuck.

His first thought is of Rosa and her scarily accurate Amy impression and then all of a sudden that won’t leave his head. Amy’s put her phone away, is pouring a packet of sugar into her coffee, and he’s standing completely still with the image of Rosa smiling and tucking her hair behind both ears overlaid on images of Amy doing the same thing. It replays for maybe a second or maybe an hour or maybe a month – he can’t really be sure because his stomach is bottoming out and his foot is tapping uncontrollably and every rational thought in his mind is on hiatus. Then, finally, the buzzing in his brain stops and he hears Rosa talking about how, “When Amy really likes someone…”

And his feet are moving.

He’s not sure what he’ll do when he gets to the break room. He has no plan, no inkling of what he wants to say to her. But she likes him and he keeps repeating it to himself in his head so that the words take on rhythm as he walks – shelikesmeshelikesmeshelikesme – and then he’s at the door of the break room, putting his hand on the handle.

She looks so beautiful that it takes whatever breath he still had away for a moment – her forehead is a bit scrunched in the way it is when she’s focused on a difficult problem as she pours milk into her mug with the precision of a scientist. Her hair is falling like curtains around her face, largely obstructing his view, and he takes a moment, as he always does, to wonder what it would be like to touch it.

And then he remembers: she maybe likes him so he’ll maybe get to find out.

That sobering thought brings him crashing back to reality. His stomach, which had been swooshing back and forth, settles. His mouth closes, his teeth clacking together with the speed of the movement. His hand falls limply off the doorknob. Because he has no idea what comes next.

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