Come Home (Jason Todd)

Pairing: JasonToddxReader

Warning: Slight violence, I guess

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(Y/N) rolled on her stomach, her muscles were tensed in pain and her eyes were squeezed shut. 

She tried to remember what happened, how she got here, but it was gone. Whatever or whoever knocked her out did it good. Stay Calm, she thought. Freaking out would only make things worse. (Y/N) tried to get up, but the pain would not allow her, forcing her to sit down.

“Fuck,” she muttered, leaning against a dirty and cold wall. She took in her environment; a small filthy room she has never seen before. The lamps provided garish yellow light and wind was hauling through the holes and cracks in the walls. The perfect setting for a horror movie, (Y/N) laid her head against the wall. “Hello!” she called out, but no one answered. The comm system was also dead. What a surprise.

 (Y/N) was sure Bruce was already on his way here to get her.

“I don´t want to sound like a sexist now, but isn´t it Robin the BOY wonder?” an unknown voice spoke up. It came from the dark part of the room, the corner the light didn´t reach. (Y/N)´s heart started to pound. “You don´t look like a boy wonder to me, princess.”

(Y/N) didn´t know what to respond to that just frowning towards the shadow. Did he, it was a male voice, capture her because he wanted to ask that? Unlikely, but as (Y/N) saw a tall figure step forward, wearing a red helmet that covered his entire face she held her breath. A red bat was patched onto his chest. The young woman narrowed her eyes, “are you trying to be a mixture of good old Red Hood and Bats? Original.”

He took determined steps towards her, taking a fistful of her long hair pulling her up. (Y/N) clenched her jaw together not wanting to show in what pain she was.

He came close to her face, “I´m worse than both, sweety.”

“And what does worse than both want from me?” she hissed. He grabbed her arm and dragged her out of the room.

“Call me Red Hood.”

“Thanks god! I thought something like Red Bat or Bat Hood was coming,” (Y/N) chuckled, but it soon died down as she saw Joker on the ground. A bloody crowbar laid next to him. (Y/N) kicked Red Hood off and shook the green haired clown until he started laughing.  

“Oh, (Y/N)! You´re here, too. Now it´s almost real family reunion,” he laughed. (Y/N) frowned, looking at Red Hood than Joker. 

Who was he?

“He replaced me with someone who worked with Joker… could there be something more ironic?” He laughed, the rage lacing in his tone was making her shiver. Her eyes widened as she realized who was under that hood. “Now the penny dropped.”

“Jason,” she said below a breath. Her mouth was hanging open in shock. He died. He was murdered. Why was he alive? “How…?”

“That you know who I am is pretty surprising. How long did he wait to replace me!? A week? Thought he would never talk about me, the failure,” He fumed.

“He lost you! He was a mess, Jason!” (Y/N) raised her voice. She began to understand what this was about and she didn´t like where it was heading.

“THEN WHY IS HE STILL ALIVE!?” Jason yelled and pointed at Joker. (Y/N) backed away, looking at him with big eyes. He was alive and he was angry.

“He is your father, Jason! You know he doesn´t kill!”

“He left me to die,” he growled, walking up and down in the room. “I thought I was going to be last person he allows Joker to hurt!”

“This is fairly entertaining,” the clown chuckled. (Y/N) gave him a heavy worded look. Jason on the other hand kicked him in the stomach a few times.

The former Robin walked past (Y/N) and pulled her up, cuffing her to a pipe, “say bye to Joker, Robin.”

“We can fix this, Jason,” she looked up at him, wishing to be able to read his facial expression, but the mask would not let her.. "You can come home.”

 "There is nothing that could fix me,“ he said and grabbed joker, walking out of the room. Was she really thinking he could be fixed? There was nothing that could soothe this. Nothing could make this better. 

He waited so long for this moment.

Jason’s chest was rising and falling heavily as the still familiar sound of the Batmobile was reaching his ears.

He was there.

There to pay.

on amy pond & intuition

i started talking about this on my twitter and a friend of mine asked to make it public and i decided i’d make a full post fleshing out a a mere PORTION of the thoughts i had on this topic and it ended up getting super long, so you know, anybody that is not on the list of the 5 people who still care about this content i am so sorry it will be all regular programming from here, but:

amy pond has an inherent level of intuition that is off the charts, as close as a human being can get to psychic, and this exists entirely independently of both the crack in her wall and of the doctor. she can remember things she shouldn’t, things that are impossible for her to know, without always knowing how or why but simply that She Does.

i’ll explain with the most typically obvious example– the end of the big bang. the doctor resets the universe so that both the cracks in space and time that sucked her family out of reality and the doctor himself don’t exist. have never existed. never touched the universe. but amy pond wakes up on the morning of her wedding and goes to see her mom and dad who have always existed now, had forever been a part of her life and she feels Wrong something is Missing

“do you feel like there’s a great big thing in your head, and you feel like you should remember it, but you can’t?” she says on the phone, talking to rory, who says yes just to placate her but doesn’t really mean it

so she goes on and goes to her wedding and that is when she sees river song walking away from her wedding reception. and she stops laughing. she sits down. she starts crying.

river song who amy never knew. river song who is amy’s daughter. river song who amy doesn’t even know is her daughter yet, who even in the memories she has she only sees her as a powerful mystery–but she still seems to KNOW her, somehow, seems to understand how inextricably intertwined river is in her future even though it hasn’t happened yet. river’s the thing that triggers that reaction, what unblocks her mind to things that shouldn’t be in her mind in the first place because they Did Not Happen and–

her father in a speech starts on an anecdote about how when amy was a kid she told a head teacher she wasn’t real because she looked like a cartoon and amy tells him to Shut Up right there because she’s figuring it out, maybe she knew that that head teacher wasn’t real because she didn’t exist in any of the other universes she knew–

she starts to talk about how when she was a kid she had an imaginary friend and her parents groan and talk about “the therapists we sent her too!” and can you imagine that even when the doctor was Never Real according to the laws of that reality amy’s belief in him was STILL AS STRONG–

and that belief brings him back, or it creates him again. she has weaved the doctor back into reality over nothing but the sheer force of her faith. and the doctor entrusted her with that responsibility because he knew she could do it, more than he knew anyone else could, because he’d Already Seen It

he already saw amelia pond carve a smile into an apple and say that that was just how her mom do it (“i don’t have parents,” amy says later, “i never had parents”), he saw her refer to a pond without any ducks in it ever as a “duck pond,” he saw rory get erased from reality and saw how amy still felt that ABSENCE, that bone-deep intuition that something was wrong, he saw amy pond believing in stars in a world where no stars existed & the light of the universe came from an exploding tardis. even when amy was crying about not remembering her parents, “why don’t i remember them?” he shook his head because he knew that She Did. he noticed all of this, how simply a part of Her it all was. he knew that if anyone could bend and recreate time and space and the past and the future just through sheer willpower it would be amy pond

this is always part of her life, all of this compounding onto itself with every version of reality she lives to see rewritten again. in the wedding of river song the universe is reset again and the doctor finds amy and pleads her to remember that “in another version of reality, you and i were best friends. we, we travelled together, we had adventures” and amy just. keeps smiling at him. waits for him to notice the plethora of drawings she’s made about him, the crafted tardises,

she’s known about him the whole time. “time’s gone wrong,” she says, “some of us noticed.”

that’s just the essential truth about who she is. amy pond is a walking, breathing impossibility, a genius paradox, she holds every thread of reality that has ever existed within herself and she holds onto them all with the fiercest grip. rarely ever do i see people grasp that information enough or fully appreciate it, but i am always always thinking about it always always wishing it was explored more always always hoping that even if her powers ended up amounting to not much at all in the end of amy’s arc–well, that there’s another universe in which it does.


You’ve been asking a question. And it’s time someone told you you’ve been getting it wrong. His name, his name is the Doctor. All the name he needs. Everything you need to know about him. And if you love him, and you should, help him. Help him.