I like how Pacific Rim has given us the perfect way to describe all the different kinds of soulmates. It may refer to your best friend or the love of your life or your writing partner or maybe even your fandom buddy–someone who just gets you and knows how you think and fits perfectly into the space beside you: You’re drift compatible.

guiltyhipster  asked:

Crack Headcanon: Ralph and Vanellope attended the Gene Con for shits and giggles and bought some really stupid Gene-themed merchandise while they were there. Gene can scream until he's blue-faced, but he will NEVER convince them to throw out any of it.

(( Such merchandise included a “World’s Greatest Mayor” mug, a Gene action figure (now with 20% more alcohol action,) and a bunch of stickers with the cursive “G” on them which they then proceeded to stick everywhere. ))