The Fight To The Flame

Lexa quickens her pace at the sound of Clarke tasting her. She pushes her hips into the blonde, her jeans begging to be taken off. They stand there each of their legs lightly bent and shoved between each other. Lexa arches her back to allow her to slide a little down Clarke’s leg and then crashes into the blonde again, and again… finding any way to get this girl to say her name.


The one where they all attend graduate school– focusing on the most pivotal week of their lives– Sex, Party house, Friends become family, self awareness, Sex


First off thank you!!!!! And second I totally approve of an AU where their miraculous are LED shoes. I for one think LED shoes are so ridiculous and this is now my favourite crack AU

also I went a little overboard I’m sorry

An AU where paranormal activity happens because of Danny after he became half ghost.
Doors slamming by themselves when he’s around.
Lights and candles flickering around him.
Chills in the air.
Objects hovering when he walks by.
Occasional howls of wind outside.
People getting the creepy feeling of being watched.

And Danny has to be on a low sodium diet.


I’m never drawing Chief Kasei like this ever again. Never.

Tuxedo Gino is back, as well as myself to drawing (I missed you, SAI).

Based on this post.

“Coming this Fall to CBS Saturday Mornings, Undertale! Come Explore the Underground with Frisk and his friends as he tries to get home! Adopted by the kindly Toriel and the wise King Dreemurr, Frisk learns lessons about friendship with the power of his magical friendship heart gem! Along with Captain Undyne of the Royal Guard and the bashful but brilliant Doctor Alphys, there’s fun and adventure ahead!”

“The Evil Asgore will stop at nothing to collect all the friendship heart gems so he can take over the Underground for himself and the monsters of The Core! Helping him are his devoted but bumbling skeleton minions, Papyrus and Sans. Asgore is determined to get the friendship gems to finish his ultimate creation, the maniacal musical computer Mettaton!”

Basically a fake screengrab of a nonexistent and terrible 80’s Saturday morning version of undertale. The animation is cheap with mushy drawings and jittery cels. The designs and plots in the show are grossly off base from the source material. Hell, Flowey isn’t even a character in this. Each episode ended with a segment where Toriel explained the moral lesson. It had markedly better animation than the rest of the show, those segments done by the same studio that did the opening credits.

Even with the massive edits to sanitize the plot, the satanic panic of the 1980’s found the abundance of goat people to be a problem and the show was pulled after only two episodes were aired.

asdfghjl okay crack AU where Lance gets his wisdom teeth removed but he’s lowkey scared of the dentist so he brings the whole voltron squad for moral support. BIG MISTAKE KID. After the procedure Lance calls shiro “daddy,” tries to use hunk as a human pillow because “he’s so nice and soft,”  basically confesses to keith, and demands to know the secrets to how allura and coran keep their hair so nice. Pidge films every second of it. Lance doesn’t talk to them for a WEEK.


Super!Sterek AU: Man In Steel

Superman is apprehended and brought straight into Special Agent Stilinski’s office to answer a few questions. However, most of the questions revolve around what they’re going do to for their 5th wedding anniversary that evening. The cuffs were just the first of many gifts Stiles had lined up. Being married to a superhero means getting creative and making time to be with each other when you can.