New Fic: Twin Times

I don’t know where this came from. I was thinking that Regina and the Queen were kind of like bickering five year olds…and then I thought what if they did get turned into five year olds? Snow and Charming have the fun of trying to parent twin little Reginas. Total crack AU. Family fluff. I don’t own Once or any of its characters. Apologies for any mistakes. Hope you all enjoy :)

TW for references to child abuse.

“Give it back!”


“It’s mine!”

“But you’re me so it’s mine now!”


David frowns at the sudden howling that erupts from the other room. He sighs, putting his book aside as he realises that it’s time to once again try to avoid World War Three. He walks into the next room to see one of the identical brunettes holding her cheek as she sobs whilst the other one cowers and cries in the corner.

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Modern kindergarten AU where every week a class member gets to bring their pet for Show And Tell and Robb brings a literal fucking wolf and @unburntxqueen brings a Komodo Dragon, so they meet up in the principal’s office because apparently those animals are “dangerous” and “not allowed” and “deadly” and “where did you even get that and why did your parents let you have it?”

Can we talk about the boys different mug shot reactions?  

You’ve got Ashton, who looks ready to put the fun in dysfunctional


Then there’s Micheal, who doesn’t give a shit that he’s getting arrested, whatever


And there’s Calum, who looks proud af that he’s getting a mugshot 

And then there’s Luke. 


And lets be honest. The only thought on his mind is ‘mama liz is gonna kill me' 


CSI: Beacon Hills - wherein Detective Hale and Captain Stilinski are the only ones on the force who know that not all the criminals they investigate are human… and neither are all the the detectives.


Sterek AU: Drive-Thru I Do’s

Stiles finally cracks. He’s had enough of this town and not enough of Derek. They’ve secretly, well as secretly as you can be with a bunch of weres around, carried on their long distance relationship for over a year now while Derek took his pack to mingle with others across the world. Now Stiles wants nothing more than to finally be with his Alpha-hubby-to-be and his pack, their pack, for as long as they both shall live.