[FIC] Baby’s Got His Blue Jeans On

Title: Baby’s Got His Blue Jeans On

Author: hellotweetygirl

Paring/Genre: Jinki-centric OT5, Crack, Fluff

Words: 1,761

A/N: It’s taken me forever to get this onto paper but a while a go I was out with family and heard this old song on the radio and immediately was like JINKI! and so this was born! Crackiest thing I’ve ever written. Lol hope you enjoy!

Also, I may or may not have an entire tag devoted to Jinki’s jeans…

Betaed by: shinyaqua She makes me stronger. Thank you bb! 

It was a morning like any other in the dorms wherein the members, sleep-headed and slow to focus rolled out of bed, pulling themselves together a bit before flopping down at the dining room table and digging into the food. It was a moment like any other- right up until the moment where Jinki, their fearless leader himself passed through the room and into the little kitchen beyond humming cheerily to himself. With a collective motion that seemed almost involuntary and instinctive each boy around the table froze with food dangling mid-air and left half slurped between lips. With a look that skittered around the circle at lightening pace soft moans and whimpers and sighs slipped from the gathered boys lips and fell on no ears that could render aid. Kibum swore softly to himself.

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Katsu - crack and shine


Crack N Shine - London


Minho “Love ‘Em & Leave ‘Em” Choi strikes again     щ(ಥДಥщ)

what ceremonials songs feel like
  • only if for a night:an abandoned church in the forest with dusk moonlight shining through cracked windows, and the organ being the only thing fully standing, supernaturally playing on its own.
  • shake it out:being on the roof as the sun comes up in the morning after a night of first partying and then sorrow introspection, and still hearing music quietly playing.
  • what the water gave me:a sea in the dead of night, kneeling on the sand, casting love and revenge spells, and letting the shore wash over you, wearing thin white robes. begging to spirits to set you free from a curse.
  • never let me go:a holiday spent with friends in the winter, playing the piano as it snows outside and happy crying while everyone's singing, as it's the last everyone will see each other for a while or forever.
  • breaking down:a scene from a teen movie, writing in a diary
  • and dancing in a room with poster clad walls, angry at an ex but also wishing they'll take you back. having to turn the music down to not wake everything up, laying on the bed on the phone with a friend, twirling the cord in your fingers
  • lover to lover:driving through the city in the afternoon with the top of the car now, laughing about problems and letting them float away in the wind
  • no light no light:an empty theatre at night, standing on stage and proclaiming your
  • thoughts to empty seats and letting energy flow. calling people you don't like anymore and telling them you don't owe them shit, but then realizing that was everyone you knew, and calling them back and hearing your cries in the echoing walls.
  • seven devils:heavy ritual
  • robes, formal altars and big circles with a bunch of people. large scale incantations and putting up wall spells, protecting yourself from evil spirits.
  • heartlines:horseback riding through an open field with a party, stopping for camp. singing around the fire, telling stories and laughing, discussing battle plans and drinking to your luck.
  • spectrum:a battle with your mind in your room at night, convincing yourself to stay alive, making yourself believe you are okay, then turning around completely and feeling powerful and violent, screaming into the void.
  • all this and heaven too:a date at home with someone you really care about, dancing waltzes in pajamas in the living room to the sound of an old record playing.
  • leave my body:an out of body experience by yourself on the street at night, cold air running over your shoulders, screaming at the moon to let your divine spirit free its vessel, drawing sigils in chalk to be washed away by the rain and crying inside a drawn ward on the pavement.

the many traits of a warlock;

warlocks typically keep their ‘human’ eyes when not using magic, but have different eyes when their abilities are being put to work. 

up top, the eyes of a warlock with POSITIVE moral alignment. when young, the warlock will have layered violet irises, bright and sparkling. once mature, the eyes will take on many colors, reminiscent of glitter. they will be much brighter, and often have a more intense shine than the violet.

on bottom, the eyes of one with a NEGATIVE moral alignment. at first, the warlock will have black rimmed irises with white in the middle, and occasionally, the pupil will swirl. when matured, the eyes will take on a mixed blue quality, and the iris will appear cracked. they will typically shine a bit dimmer, and the cracks may grow or shrink depending on magic used.