SHINee in the military would be such a train wreck like

sargent: DROP AND GIVE ME 50!

key: yeah so i would, i really would, but see that down there is the ground and it has germs and i can’t be sticking my hands in germs.

Jonghyun: you can sit on my back while i do them

Minho: and then you two can sit on my back.

Onew: do you guys have a KFC

Sargent: no

Onew: then i’ll be going.

Tamein: do you have a little shit by the name of Kim Jongin floating around?

Sargent: no

Taemin: Onew, i’m coming, too

Taemin: hah. i rhymed 

Sargent: okay fine then let’s get you boys uniform. lets start with the hair

Key: hell no you are not cutting this hair off i’ll have you know that it takes two liters of jonghyun’s freshly shed tears A DAY to get this kind of shine.

Taemin: i cant even feel my scalp anymore.

Taemin: i cant feel anything, really.

Jonghyun: i can help with that

Minhoe: why do i never have an adequate amount of lines in these text posts and when i do have a line it’s always a lame name pun

Taemin: the same reason Sehun only speaks in poorly accented, fragmented English in EXO songs. it’s just what fits you.

Minho: That’s right my type.


Katsu - crack and shine

A New Queen Arises

In an odd, distorted realm the likes of which none have ever seen before, a dark eye slowly cracked open, the orb shining brightly with malevolence as it’s owner slowly began to stretch and work out the kinks in her body that had snuck up on her during her rest. Having been awoken by a familiar feeling in her gut, the one called Salem sat up in her throne, the pale woman’s expression completely emotionless as her eyes ran over her kingdom.

Well, it seems we have a visitor or, should I say, intruder~?” Salem purred out, her gaze locking on to the distinctly human form currently approaching her throne, pale, clawed hands gripping the arms of said throne in a silent threat as the intruder to her realm came closer and closer.

Salem absentmindedly waved her children away from the stranger, amusement clear in her voice as she called out to the clearly female figure. “Your a long way from home, mortal. Don’t you know it’s unwise to enter someone else’s abode without permission~?”

( @blakethefutadonna )

I thought I closed that door and I was
hoping it would stay closed. But whenever I think it’s closed for good,
it creaks open, and the wind from
inside whispers to me, the thorny
vines from inside wrap around my
ankles, attempting to draw me back
in. I shudder, knowing that what is
inside is not good. Even if I see just a
crack on sunlight shining through it,
and even if I see a rose peeking out
from among the weeds. I don’t know
if it’s an illusion or if it’s really there,
and if so, how long that light will
last before the darkness chokes it
and the rose will whither.

So I slam the door shut, and cut the vines from my ankles. I want to find
a door I can freely enter, but all the others are locked. And this door won’t
lead me out but only further in, and I have to say no. Over and over again. When will I be able to say yes?

—  E.T.//The Open Door