SHINee in the military would be such a train wreck like

sargent: DROP AND GIVE ME 50!

key: yeah so i would, i really would, but see that down there is the ground and it has germs and i can’t be sticking my hands in germs.

Jonghyun: you can sit on my back while i do them

Minho: and then you two can sit on my back.

Onew: do you guys have a KFC

Sargent: no

Onew: then i’ll be going.

Tamein: do you have a little shit by the name of Kim Jongin floating around?

Sargent: no

Taemin: Onew, i’m coming, too

Taemin: hah. i rhymed 

Sargent: okay fine then let’s get you boys uniform. lets start with the hair

Key: hell no you are not cutting this hair off i’ll have you know that it takes two liters of jonghyun’s freshly shed tears A DAY to get this kind of shine.

Taemin: i cant even feel my scalp anymore.

Taemin: i cant feel anything, really.

Jonghyun: i can help with that

Minhoe: why do i never have an adequate amount of lines in these text posts and when i do have a line it’s always a lame name pun

Taemin: the same reason Sehun only speaks in poorly accented, fragmented English in EXO songs. it’s just what fits you.

Minho: That’s right my type.


Taemin dancing to Ginuwine - Pony

I don’t even know what this is, probably the expression of my inner 90′s R&B hoe ft. my borderline obssession and love for Taemin… I’m so sorry LMAO (heavily inspired by this)


The adventures of Mama Jin

Part 1

Part 2

BTS Reality Show

Part 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  10 11

The Real Housewives Of Seoul

Part 1

Suho On Dr.Phil

Part 1

Shinee getting ready in the same room is probably so problematic like

Taemin: wheres my lip gloss?
Key: Minho!
Minho: what, you crusty toe nail. I’m playing fifa
Key: where’s the whip?
Onew: i hid it. We don’t need anymore accidents
Key: it was one time
Taemin: wheres my lip gloss?
Jonghyun: hell no you aren’t getting the whip
Key: c'mon
Jonghyun: i still have scars.
Key: they build character
Onew: He cried for a week
Key: thats normal
Onew: true
Taemin: where’s my lip gloss
Management: We’re on in five, boys!
Onew: good we’re all ready-
Taemin: where’s my lip gloss?
Minho: jesus christ taemin why are you so unorganized.
Key: you could have asked us earlier
Jonghyun: you dont need it baby boy
Onew: always such a child…
Key: you can borrow mine, taemin. But only this one time
Taemin: this is MINE
Key: jesus so posessive
Jonghyun: he has my heart
Minho: what are you, 2?
Onew: jesus
Taemin: crap
Shinee: what?
Taemin: I had Kai’s all along.
Kai, somewhere: wheres my lip gloss?


praying for 2017 to be a good year // i have too much time on my hands and i love key and memes.

If BTS was a reality show Pt. 3

Jin: / in the confession booth/ So I’ve called some of the girls over for tea..since you know how us moms can be. I always enjoy spilling tea with my girls and also catching up with each other.

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Suho: /pours vodka into his tea/

Key: I see you’ve started drinking again

Suho: And I see you’re still fake af

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Jinyoung: Hey now..lets not fight..we’re here to relax and have a good time 

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N: Wow Jin you’re glowing whats got you all happy?

Jin: Oh me and joonies anniversary is this week and i’m just really excited thats all

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Suho:/ Triggered/ oh it must be least you still have a husband that’ll come home to you

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N :Oh honey /rubs his back/

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Suho: that bitch left me without saying goodbye

Key : /rolls his eyes/ every single time 

Jinyoung:/starts tearing up/

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Jin : oh whats wrong with you?

Jinyoung: one of my youngest…bambam…he dabbed for a whole year straight /bursts into tears/ that boy just won’t stop and its driving me crazy

Jin;/ hugs him as he cries/ my youngest won’t spend time with me 

Key: Honestly all of my kids are doing great…they’re either acting, modeling or singing /flips his hair/

Suho:/glares/ Well hoe your bank ain’t doing too good from what I’ve heard

Key: The way I spend my  money is my business  and only my business..the only thing you need to worry about is which one of your sons is going to leave you next

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Jin: Damn key you don’t have to bring it that far…not cool

Suho: No no Jin let the dog speak

Key: /chokes on his tea/ Dog? tf…did this bitch just call me a damn dog

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Suho: hell yes I just did the fuck you gonna do about it

Key: THATS IT /jumps over the table and tackles suho onto the floor fighting/

Jin: NOOOOO, NOT MY GOOD CHINA / gets up to check on his fine china/

Cameracrew:/ runs in to break up the fight/

Jhope :/watching from a distance smoking his weed/ Now that is what I call good tea

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N:/secretly shoving cookies into his bag/

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Jinyoung:/helping the crew break up the fight/

Jin:/In the confession booth/ And that was tea time…amazing wasn’t it…we plan on meeting next week for brunch

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“Do you ever look at someone and wonder.. What is going on inside their head?`


#WhatsGoingOnInAKpopersHead - PART 1 

SHINee Reaction: You Send Them Nudes *CRACK*

- i didn’t take this seriously lol. i’ll get kara to re-do this when she’s better. i’m not even adding this to the master list


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*him acting as tho he didn’t just see what he just saw*
JH: Onew? You okay?
ON: So naked… o_o
JH: whut


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he’s honestly done with you


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*aggresively stuffs food in mouth to stop from screaming*


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I DON’T KNOW OKAY *ugly sobbing*