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Minho tugs the last article of clothing off Jinki, kicking up the older’s feet and flinging the underwear from the bed. Jinki sits back up in a relaxed lean, grin lopped-sided and knees bent. Minho only gets the rest of his own jeans off before crawling back onto the bed, licking lips still tasting of Jinki’s deep kisses.

Jinki’s legs spread wider as Minho lays on his stomach between them, long fingers pressing and messaging at Jinki’s thighs to hear the older groan through his arousal. It always sounds good escaping Jinki’s parted lips. Being the one that can help Jinki de-stress, in this manner of all ways, is an honored responsibility. Minho can forget his own aches and exhaustion during these times especially.

He touches warm kisses to thighs and abdomen, a hand gentle in reaching for Jinki up half-hard. Jinki touches Minho’s head, rubbing through hair, shots tinkling down Minho’s spine. The stroking hand soon wiggles side to side, as the girth of it has swollen firmer in his palm. Minho clears his throat, leaning in a hot breath away, possessed with need to assert his genius right now.

“Hello–is this thing on?!” Minho shouts into Jinki’s waved dick, tapping the damp tip a time or two with his other palm.

Minho bursts into laughter at himself, shoulders shaking with the force of it. Glancing up behind long lashes, Jinki blinks with an opened mouth. Minho is suddenly shoved at, Jinki’s laughter carrying rich and warm and Minho always loves to soak it up.

Jinki’s nose crinkles up, but a smile remains in his eyes. “Screw off.”

Minho settles from his fit of giggles, stopping the harmless teasing. He gets down to work with mouth service one way or another.


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Katsu - crack and shine


Crack & Shine - São Paulo


Crack N Shine - London

anonymous asked:

Mille, I am wondering since I started to follow your blog/yt channel whether you will do SHINee on crack (at least 1) as Kim Jonghyun is your ultimate bias? I love your works up to now, all edits, but I feel that that idiot of puppysaurus give enough of material for a video. Especially when you add other 4.. so.. Do we have hope here? Besides, stay awesome

there is hope ofc, i even announced it once lol. still, i’m not going to pressure myself doing it, bc if i don’t feel inspired enough to do a certain video and i’m still trying to do it anyway, in the end the video will 100% turn out to be shitty and lame.

gutterpoem asked:

“You can’t just call dibs on someone’s body parts.”

out of context D&D quotes.

        “Look, I don’t LITERALLY want his whole HAND.  But that spellbinder was wearing some pretty powerful rings, so when I kill him I intend to get those rings.  It that means I take the whole arm, fine.  One does what one must.”