12x03 -- The Road Ahead:
  • Mary :Castiel, come here ... sit down. Let's have a chat.
  • Cas:*sits*
  • Mary:There’s no easy way to ask this, so I'm just going to come right out and say it ...
  • Cas:You have no need to censor yourself around me, Mrs. Winchester. You can trust me.
  • Mary:Please, call me Mary.
  • Cas:Okay-- Mary. You can trust me.
  • Mary:K, well ... I just need to know ... are--are you gay for my son?
  • Cas:Oh, Mary ... let me clarify this for you.
  • Mary:Yes, please do.
  • Cas:You see ... I'm an angel. I have no true gender.
  • Mary:... alright?
  • Cas:So, I honestly can't be "gay" for anyone.
  • Mary:Ah, alright well I just thought since-
  • Cas:Your son, on the other hand is all sorts of gay for me.
  • Mary:...
  • Cas:ALL SORTS of gay.
Prompt 98

Person A’s favorite time of year is Christmas time (or whatever is celebrated in winter) while Person B’s favorite time of year is Halloween.

Person A wants to start a whole two months early for holiday preparations and starts decorating their house accordingly. Angels, candles, reindeer, white lights, and snowmen cover the house. They’re even considering getting a tree soon (though where do you even find one in October?).

Person B, on the other hand, fights back all the holiday decoration with their own barrage of ornaments: skeletons, pumpkins, spiders, orange and black everything.

This creates some tension between Person A and B as they both refuse to back down from decorating; their house ends up being some weird mix of both Halloween and Christmas.

(Bonus: “It’s mid November y'all need to chill,” Person C says as the scent of both peppermint and pumpkin attacks their nostrils).


i will not apologize for art

yoongio & holiet
  • jimin:can you wake up ur crush
  • yoongi:ok
  • yoongi:*clears throat loudly*
  • yoongi:but soft! what light through yonder window breaks?
  • jimin:what
  • yoongi:it is the east, and hoseok is the sun—
  • jimin:
  • yoongi:arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon, *dramatically clutches chest* who is already sick and pale with grief—
  • hoseok:*yawns*
  • jimin:the fuck
How To Get Away With Murder

Fluffly/Crackish Sam x Reader drabble also Dean.
“Are you mad at me?” You ask with a pout.

“I’m not mad!” He answers through clenched teeth.

“Yes you are, I know cuz you’re not looking at me.” You whine.

“It was an accident, I did not mean to break it, Baby”
You point at Sam’s split in half laptop.
“I’m so sorry. Can you forgive me?” You give him a shy smile and puppy dog eyes.

“I know you’re sorry Y/N. But I’m really mad and I can’t forgive you right now!”

“See! I knew you were mad!” You fake a little sob to make your boyfriend feel compassion about you.

“I’M NOT MAD!” He raises his voice.

“Don’t yell at me!!” You cover your face and ‘cry’

“Baby, no… Please I-I didn’t mean to yell! Please don’t cry, I’m sorry!!” Sam starts to apologize searching for your eyes, to show you he’s sorry.

And magically you stop crying wiping invisible tears. “Is okay baby, I forgive you!” You stand on your tippy toes and peck the side of his lips, smile and walk away, towards your room.

Sam let’s out a sigh.

Form the other side of the library Dean, who had been observing the whole thing starts laughing.

“What?” Sam asks his big brother.

“You do realize what just happened, right?”

Sam thinks for a moment before he starts walking the same direction you flew.

“Y/N, get back here!”
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mockumentary jared writing 100 kinks fics = something i’d like to see

i feel like they would all star him and he’d be awesome at all of it

OMg can you imagine

mockumentary jared frowning at a notepad, pen poised 

‘i do it this way the paper understands me better’

‘how do i make the world understand the true glory of my lovemaking’

‘i just don’t know if words will be able you know’

‘chair sex should have it’s own subcategory i’ve had sex on a lot of chairs’

(assistant, warily breaking in: jared you know it’s not … actually meant to resemble your … historical sex experiences)

We've Gone Cuckoo (Stoyd)

I have decided that Stoyd Week is more important than university. We’ll see if I’ll come to regret those priorities somewhere down the line xD

I also thought that it would be a good idea to bring back the trope of Stiles dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween. Those were glorious days in the fandom.

This is crack, by the way. You can also read the fic on AO3.

Summary: In the spirit of Halloween, Erica and Boyd decide to scare the crap out of Stiles.


Lydia’s annual Halloween party would be a lot more fun if Stiles had anyone to hang out with. Not that people-gazing wasn’t awesome; nobody dared to attend Lydia’s parties in shabby costumes, seeing as they liked their limbs attached to their bodies.

Even Stiles had gone out of his way this year: a steampunk corset over a lacy blouse, a bulging red skirt that barely covering the suggestive petticoat, knee-high boots complete with stockings and garter, and a hooded red cape to round it all off. He’d even shaved his legs for this gig.

Turning up as Little Red Riding Hood was a little clichéd maybe, considering the company he kept, but also really awesome.

Lydia had even helped him with the makeup and the styling of his hair, draping the hood over his head until it showed the right amount of his face, whatever the hell that even meant. He was just happy that she approved, since it was a sure sign that he looked as good as it was ever going to get.

But now that the party was in full swing, people were off dancing—those that had a partner, and those that were adamant at picking up a partner—and Stiles felt a little neglected. Half of the pack wasn’t even here yet, but those that were didn’t have time for him. Scott and Allison were busy being cute on the dance floor, and Lydia was off playing the perfect hostess.

With a sigh, Stiles decided to take another stroll around the periphery, keeping out of the way of the biggest crowds. He had come to realize that just because he had way more friends now—a pack—didn’t mean he was actually good with people all of a sudden.

Awkward turtle Stiles was still being awkward.

Still, he was feeling more appreciated than usual, because people kept complimenting his costume when he passed them and it wasn’t long before the blush on his cheeks was due to embarrassment instead of rouge.

He was so focused on staving off his boredom that he didn’t notice the two figures sneaking up on him.

It happened when he was giving an especially raucous group a wide birth, venturing into the dimly lit corners of the yard. One moment he was entertaining the thought of checking in on the others, and the next he was jumped from behind by a couple of zombies.

A small shout escaped him as he leapt away from his assailants and into the crowd he’d been avoiding, causing loud peals of laughter all around him.

When he turned around, he almost freaked out again, but then he noticed the broad grins on the idiots who had scared the shit out of him, who were none other than Erica and Boyd, dressed like a cheerleader and a lacrosse player respectively, and sporting very realistic zombie makeup.

He moved away from the amused bystanders and dragged his packmates into the shadows.

“Are you seriously dressed up as zombies?” he asked a little hysterically, his heart still trying to escape his chest in a desperate canter. “We just had to fight actual zombies the other week!”

Stiles was still traumatized.

“That’s why it’s scary,” said Boyd with a raised eyebrow. “Keep up.”

“You two are actually the worst, do you know that?”

Erica smirked and clapped him on the shoulder, nearly dislodging the artfully draped cape from its perfect Lydia-approved position that had somehow survived the scare.

“Boyd wants to turn you into a zombie, too!”

“Excuse me?” Stiles couldn’t help but ask, feeling utterly out of his depth. What was Erica on? Maybe the two of them had broken into Derek’s stash of recreational wolfsbane again. It would certainly explain some things.

In lieu of an answer, Boyd grabbed his wrist, brought his hand up to his lips, and bit him in the meaty part of his thumb. Stiles flinched in surprise.

What the actual hell?

“Did you just bite me?”

Boyd looked decidedly unimpressed by his indignation.

“What are you gonna do about it?”

Stiles frowned in contemplation, but the only thought that kept ringing through his mind was ‘challenge accepted’.

But how to go about it?

His arm was still caught in Boyd’s grip and he didn’t think that the taller boy would let him grab his other hand. But an idea was already forming in his head; an idea that he would later blame on the surreality of Halloween, mind-altering drugs in the water supply, or magic, depending on the person he was talking to.

Yes, his idea would work.

He quickly darted into Boyd’s personal space and made his move: first, a quick kiss in order to confound his victim, and then—while pretending to retreat—taking a nip of Boyd’s pliant bottom lip.

He was already leaning back with a smug grin, when Boyd suddenly caught him by the waist and pulled him back in for another kiss. Stiles gasped and retaliated by wrapping his arms around the werewolf’s neck and tugged him even closer.

Moments later, he was far too drunk on werewolf kisses to pay much attention to Erica, even when she snapped a picture of them and crowed in triumph: “One step closer to zombie world domination!”

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Which is better at suffocating people- cling film or sendak's floof?

“Definitely the… “floof”, because it has the added “bonus” of even if you manage to pull away, it’s likely you’ve inhaled some of it so congratulations, now you’re choking to death. On fur. What a gracious way to go.”

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dsn-001: "Silk, help me..."

Silk stared at the giant squid with wide eyes. “Oh …” 

She grabbed Moon’s legs and pulled as hard as she could trying to pry her out from under the creature.