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EE and RS trying to experiment with combining Eid and runes together? Whether it ends well or leads to mass destruction? :>

“So, like, you hold the shape of the rune in your mind, and just… draw it?”

Elsword had been trying to explain runes to Ain for the past half-hour, both of them wanting to see if they could enhance their powers by using the other’s specialty of either runes or emotions to fuel their magic.  So far, neither had been able to get it.

Ain frowned, studying the pattern of the rune Elsword was holding on his palm.  Then, ever so carefully, he sketched the same pattern with the light of an Eid.

“Now what?”

“Embed it in fire - uh, emotion, I guess? - and tell it to blow up or something.”

Fire.  Mut, the Eid of courage.  Ain bit his lip and called on the bravery he’d found hidden away within him, and it came surging to the fore, covering the glassy rune with flickering red light and golden bravery.

“Like… that?”

Elsword grinned.  “Now make it do something!”

Do something.  Explode, Ain willed the rune.

It shimmered and made a sound like cracking glass.  Then a blast of pure energy rocked Ain back on his feet, making him stumble and almost fall into his true Celestial form, flame and bravery mixing with pure destruction.

The smoke cleared.

Ain found himself standing at the lip of a giant crater in the ground. Elsword sprawled on the scorched grass a good five feet away.

Ain rushed over to Elsword, kneeling down beside him and helping him sit up.  A choking wheeze started heaving from Elsword’s throat.  Ain felt panic for a moment before he realized Elsword was laughing.

“That was epic!” the boy crowed, standing unsteadily.  Ain let Elsword steady himself on his shoulder.  “Wonder what’ll happen if I combine my runes with emotions, now?  Oooh, or if you did a rune with a different Eid-?”

Ain smiled.

“Rena will kill us,” he said amicably, looking at the spot where they’d probably blasted away a few fluffy creatures along with half the forest.  And then, with barely a pause, “Let’s try it.”

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LK, RS, IS meet each other at the lost space, Arme, mocchi and apos were there too (The funny one please)

Arme’s eye twitched in aggravation, hands clutching his javelin hard enough to almost breakit again. He said nothing, leering at Apostasia and yet another version of Elsword… except… not the one Arme liked. He sensed corruption from this boy, a very similar one to one of his versions…

“….Elsword.” Arme found himself scowling at the dual wielder.

“Uh…” Infi looked at Apostasia and Arme awkwardly, comparing the two. “I’m guessing you two know each other…?”

“In a better timeline.” Arme gave a look at him.


“Ohh…!~ Sia, is this your Elsword? Corruption certainly follows a pattern in your timeline, doesn’t it.” Mochi emerged from the time and space cracks. “I’m sorry~ The monsters were harder than we thought…~” He chuckled, pulling out two red-haired boys. “And Arme’s knight in shining armor fell unconscious…” Mochi nudged the one whose eyes were closed and battered with cuts and bruises.

Arme hurriedly reached to the Lord Knight’s side. “Elsword…!”

“Yeah?” The Rune Slayer stared at the man with the neon-blue hair.

“He meant the more serious one.” Mochi corrected.

“You mean the dead one, right?” The Infinity Sword added in. “I dunno about you but he kinda looks dead to me with that stab wound at his chest.”

“I’m up-!” The Lord Knight exclaimed, wheezing for breath as he shot up like a phoru finally being given food after months of starvation. The wounds appearing on his chest quickly healed, armor looking as if they’d just been polished.

“…I stand corrected.”

“Mm… what did I miss…?” The newly revived knight asked, rubbing his eyes and yawning.

“Me.” Rune answered.

“And me.” Infi smiled goofily at the knight.

“And 10 boss fights. I’ve never seen anyone die on the second stage.” Mochi chuckled.

“…Aha.” The knight nervously chuckled, glancing away and frowning. “…Oops.”

“You’ll get better with time, Elsword.” Arme reassured. “This is your first experience with Henir’s challenge, after all.”

“You mean he’ll get better once he upgrades his weapon from a +6 to a +7.” Infi said flatly.

The Lord Knight blushed. “My weapon broke, though…”

“Bahhh, can we stop talking and start moving on?” Rune complained.

“Well, actually, I was hoping we would stop for toda-” Mochi started off, but cut himself off once he saw Apostasia break through the door.

“…Let’s go.” Sia stated tonelessly.

Mochi looked over his comrades. “Do any of you guys have a +10?” No one’s arms raised up. He smiled. A stressful smile. “I see.”

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Elboys playing Blackjack at night?

Add is the dealer. He’s probably the most skilled dealer there is. Hence why Raven decides not to play cards with them this time. He sits off to the side, watching the table with careful eyes.

Add grins, teeth practically glinting from the dim light as he carefully shuffles the cards. Raven narrows his eyes as he recognizes the forced shuffle. Add is clearly being unfair, forcing the worst cards in the deck to the top. The tracer, of course, doesn’t give a fuck. He deals the cards, passing two to each player: Elsword, Chung, Ciel, and Ain.

Elsword checks his cards, huffing a breath when he notices it’s way below what he wanted it to be. He taps on the table, signifying for a hit. Add passes a card. Elsword checks it. It’s over 21. He’s out. Cue him sighing with frustration and shoving his share of the Elshards to the center.

Chung doesn’t dare to hit. He’s played blackjack with Add before. There’s no way he’s gonna risk it. He stays silent with his cards adding up to 19.

Ciel doesn’t really remember why he’s here. He only recalls Lu telling him to go to the basement to play some card games with everyone else. But. The basement is very dark. There’s cobwebs everywhere. And there’s basically trash. He ends up ditching the game of cards to clean up the room instead…which is a shame since his cards add up perfectly to 21.

Ain doesn’t know how to play. He stares at the weird symbols on the cards, raising an eyebrow in confusion. Either way, he just sits there, not really knowing what to do.

Add’s grin later turns into a frown. It’s not as fun as he thought it would be. “You all stink,” He hisses, leaning back onto his dynamo and sighing. He doesn’t plan to play blackjack anymore anytime soon. At least he won Elsword’s elshards.

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Can I ask an imagine about El Search Party reaction to the fact that now Arme being surrounded by two beautiful girls (female Mochi and Apostasia)? Thank you.

“What is this?”

A man might’ve  had the time of his life, having multiple attractive girls crowd around him, both practically begging for his attention.

Arme was not that type of man to like it. Nor was he an actual human being.

“It’s a present~” Mochi winked, hugging him from the front. Sia entrapped Arme from behind, corrupted arms holding him by the waist. Arme would’ve moved out immediately or cast a spell to close himself off, had he not been restrained by the two girls standing before him. They were both surprisingly strong, much to Arme’s inconvenience.

“This is hardly a present. Is this torture?” Arme spitefully replied, writhing around uncomfortably due to Sia’s arms. He detested the corruption, and having them be so personally close to Arme really made the purer being squirm in distaste.  

“Since when did I say it was for you?~”

“Arme…” Elsword raised an eyebrow as he saw the three Ains together. And it wasn’t just Elsword standing before him, the rest of the El search party glanced over at them curiously.

If Arme could feel, he would be humiliated.

“Ah…” Elsword seemed the most clueless to them. Giving off a bright smile, the knight chuckled as he patted Arme’s head. “Nice hair.” Arme had to sigh at him. Either Elsword was too stupid or he found it too awkward to really bring it up. Arme appreciated his lack of discussion on his current situation, though.

The others he wasn’t too sure of.

Ms. Magician found herself in a bit of a panic when she saw them. Though before that, she seemed to have wanted to tease Arme for having variety in the ladies. Then her cheeks flushed, both out of anger and embarrassment, from the fact that both Mochi’s and Sia’s chests were much bigger than her own.

Ms. Elf was the one that actually teased Arme. “How cute, take care of both of them, alright?~ People can get jealous though, so don’t play favorites with them, alright?” Rena advised the holy being. Though Arme corrected her perception of their relationship, the elf didn’t seem to be convinced.

Mr. Half Nasod followed a similar viewpoint from the female elf’s. Only, he gave a much sterner warning to Arme. “Treat both of them well with equal love.” Arme had to correct him as well, though he doubted Raven believed Arme’s corrections either.

Ms. Queen blinked, looking over the two feminine figures curiously. “…So humans are able to bond with more than one person? I see.” She’ll take note of it, registering Arme’s relationship with Sia and Mochi. Arme resisted the temptation to correct the Queen’s thought of all three of them being human…

Mr. Guardian said nothing, merely blushing at the trio. He fidgeted with his cannon before laughing awkwardly and excusing himself for interrupting the trio’s playtime. Arme couldn’t even get the chance to explain it.

Ms. Fox eagerly congratulated their relationship, as complicated as it was.  She wished them good luck, and hope it wouldn’t become scrambled. Arme immediately denied their status, but Ara simply giggled at him with a look. He didn’t like the fact he wasn’t being taken seriously here.

Mr. Ancient scoffed at Arme, “Why should I care?” and left rather quickly. For the first time, Arme appreciated the suspicious man’s behavior.

Now, if only the demons shared the same attitude. Arme glared in disgust as the female one teased him about them. “Your majesty has a feeling you three are all gonna live nicely together.”

He groaned when the half demon chuckled, clearly amused at the trio. “Shall I bake a cake to celebrate?” the half demon asked the female demon playfully. Arme didn’t take this well, going so far as to break free of Mochi and Sia’s hold on him to spite them.


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