whoreganic-apple asked:

I like how people like you always change their ask box so anon isn't allowed. Is that so people like you can be cruel and nasty about someone being murdered and be happy because they're white, and try and avoid hate mail? Well here it is, trash.

I find that very few craccas are brave when they cant hide behind a badge a sheet or anon.
I give you credit for being a brave cracca, but a cracca bitch nonetheless.

Niggas be goin through facebook and twitter makin nobody ass craccas internet famous by trying to “expose” their racist tweets or status updates.

why would you shine light on this?  Who gives a fuck if Beck Ann Taylor who works Cash Register at the Quick Trip in Waldorf Tennessee thinks “All niggers should hang?

I could see if maybe this person was some influential decision maker or administrative personnel, then that’d be interesting. But some cracca hoe bitch that works the reception counter at a dentist office in iowa city…..why would you even waste the energy, much less give them light?