Sharpie Soulmates: Part 2

Pairing: Kickthestickz
Wordcount: 2.4k
Rating: Light swearing

Plot: Chris visits PJ at University. Based on a prompt that whatever you write on your skin appears on your soulmate. Find the first part here

A/N: Request a fic here, gimme feedback, don’t forget to read the first one. This wasn’t suppose to turn into a thing, but at the rate it’s going I might end up writing a third

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Year: 2045

Me: Hey sweetie! how was school?

Child: Great! We are doing this really cool study about early social media! I was assigned to YouTube! Remember it?

Me: *stares into camera like its the office*

Dan: From now on, we will be using code names. You can address me as ‘Eagle One’

Dan: Chris is ‘Been There, Done That’

Dan: Phil, ‘Currently Doing That’

Dan: PJ ‘It Happened Once In A Dream’

Dan: Louise ‘If I Had To Pick A Girl’

Dan: Felix, your codename is ‘Eagle Two’

Felix: Thank god

fantastic foursome vs icarly !!

(ignore the watermark on the left, that’s from my old phan account on instagram lmao)