crabs of tumblr

Crustacids are a communal race of aquatic beings.
Considered primitive by many other aquatic and land races alike the Crustacids, at one point, were actively enslaved. Their young even sold into the pet trade.
Yet the Crustacids were eventually emancipate, to a large extent, and managed to position themselves as an asset of trade between land and sea with the unique ability to navigate both terrains.  

While not equipped with a verbal language of their own they have adopted the languages of various races they’ve interacted with. Communication was primarily spoken through body language and subliminal signaling of their antenna. Another unique form of communication is their intricate carapace designs. Each one is unique and elaborately explains the life and lineage of said Crustacids. This tattoo will be continuously added to throughout their lives and at their death will be placed within the communal burial grounds.  

Horseshoe crab (Limulus polyphemus), on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay at Fort Monroe National Monument, Hampton, Virginia.

Etymology note: What a puzzle! Polyphemus was the name of a Cyclops with a bit part in the Odyssey. The name translates many voiced, and might literally mean often spoken of, hence famous. It seems an odd choice, to name a creature with ten eyes after a creature with only one.