lifeguard!jungkook - the bikini

→ pairing: jeon jungkook x reader

→ genre: lifeguard!au, floof, humour, car sex so nsfw duH, jealousy!!

→ wordcount: 3.8k

→ notes: could u pls make my day n do a jeongguk reaction to u being in a bikini huhu could be sliiightly jealous n sexy and the answer is YES i can and here you go my sweet child,,, i am having so much fun writing these drabbles,, but i should be studying for my midterms.,.. but u know what a jealous guk is more important than my education so that’s how my life is going so far

if u wanna ask jungoo or y/n anything u know what to do ;-)

(gif isn’t mine!)

(((and the read more function iS there but most of the time it doesn’t work on mobile :// i am sorry don’t attack me by sending passive-aggressive anon messages)))

  • okay
  • you’re not usually a bikini person
  • here’s why
  • a) you don’t go swimming because you hate the stench of chlorine and also children pee in the pool and everyone’s spit and snot is in the water it’s a grOSS situation
  • b) you rarely go to the beach because it’s so far away from your apartment and it doesn’t bother you because you hate the beach anyway
  • a bikini is not a part of your wardrobe because you have never had the need to purchase a bikini
  • but uh

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The baby crabs are coming back and this year has been the biggest return since like 1995 or something! ( ゚▽゚)/ Usually there’s only been smatterings for the longest time but this is a SEA. The buildings down at the Kampong have been inundated and a whole load of the crablets have made it up near the top town parts of the island which hardly anyone has seen in recent memory! :D

So glad they are not spiders lol. Three of them fell from the ceiling (one landed on my head and the others on my laptop). I’ve had to put off this post for a while because i’ve been spotting more of them running around the house and priorities i have to go and throw them outside BEFORE THEY DIE. WHERE THE HECK ARE THEY COMING IN FROM???